The Nuk3Town Map May Be Hinting At The Next Call Of Duty Game

Players of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Nuk3town map got a surprise when they booted up the area today: it has changed slightly. Activision is currently hosting a “Nuk3town Weekend,” a three-day-long playlist that includes immense doses of the titular map. This time, however, something new has appeared there: a spaceship.

The spaceship appears in the sky at the end of each match and as players are blasted out of the field, there’s a special symbol displayed during the “Nuk3town Offline” screen, which looks like this:


The significance of this is that we know Activision’s next Call of Duty (currently in development by Infinity Ward and rumored to be called Infinite Warfare) is going to be using a sci-fi setting. The symbol and the spaceship look like they could be coming from that game.

At any rate, they wouldn’t be here for no reason, would they? It’s more than likely a hint at something. Keep an eye on the skies and we’ll let you know if this leads anywhere.

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