An Indie Call of Duty? How Would That Work?

  If you’re recoiling in horror, stop. Call of Duty will remain firmly in corporate hands for the time being, but these ideas are worth hearing. The Guardian asked some indie developers how they would tackle the shooter franchise. Some are gameplay tweaks, some are high concept re-examinings of the nature of war that place […]

Next Call of Duty Features Private Military Contractors, Kevin Spacey?

  Activision has dropped a few teases about Sledgehammer Game’s upcoming 2014 Call of Duty game today. Full details of the game will be released this Sunday, according to a new countdown website, The website includes this image of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge hidden within its source code: Activision also released two new videos […]

Rumor: The Next Call of Duty is Code-Named Blacksmith, Details Will Be Released in May

Several outlets are reporting that the 2014 Call of Duty game being developed by Sledgehammer Games is code-named Blacksmith and will be officially announced this May. The outlet where this appears to originate, MP1ST, doesn’t list a source for the information, so take it with a grain of salt. But it does fit earlier reports […]

Call of Duty Window Trick Is Looney Tunes-Level Trolling

  Messing with people can be fun, but ImSuda takes it to a whole other level with this trick, which convinces several perfect rational people to run headfirst out of windows and off ledges.  It’s such a funny trick that most of them just laugh along.

Fight Brews in UK Over Toys Based on the ‘X-Rated’ Call of Duty Franchise

Mega Brands is a toy company licensed by Activision to produce some nice-looking Call of Duty Mega Bloks construction sets. The sets themselves are no more violent than, say, a G.I. Joe, and since they are similar to LEGO, probably a little more stimulating to the mind. But because the sets are branded with the […]