Here’s Something To Try In Just Cause 3

The number of videos depicting Just Cause 3 shenanigans grows by the thousands every day; this is one of the more amusing ones. It doesn’t take much to think up the idea of attaching boosters to a random NPC and shooting them off into the atmosphere, but it’s all in the execution. Watch as Rico […]

New Video Reveals Just Cause 3 From End To End

Playstation Access put out a video over Thanksgiving weekend that shows exactly how much land Just Cause 3 is composed of. Traveling overhead whenever possible, it took a full 15 minutes to get from one end to the other and see everything. The video is embedded below so you can take a gander yourself. Medici […]

Black Ops 3 Contains Secret Mode

It’s become somewhat of a tradition for Treyarch games to hide little post-release unannounced bonuses for players to find. This time, it’s a new zombie mode, called “Nightmares.” As people are starting to finish Black Ops 3 and find it, Activision went ahead and released the official trailer today: The mode is unlocked by completing […]

Halo 5 Recapped In Around Three And A Half Minutes

It’s been a few years since the last Halo game went on sale — Halo 4 was released for the XBox 360 in November 2012. Halo 5 picks up where that game left off, so for those who might have forgotten a detail or two, the UK branch of XBox has put together this recap […]

Live Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Video Series Starts Tomorrow

If you’d like to see as much pre-release footage of Black Ops 3 as you can get, keep an eye on Activision’s Call of Duty YouTube channel. Starting tomorrow, they’ll be streaming gameplay footage from the soon-to-be-released title every Friday. Activision promises much of the game shown in the stream will consist of never-before-seen material. […]

How The Taken King Is Promoted In Japan

Tonight during the NFL season opener between the Patriots and the Steelers, a new 60-second promotion for Destiny: The Taken King will appear, shot entirely in live-action. We would give you an embedded video if we could, but as of right now, the only news outlet carrying the video is Gamespot, and they don’t permit […]

Now You Can Watch Halo 5’s Opening Scene

It was nice of Microsoft to put Halo 5’s opening cinematic on the XBox YouTube channel today. When you first boot up the game, this is what happens (unless you skip it). Watch Spartan Locke and Fireteam Osiris charge through craggy alien landscapes, on the hunt for a valuable item. Covenant and Promethean forces know […]

AW Uplink Becomes a Sick Dunk Contest

The satellite drone in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Uplink mode looks kind of like a ball, right? And the enemy uplink stations could conceivably be considered something like basketball hoops? All right, that’s all we need. Eskimojoe0987 took this superficial similarity and ran with it. Hard. His video showing off some “Harlem Globetrotters” style […]

Call of Duty Community Members Give Impressions of Advanced Warfare Multiplayer

Call of Duty YouTubers and press at a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sponsored event on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel probably aren’t the least biased sources, but there’s a high level of enthusiasm in this new hype video for the game, and some good info about how the game’s multiplayer will feel. […]

Secret Area Discovered in Destiny

This IGN video shows a huge newly discovered secret area in Destiny and the complicated steps to get to it. The area is accessible by running through a very high window in Destiny’s Black Garden, although it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds because getting to the window itself takes a lot of counter-intuitive […]