whats up with the SMAW?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 General Discussion' started by ulvemann43, Nov 25, 2012.

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    ulvemann43 New Member

    i've decided to try to go for diamond camouflage on launchers and the first one out is the SMAW. but i have a few problems using the thing for infantry kills. especially when it comes to direct hit kills.

    it seems to have a microscopic explosion range but as well it seems to me that the rocket has a large deviation. i have fired at a sniper standing still 3 neters away from me yet the bullet flew right next to him when i aimed dead on him.

    so i'm wondering a bit if anyone got any tips on how to use it. such tips would be greatly apreciated

    ProfessionalCamper New Member

    Destroy UAVs instead, it should count.

    TheUser Well-Known Member

    Flew past him? Aim at his feet

    ulvemann43 New Member

    the problem with shooting at the feet is that the rocket often hits the ground. sometimes ive seen it leave the barrel of the smaw at a steady angle upwards. it seems really random

    Kill Denied Well-Known Member

    It's aircraft destroys , not infantry kills.

    TheUser Well-Known Member

    Yes, hits the ground. That's exactly what you want.

    This is a rocket that explodes.

    ulvemann43 New Member

    one of the camo challenges is to get 10 direct hit kills

    djn240z New Member

    try using the rpg. if you miss the first shot, you get another try.

    CallMeTinCup New Member

    I got the SMAW gold camo, for the 10 direct hits its kinda just luck of the draw. I had a couple that flew into the guys chest, killed him and it didnt register. Your best bet is to aim at the feet, I got mine in like 10 games or so. Now Im on the next one and I am havin trouble killin the agr, because whenever it comes on the map I got a teammate who hacks it lol.

    The Lizard King Well-Known Member

    It's not as accurate as past titles, it does just fly off like the RPG. I use it mainly in HQ. If you're trying to destroy the HQ, throw a Semtex or C4 at the HQ and follow up with the SMAW, this should rinse a few out as most people run Flak Jacket and one blast alone is not enough.

    imyers New Member

    you may have already figured this out, but hip firing the smaw greatly improves its accuracy at range, also its easier to get impact with hip fire, because auto aim kicks in whilst prepping to shoot. as for double kills, a lot of luck, but its probably easiest in multi team, once you see an enemy, follow them and on a few occasions they willrun into teammates. good luck! ;)

    Tao Banned

    Raid is a great map for it. When you play domination and people run through the middle corridor into the garden area and the rectangle around it? Yeah, just aim at neck to head level and fire straight across. This helps if you have lightweight or something to get you therembeforemthey run there.

    mace0069 Well-Known Member

    Go sit in the corner and think about what you have said he wants the smaw challenges done how will an rpg help with that?

    As for helping as its already been said hip fire will definitely help also try hardcore then the slightest hit will kill the enemy and double kills will be easier for the direct hits it is just luck but you could just martyr yourself and kill point blank yes you will die but you will still claim the kill
    Hope this helps.

    Oh btw you can come out of the corner now :)

    R3ruN1 New Member

    Hardcore makes everything easier!

    zeitreise New Member

    It was really annoying for me too. One strategy is to keep going into the "sniper's nests" (upstairs bedrooms on Standoff and Raid, and the two rooms overlooking the hump in Meltdown) and hit them at close range. That is also a good strategy for getting the bank shot for the humiliation challenges.

    My biggest problem was that it seemed like everyone I did hit had flak jacket on. I still haven't gotten the double kills either, but a good place would be the kitchen in Raid on Hardpoint.

    Thoster Well-Known Member

    I got the smaw gold and it was pretty wasy and i didnt have that much trouble with getting the direct hits. Its sort of luck so just put on scavenger so you get more chances. I only have to take out 3 more player controlled scorestreaks on the second one before i get diamond. :yay

    RedGeek80 New Member

    I have gotten diamond for these and the smaw was the easiest for me. The hardest is the RPG... such a pain.

    Dogger Well-Known Member

    He is talking about killing people with the SMAW, one of the objectives to gold camo is 10 Impact Kills: This means direct hit to the enemy, not at his feet but has to hit body and kill. Another is 10 Double Kills, these can be shot at ground or wall to kill enemies. I got my gold SMAW, the hardest was Impact Kills by far.

    Mechman Well-Known Member

    I had the best luck with getting the small and rpg diamond by using them on headquarters. People will lay right up against or close by it so every time I ran close towards the headquarters I'd just fire away.

    The hardest out of all of them for me was getting the triple kill with the rpg.... that was a pain!

    Mechman Well-Known Member

    hmm of course I meant to say smaw and not small, but you get the idea.. : )