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    Zaiva Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering whether there will be a Zombie game mode on the new Cod Ghost game. Does anyone have any info about it? For me, it was the best game mode so I hope they incorporate the same or something similar into the new one. Gets quite boring for me playing the same multiplayer after a while, so it would be nice if they had something to change the gameplay up online a little bit.

    Any info? Or what do you guys think about a Zombie mode on Ghost?

    esmittystud101 Well-Known Member

    Well, let me break the bad news for you. There are two companies that take turns making COD games so that they can bring out a new game every year instead of every two years. Treyarch makes zombies, World At War, Black Ops 1, and of course Black Ops 2. Infinate Ward makes Ghosts which made Modern Warefare 3 and Modern Warefare 2 and so on. Infinate Ward doesn't believe in zombies. They will not cave and install it into there games. They think some mode where you kill enemies is more fun, even though they don't have any easter eggs, no wonder weapons, no mystery box. Every mode that they have tried has failed. None of them hold a candle to zombies. So, no it doesn't have zombies. I am also hearing rumors that Treyarch might not even bring zombies back in there next game that will come out in Nov. of 2014. Its pretty funny we all know when there games are coming out already, years before there even thought of. Gotta get them out every Nov. so all the parents (sheeple) will buy it for there kids for the holiday season.

    NatureSun Well-Known Member

    I think we've had enough of the zombie games/DLCs for a lifetime.

    It's time to move on to some other fad. I for one am bored of these zombie games and would really welcome and appreciate a change.

    esmittystud101 Well-Known Member

    Infinate Ward tries every time to have another mode instead of zombies, and they all have failed. I too would like to see a new mode with the same sense as zombies, easter eggs, mystery box, wonder weapons.

    Avelyn Well-Known Member

    Sadly, Call of Duty Ghosts will not include a zombies mode. Infinity Ward and Trey-arch are two different companies that aim towards a different approach when creating their Call of Duty title releases. Trey-arch is the only company that inputs the zombie feature into their game seeing as that is one of the major areas where they seem to strive in. Infinity ward on the other hand has never included this mode as they focus more on the multiplayer by adding new game modes, character personalization, and tons of extra tweaks.

    xLegit ScopeZxx420 Well-Known Member

    I think IW hasn't done zombies because they respect it as Treyarch's thing, the same way that Treyarch wouldn't do a Modern Warfare game.
    I'd rather have both studios focus on different things for their third portion of the game so we get more variety in between the yearly releases.
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    Mechman Well-Known Member

    I thought the "Infected" game mode was IW's version of zombies? The infected game mode will be back in Ghost.... (check out all the videos that show the menu... it is listed).

    wowtgp Well-Known Member

    They haven't showed anything which indicates that there will be a zombie mode in this game, but since last few games have incorporated zombies in it, it's a given that there will be a mode to play with zombies and shoot them in the limbs. You can place a bet on it. Activision loves zombies and so do we.

    Aldo215 Well-Known Member

    To say that Infinity Ward don't believe in zombies and won't cave in and install it into their games is about as ignorant a comment as I've heard on this forum! I think you'll find Infinity Ward have great respect for the zombies gamemode but as LegitScopez says they respect it as Treyarch's thing and that is why it's not in their games. I'm sure someone from IW said as much at the reveal of Spec Ops prior to the release of MW2.

    Spec Ops has not been as well received but that doesn't mean it's been a failure, although I certainly think whatever they do in Ghosts to replace it needs to be better. Personally, I liked the Survival mode in MW3 but it didn't have the customization it needed to increase it's enjoyment and lengthen it's lifespan.

    As for them releasing a CoD every November it's good business and if you were making a fortune by doing so you would, as would I, as would every one of us!

    PSIII Dominance Asserted. (Super Moderator)

    Spec-Ops was very well received in MW2. MW3 has been the only other game from them with a third mode like that and anyone saying they've failed on Co-Op is shallow minded. Apparently, Zombies is the only allowable game mode for Co-Op. While the Spec-Op missions in MW3 were bland at that point, Survival is a perfectly capable game. It wasn't made to compete with Zombies, it was made to keep up with other games doing the whole "survive waves of evergrowing/stronger enemies. If they not to do Zombies as enemies, then what? So they stick to humans and make a solid, simple mode around it.
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    King Dave Well-Known Member

    I wish they put more effort into survival mode instead of copying and pasting multiplayer maps with some spots closed off and limiting the players to just two. There was chaos mode but that was well chaotic and you couldnt do to much except spray everywhere they might has well just added a copy of infection except against loads of AI bots
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    PSIII Dominance Asserted. (Super Moderator)

    I'd agree, but that would be an excuse for them to charge us for new maps in the overpriced DLC.

    Aldo215 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm with you on that one. My brother and I really enjoyed Survival mode but we both felt the game needed more customization as it was very limited in terms of perks/killstreaks etc.

    BlackOps Well-Known Member

    *infinity ward

    Mw3Failed Well-Known Member

    I wish they had a Wave Defense mode in MW3. I liked the fact that there was a end to the waves missions in mw2.

    musky Well-Known Member

    zombies should become it,s own game and keep the story going for years..