Tomorrow, We’ll Hear About The Second Black Ops 3 Expansion

expansionIt’s been quiet on the Activision front, but very soon we’ll hear something about the second expansion pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Tomorrow, in fact. The official Call of Duty Twitter account confirmed it with this image:


The first DLC pack for Black Ops 3, Awakening, landed on Playstation 4 in February and XBox One earlier this month. (Don’t count on a PS3 or XBox 360 version.) As with past Call of Duty games, four DLC packs are planned for release throughout the year, until Activision can introduce a new CoD entirely.

Rest assured we’ll get the news to you as soon as we receive it. Might it have four maps and another Zombies installment? Or are they going to throw us for a loop and have this new pack be an Oregon Trail simulator? We should know in 24 hours.

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