Deathmatches Come To Doom In A New Update

Id Software’s new Doom just got even better. A free update is now available for the game which adds old-school Deathmatches to multiplayer! You can’t use Demon Runes, but everything else is allowed. And that’s not all! The update also adds support for private multiplayer matches in which you choose the rules: how many play, […]

iD Hasn’t Decided If Quake Champions Will Be Free Or Paid

A new trailer for Quake Champions made its debut yesterday. Tim Willits, studio head at iD Software, told PC Gamer in a comment published today that they haven’t made up their minds whether their game will be paid content or operate on a free-to-play revenue stream. “So for us, we’re trying to figure out exactly […]

See The New Quake Champions Gameplay Trailer

Bethesda Softworks hosted QuakeCon 2016 this week. Several notable news items regarding future products from the company were announced, but what would a conference called “QuakeCon” be without something new on Quake? Quake Champions is an arena-based multiplayer first-person shooter (no single-player mode is confirmed at this time). iD Software director Tim Willits boasted during […]

Doom To Be Refreshed With New Content Tomorrow

The second free update for Doom will be released by Bethesda and iD Software tomorrow. The big news is that two multiplayer modes will be added to the game: Exodus, a one-flag capture the flag mode, and Sector, a point-capture mode. These new modes will work with all current maps and all future maps. A […]

Surprise — Quake Got A New Episode Today

Today is the day the influential shooter known as Quake made its PC debut, twenty years ago. As a special anniversary present, Machine Games — current developers of Wolfenstein: The New Order and original developers of Quake — has released a new chapter of the original game. “Happy 20th to Quake @idsoftware!” said Machine Games […]

You Can Still Play The Free E3 Doom Demo

Last Sunday, during the E3 presentation from Bethesda Games, they announced the first level of Doom would be playable for all owners of Playstation 4, XBox One or a PC (with proper specs). Got one? You can still play Doom. It was thought that Bethesda would be pulling the demo after E3 ended, but they’ve […]

E3 2016: Prey Is Back, But Not Like You Remember It

Way back when the XBox 360 was young, a game called Prey enthralled gamers and enchanted critics. Alas, a sequel was not in the cards as delay after delay hit the project. In 2014, after handing Prey 2 around to different studios and feeling displeased with their work, Bethesda announced the game was dead. What […]

E3 2016: Quake Is Back!

When iD Software resurrected Doom, we all should have guessed what their next project would be. Shown off for the first time during Bethesda’s E3 presentation, here is Quake Champions, coming no time soon to a console or PC near you. Details are extremely scant outside of this minute and a half of pre-rendered footage. […]

Doom Should Look Nice On PC

iD Software got started on the PC and the platform is close to their heart. When the new Doom comes out on May 13, the PC version won’t just be the most advanced model of the game, it’ll be advanced beyond necessity into obsession. “PC gaming is in our DNA here at id,” said id […]

Be Prepared…The “Day Of Doom” Is Coming

iD Software’s new Doom game is closer to release than ever, and publisher Bethesda is preparing a crazy bit of promotion to advertise it. On March 29, four teams of two players each will compete in a multiplayer Doom tournament. Each team will be made of one NFL player (or in the case of Thierry […]