PS4 Pro Revealed; Release Date Is November 10

Sony’s long-anticipated upgraded model of the PS4, previously called Neo, has now been officially revealed as the PS4 Pro. It boasts 4K output capabilities, a 1 TB hard drive, and a GPU that’s over twice as fast as in the original model. Mark Cerny promised PS4 Pro “is not intended to blur the lines between […]

PS4 Slim Found In the Wild

With the advent of home computers powerful enough for photorealistic rendering, 3D printing and more, spotting the difference between a real leaked console model and a hoax gets harder and harder. So we were initially skeptical when a “PS4 Slim” just randomly showed up on a UK auction website, even if it makes total sense […]

Here Are The Dates For The E3 Press Conferences

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today exactly when their yearly E3 conference will commence. You’ll be able to watch their newest press briefing at 6 PM. PT, 9 PM ET on Monday, June 13. Will they reveal an awesome new trailer for a surprise unknown game? Will they also reveal something kooky and weird that we’ll […]

What Might Have Been: Video Of An Unreleased Saints Row Game

Check this out: at one point an original game in the Saints Row series was being developed for PSP. Then it was cancelled and left to rot….until today, when developer Volition decided to boot up the old dev kit and show fans what could have been. The project began as a port of Saints Row […]

Sony Selling The PS4 At $300 For Nearly The Entire Holiday Season

One of the most common deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday was the $300 game console. The Playstation 4 and XBox One were just recently lowered to $349, but just about every major retailer got the idea to hack another $50 off that price to attract shoppers. The massive increase in sales must have […]

Could Backwards Compatibility Be Coming To PS4?

At first, there was no backwards compatibility in the current generation of game consoles, with the exception of Wii U. Then, suddenly, that changed: Microsoft announced they had found a way to get some XBox 360 games running on the XBox One. Sony reacted with, “That’s nice, but it’s not necessary and we don’t need […]

It’s Official: The Playstation 4 Is Finally $350

Gamers have been begging Sony for a price drop on the Playstation 4 for quite a long time, and with the rising competence of the competition (eleven bundles from Microsoft), folks wondered how long they could hold out. The news finally broke today: starting tomorrow, the Playstation 4 is officially $349.99. Sony announced the news […]

Destiny: The Taken King Is Appearing On PS4 Dashboards Of People Who Didn’t Buy It

People who own Playstation 4s and don’t consider themselves part of the Destiny bandwagon got a bit of a surprise this morning when they turned on their systems and found the game’s logo sitting there, on their dashboard, next to their regular games. Did they just get the game for free? Not exactly. Here’s the […]

For One Day Only, The Taken King Model Of The PS4 Is $350

There are rumblings that Sony is about to officially lower the price of the Playstation 4, and I sure hope so — it’s been $400 for far too long and the deals Microsoft has thrown down for the XBox One this Christmas will be too good for most consumers to ignore. The PS4 is still […]

Star Wars Battlefront Bundle Includes Vader-Emblazoned PS4

How would you like a Playstation 4 with Darth Vader’s face on it? Who wouldn’t, right? You’ll have your chance this fall when Sony releases a special bundle with the above design. The box will include Star Wars Battlefront as well as a voucher to download four classic games from Star Wars history: Super Star […]