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Call of Duty: Ghosts Multi-Player Reveal Trailer

With a little help from Eminem [“Survival”], the “Call of Duty: Ghosts” trailer showcasing vearious multi-player functionalities…

Activision-Blizzard Takes Its Money And Runs

When French media parent company Vivendi was rumored to be thinking about taking three billion dollars from the four billion dollar offshore piggy bank accounts of Activision-Blizzard [creators of the massively popular “Call of Duty” video game series] to help pay off their whopping $17 billion dollar debt, A-B decided instead, that they would take […]

Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Slated For August

“Call of Duty: Ghosts” game-maker Infinity Ward hinted they would reveal multiplayer capabilities next month while also revealing that Easter Egg missions/finds will not have linear consequences as they did in previous games [such as Black Ops 2] produced by TreyArch Players discovering so-called “Easter Egg” information in “Ghosts” may have that information related to […]

Call Of Duty At Comic-Con 2013

Comic-Con 2013 is mere week and a half away – that’s what the tingle in your elbow meant this morning – and although there is not much of a “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” presence at this year’s popular convention in San Diego, there are some snippets of action, all of it occurring on […]

Call Of Duty AI Development Slowed As PS4, Xbox One Drag Feet On Hardware

Like kids at the opening of a new candy store, everybody was excited when the announcements came down the pike this year for a new “Call of Duty” franchise game as well as brand spanking new consoles from both Sony [PS4] and Microsoft [Xbox One] on which to play it. But now the sugar high […]

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Returns With A Vengeance DLC In July

A new DLC pack called “Vengeance” is coming for Black Ops 2 and includes four new multiplayer maps entitled Cove, Detour, Rush and Uplink along with a new Zombies adventure called Buried that will feature a new gun – the Ray Gun Mark II – an upgrade on the much-loved Ray Gun. The “Vengeance” DLC […]

E32013: Trailer and Screenshots Released for Dying Light Survival Horror FPS

During E3, Warner Bros. Interactive released screenshots and a trailer for action survival horror FPS, Dying Light. The game will have players scavenge for supplies and craft weapons during the day for defense against the infected populace. During the evening hours, players must do everything they can to survive until the morning as the infected become […]

E32013: Call of Duty: Ghosts No Man’s Land Gameplay Demo

This is probably not how you remembered San Diego looking but it is how it will look in the new “Call of Duty: Ghosts” video game as seen in this new gameplay trailer that was shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] in Los Angeles…

Pre-E3 Call Of Duty Gameplay Video

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is just around the corner – well, actually, right in front of your face now – and Activision has taken the opportunity to release a gameplay video of what their new “Call of Duty: Ghosts” game will play like on the new XBox One and Sony PlayStation4 game console systems later this year…

Xbox One To Make Its Virgin Public Appearance

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] is only a few days away and the natives are getting restless so Microsoft will have a brief public appearance of its new entertainment/gaming console, Xbox One, at the Los Angeles Microsoft store the day before the Expo begins. For 90 minutes Microsoft will display and showcase the […]