Next Call of Duty Features Private Military Contractors, Kevin Spacey?

  Activision has dropped a few teases about Sledgehammer Game’s upcoming 2014 Call of Duty game today. Full details of the game will be released this Sunday, according to a new countdown website, The website includes this image of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge hidden within its source code: Activision also released two new videos […]

Rumor: The Next Call of Duty is Code-Named Blacksmith, Details Will Be Released in May

Several outlets are reporting that the 2014 Call of Duty game being developed by Sledgehammer Games is code-named Blacksmith and will be officially announced this May. The outlet where this appears to originate, MP1ST, doesn’t list a source for the information, so take it with a grain of salt. But it does fit earlier reports […]

Call of Duty Window Trick Is Looney Tunes-Level Trolling

  Messing with people can be fun, but ImSuda takes it to a whole other level with this trick, which convinces several perfect rational people to run headfirst out of windows and off ledges.  It’s such a funny trick that most of them just laugh along.

Fight Brews in UK Over Toys Based on the ‘X-Rated’ Call of Duty Franchise

Mega Brands is a toy company licensed by Activision to produce some nice-looking Call of Duty Mega Bloks construction sets. The sets themselves are no more violent than, say, a G.I. Joe, and since they are similar to LEGO, probably a little more stimulating to the mind. But because the sets are branded with the […]