Why Is This Game So Bad?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by BlackOpsSucks, Jan 29, 2013.

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    BlackOpsSucks New Member

    As the title asks, why is this game so ******* terrible? When it's not one issue, it's another. I would think that after multiple Call of Duty games that they could actually make something that is better than the previous, but I was so wrong. I paid $70 ($120 with season pass) to play Call of Duty, not get fucked in the ass.

    The connection in this game is so bad, it's almost unplayable. I don't play Team Deathmatch on Plaza, or Domination on Turbine, I play HOST MIGRATION on LOST CONNECTION TO THE HOST! This game does such a shitty job at the connection and its pathetic.

    When I am FINALLY able to play a game that's not ******* me from behind with constant host migrations, here's where the 'fun' really takes place. I can't even describe how bad they fucked up here, so let me give some examples. I have verified this bullshit in theatre, believe me, you can not make this shit up. Im so far behind other players its ridiculous.

    Example 1: 1 on 1 situation, exact same gun, I have the better attachments, I see the player and shoot him before he notices me. Seems like I should win that gunfight? No, wrong. I shouldnt according to black ops. After 4-5 hitmarkers, i drop dead. How? Let me watch the killcam and verify the bullshit. Apparently, on his side, I haven't even shot the guy yet before he sees me and kills me. That is an absolute piss off. No matter what gun, no matter what perks, I lose 90% of 1 on 1 gunfights that I should be winning. I shoot people dead on, get 4-5 hitmarkers, then drop dead. What the actual **** black ops?

    I just finished playing a game, and here is what happened as I watched in theatre from both sides.
    Side 1 - Me: I look up and see a guy in a window about 10ft from me, so I aim up and start shooting. My first 4 shots were dead on him, got 4 hitmarkers, then he shoots me so I miss a few, get back on target and every single shot goes right through him while my aimer was dead on him.. How?
    Side 2 - Him: Camping in a window, looks down and there I am. His aim was terrible, he first aims 2ft to the right of my character and starts shooting and gets 2 hitmarkers before his aimer even goes on me, then he puts 1 shot into my foot and kills me.

    How does that work, his 3 shots that only 1 was on me, to my 4 shots where a good 12 were dead on? How does this make any sense? We both had peacekeepers, he had a red dot, I had a laser sight.

    Example 2: I'm off, doing my thing, then I spot Mr. Camper with a sniper across the map, and he sees me... No way I can take him at range with a sub-machine gun, so I do what any sensible player would do and run for cover. I am ALWAYS successful in making it to the cover... on my screen that is. I get behind cover, I think I'm home free, then BAM! I'm ******* dead! WHAT THE ****! Killcam time? On the sniper's screen, I'm still about 10ft away from the cover that I was behind on my screen. Seriously black ops? Keep ******* me why don't you.

    Oh and did I say that apparently having 3 bars as opposed to 4 bars lowers your weapon range and damage? At medium range, I shit you not, I've gotten 6 hitmarkers with an MP7 before I die with no kill. How is this possible? Considering, from my understanding, that it is a 4-6 shot kill gun. No? I guess only people with a constant 4 bar can use a gun to it's max potential.

    These are just 2 examples of the bullshit that this game has to offer, and no, they are not isolated incidents. This shit happens to me every ******* game.

    Yes, this is JUST BLACK OPS. Why is it that I can play Modern Warfare 3, hell any of the modern warfares, and not have the shit that happens in black ops due to connection affect me? Why can I play MW3 no problem whether I'm on a 2 bar or a 4 bar, while I can not play black ops 2 unless I'm on a constant 4 bar connection? How is it that Black Ops can **** the game up so hard, while Modern Warfare actually has it's shit straight YEARS BEFORE! Please explain this to me, because I fail to understand how a game can be so unfair.

    I don't have the BEST internet, but it's not terrible. I get between 50-80ms ping, which has never been a problem for playing Modern Warfare games, but Black Ops, wow. Black Ops really fucked up there.

    These issues are connection based and **** over the gameplay experience. Here's some actual gameplay bullshit that I don't understand.

    While playing hardcore, Im about 5ft away from somebody with an S12, it takes a couple shots to kill. Everybody else however, no matter the range, 1-2 shots with any gun and Im dead. You'd think at 5ft a shotgun should be stronger than a submachine gun right? No, wrong.

    Camping..... I'm not a camper, I don't enjoy doing it. With that said, I have resorted to camping, but still get fucked over. Heres the situation: Here's me, prone around a corner ready to blast the **** out of anybody who comes around the corner, and what happens? A person can run around the corner, stop and turn 90 degress and kill me BEFORE I CAN PRESS THE TRIGGER. WHY? BECAUSE ONCE AGAIN THE CONNECTION IS SO ******* TERRIBLE IN THIS GAME THAT I AM APPARENTLY A GOOD SECOND OR 2 BEHIND EVERY OTHER PLAYER IN THE ******* GAME WHEN I'VE NEVER HAD BULLSHIT LIKE THIS IN ANY OTHER ******* CALL OF DUTY GAME BESIDES BLACK OPS 2!

    5 minutes ago, I took my disk out, calmly put it in its case, then through that fucker accross the room in a pile of shit where it can rot for all I care. Biggest waste of money I've ever spent, and I'm sticking to Modern Warfare for now.

    If anybody can prove me wrong, and convince me that this game is actually worth my time, then please do. The only thing black ops did good was the zombies.

    Yes, I search for BEST in search preferences

    TheApeVine Member

    Sorry, didn't read you complaints.

    You do realise this is a fan forum don't you?

    flopGOAT Member


    But without even reading your no doubt enthralling essay I can safely conclude that the game is not bad, you're just bad at it.

    sneakiestarc New Member

    You Register On Here. Take Probably 30 Min To Rant Cause Your Butthurt Over A Game. And Instead Of Looking Through The Old Threads And Seeing Everybody Has Had The Same issue You Go ape shit. Noone Here Cares.. Your Not The First To Whine. This Isn't The Official Site. Do Don't Expect Anyone Here To Care.

    XSlor Member

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    jewbbacha Member

    xslor if i didn't already give you +rep earlier today you would have gotten it again...

    Yeah bud, there have been a lot of complaints... everything you bitched about has been bitched about and will be bitched about again...

    I wish you didn't hate it, sucks that you spent 120 to be disappointed... I feel bad for you for that. Trade it in and get something else, or quit bitching.

    Blaz3 Wun New Member

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