Infinite Warfare Isn’t A Followup To Ghosts, Says Infinity Ward

infinite warfareThe last Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward worked on was Call of Duty: Ghosts in 2013, so some people have been wondering: is the sci-fi world of Infinite Warfare connected to it in any way? According to the developer, no. In fact, Infinite Warfare is intended to launch the beginning of a brand new subseries, similarly to how Modern Warfare and Black Ops have had sequels.

Infinity Ward revealed this, plus a few other facts, during a Playstation livestream event this afternoon. They mentioned this would be the first Call of Duty created exclusively for current-generation consoles. This was already a known fact, but they discussed what the new focus on modern computer chips allows them to do: the enemies will use a more advanced AI, the lighting engine will be more realistic, and game mechanics will be more polished. And you’ll be able to fight in zero gravity.

New weapons will include a “seeker grenade” that sprouts legs when thrown, crawls to enemies like a spider and then blows itself up. There will be a lot of futuristic and energy-based weapons like this, in keeping with the sci-fi theme. Unfortunately, there is no co-op, at least for the campaign. The Zombies mode will contain a co-op.

Finally, in between missions players will bide their time in a spaceship called the Retribution, which will serve as a hub area. But the missions themselves will take you anywhere across the solar system. Infinity Ward confirmed at least one location, Saturn’s moon Titan.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be out November 4, 2016.

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