A Modern Warfare Trilogy Pack Is Coming, But Not The Kind You Want

modern warfareAt first glance, this morning’s leak from Best Buy sounds too good to be true. We’re not only getting Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remastered this fall, we’re getting the ENTIRE TRILOGY? Zippidy-doo-dah! Then you take a look at the package, which says “XBox 360” on it. ….Oh.

Yes, the entire Modern Warfare trilogy is being reissued….but not remastered. This is simply a repackage of all three games in their original form. All three discs are inside the package, as well as the Stimulus Package downloadable content from Modern Warfare 2, which consists of five bonus maps.

modern warfare

Activision hasn’t actually announced this reprint yet, perhaps because it isn’t that big a deal, yet it already appears to be silently showing up in some stores for $29.99. The package the Net is looking at was photographed by Twitter user Wario64, who commented “Modern Warfare Trilogy is a thing but not what you asked for.” Indeed.

But hey, we’re still getting a revamp of the first one — we KNOW that!

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