who is host?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 General Discussion' started by tha myth, Feb 16, 2013.

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    tha myth New Member

    How do you know who is host in the game when it begins or after host migration?

    Mjroady Well-Known Member

    I know when you start a game, whoever's emblem is on the left of the scoreboard is the host.

    musky Well-Known Member

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    TheEvilPorkChop New Member


    Bonequi Well-Known Member

    In the pre game lobby I think it's a guy with an emblem beside his name, at the beginning of the match is the first person connected and the first one to have 4 bars. I think the same is after host migration.

    Him New Member

    I'm the host

    Fish Well-Known Member

    I'm never quick enough to catch who the host is at the start of matches. After host migrations it's easy, one player has 4 bars and the rest have 1 bar. Some people assume a long countdown means they're host but that isn't always the case.

    Nashtalia New Member

    No.....i am the Hoast, (Gawwwsh)

    x3adilx New Member

    well you know that you are the host, when it starts migrating host once you leave the game..

    at the beginning of the game, before you choose your class press back/select and it should fast, the first player who gets 4 green bars is the host, and if you saw your name in the bottom left say as connected, then your not the host

    even if you were in the middle of a game, and it start migrating, press back/select once the screen comes out, and check who is the first player to get the 4 green bars.

    hope you got it =)

    TheEvilPorkChop New Member


    Nashtalia New Member


    ThePfirm New Member

    you can tell who is host by pulling up the scoreboard at the start of the game, everyone will have a 1 bar and the host will have a full connection. This only shows for a few seconds though.

    stedee New Member

    you know when your gun is firing blanks

    MERCURYSB3 Well-Known Member

    huh..they have pills for that.