Why Do People Prestige??

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by turns31, Dec 26, 2012.

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    ZxNiNjAxGuYxZ New Member

    Extra Create a Class Slots, though I have stopped at Prestige 2 level 55 until I unlock more
    attachments for some of the higher level guns.
    Also when I was going for diamond pistols, I needed the higher ones unlocked, to complete the challenges.

    Riekky New Member

    Just curious how long it will take me to Prestige Master just by playing the game. In the meanwhile I try to get diamond camo for at least the SMG's.

    articzap Well-Known Member

    An average player, I'd assume around 6-7 days of actual game play.

    BOOSTkv87 Well-Known Member

    For most people it's just a personal goal to get Prestige Master. At least that's my goal in this game. Keeps the game fresher and more fun IMO.

    GenSpall Well-Known Member

    As an average player, it's pretty close to about 20 hours per prestige level. I'm about to hit Prestige 2, and I've been playing for close to 40 hours. :D

    MelloFellowSU New Member

    I'm still earning points for achievements and leveling weapons and I don't feel those points should go to waste. When I stop earning a ton of points, I'll stop prestiging.

    gmaat3 Well-Known Member

    I'm right there with you. I don't use a wide variety of guns (nor do I care too) so I don't feel obligated to prestige and unlock a bunch of shit I know I'll never use.

    Historically I don't prestige in any CoD. I have enough fun playing once I hit the max level with the things I have, I honestly have less fun losing everything and having to level up again.

    I played 25 days in CoD without ever prestiging once. If more people still played it, you can bet I would still be too.

    aKuraTe dC New Member

    Like working towards something, i dont care much for an emblem or the colour of the weapon either but it's human nature i'd assume at least in majority to want to work towards something. I play at level 55 until i get bored and feel like i'm not accomplishing much (Besides have a grand ol' time of course) and then i go prestige, get a permanent unlock and raise my self esteem with each "Level up". /sarcasm

    Dave :)

    Lee1981 New Member

    I'm with op on this, never prestiged in any cod so far

    However I'm close to first prestige now and I'm debating what to do

    I don't wanna lose everything I've unlocked, I'm about to unlock ghost at last, so if i prestige do I lose my perks or is it just guns, confused...

    gobbidimerda New Member

    I was like you in previous cods, because I don't play so much (let's say an average of one hour per day) and it would have take too long to unlock everything again

    In BO2 I'm prestiging (I'm first prestige now) because with the token you can perma unlock your favourite weapon and the attachments are all unlocked. I'd say that it keeps the game fresh, it forces you to adopt different tactics until you unlock your favourite perks (that anyway is fast apart from ghost) so I'm satisfied to have prestiged, it's more fun playing

    With the first token I perma unlocked ghost because I mostly use the pwd that is unlocked at level 4

    gobbidimerda New Member

    you have to unlock everything - weapons and perks - again (apart from what you perma unlock with each prestige token) but when you unlock a weapon all the attachment you unlocked before are still unlocked

    Marleytjuh New Member

    Dat SPM... Being with you in a team must be horrible :facepalm:

    gobbidimerda New Member

    It depends on what game mode he plays. In regular tdm 245 spm overall is not so horrible

    Fuzzy New Member

    I use it to force myself to try new classes and weapons. I have my fav guns now, but who knows, maybe one I'd try out at a lower level would turn out to be one of my best. Plus it does give you something to play for, without advancing in level the game almost seems pointless.

    Fumbles Well-Known Member

    When you prestige you lose everything you spent an unlock token on. Perks, guns, scorestreaks. You do not lose challenges and associated calling cards (including camo challenges), or progress towards challenges. You also keep any attachments you've unlocked for your guns (i.e. if you have grip unlocked for the MSMC, it will be available once you unlock the MSMC in your next prestige).

    It's quite a bit less painful to prestige in this game than it was in the last CoD. You lost ALL of your gold camo and had to start from scratch.

    -OZ- New Member

    I prestiged once just to obtain an extra class.

    sduk New Member

    I have played every COD since Cod 4 and always have prestiged!

    For me it keeps the game interesting and I love having something to aim for.

    I don't do it for the bragging rights or extra slots I just enjoy earning the XP and levelling up!

    The new game is even better as I am aiming for a golden gun every prestige I can't put it down :)

    JeremyBlake New Member

    #1) It's something to keep the game "new"
    #2) More custom class slots. I use all 10, so i need to prestige to get 10.

    Casualty1987 New Member

    I don't understand why you wouldn't prestige? I'm prestige 10 on MW2, prestige 7 on MW3 (legit reset at prestige 15), prestige 7 on BO1 and 2nd prestige on BO2.

    After spending 30 days of having all guns and attachments unlocked in MW2 it gets boring. I like having something to achieve.

    DeCePtEgRa New Member

    Just hit 35 5th pres last night going for pres master. Already have I think all but two or three ARs and SMGs double pres gotta have my tag ans player cards on them looks Hellas cool.