The Details Of Destiny’s Big Update

On the eve of Destiny’s next big expansion, Rise of Iron, Bungie has been preparing an update for some time. Labeled 2.4.0, it rebalances the power of a lot of the game’s weapons. Fabian Strategy is now more powerful, while Thorn is less so (the base range is increased for Fabian and decreased for Thorn). […]

Destiny Releases Its Final Update For PS3 And 360

Go to your old vinyl collection, pull out The Doors and put on “The End” to set the proper mood for this newspost. Waiting….. Done it yet? Okay, good. Bungie is releasing its very, very last update for Destiny that affects last-gen consoles. After this, the 360 and PS3 will get no more updates. Online […]

We Now Know What Weapons Changes Are Coming To The Division

A few days ago Ubisoft spoke of a new patch for The Division that would shake up the balance of weapons in the game. They didn’t supply us with specifics until now. Today a new blog post detailed the changes being made to weapons, and why it had to be done. Basically the rebalance is […]

This Time, The Division’s New Patch Bugged Out Before Ubisoft Could Apply It

There are some animals that just can’t be tamed — bears, tigers, alligators. They can be controlled under the care of a professional trainer, but they can never be truly tamed. The Division is basically an alligator at this point. Players were expecting a new patch to fix the latest issues with The Division to […]

New Glitch In The Division Hurts Ubisoft This Time

It’s enough to make you believe in the karmic balance: Ubisoft’s latest update to repair the glitch that was meant to repair another glitch introduced another glitch, and this time, it’s the publisher that’s mad. This new bug works in the players’ favor, so much so that it has the potential to break the game […]

Details Of The Division Patch 1.1

Ubisoft’s The Division got its long-awaited April 12 patch, and you should know that it’s 4.9 GB in size, so make yourself a sandwich while you wait. You should also know that it introduces a new bug, which has the potential to temporarily erase your character, but you can’t go back online without the patch… […]

The Division’s Bug Fix Introduces New Bug, Go Figure

Until recently, Ubisoft’s The Division was plagued with a nasty bug that locked some people out of their accounts when they created some high-end items, most commonly backpacks. The bug took a while to fix, but as of yesterday, the long-awaited 1.1 patch arrived that got rid of the problem. It also introduced a new […]

The Division’s Patch Notes Indicate Unwelcome Change

Everyone’s been waiting for the April 12 patch to Ubisoft’s The Division, because it’s expected to cure a diabolical glitch in all versions of the game where creating a custom backpack somehow locks you out of your own account. However, that same patch is a double-edged sword that comes with a nasty surprise. Ubisoft is […]

A Fix For The Division’s Big Glitch Is Coming

Players have been complaining about Ubisoft’s The Division acting strangely lately. The game’s been randomly freezing for some folks; others have had loading screens continue indefinitely. The unluckiest recipients of the glitch have found themselves locked out of their accounts entirely. The culprit? A bug that’s activated through the crafting system. Seems that, currently, if […]

The Division Hasn’t Been Released, And It’s Already Being Patched

Looks like there were a few bugs Ubisoft was unable to catch before The Division was sent to press. Consequently, no one will be able to enjoy it the moment they buy it; we’ll all have to wait through a mandatory patch install. The good news is that much of what is in this patch […]