What is your K/D ratio in Black Ops II ?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by wizely17, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Foleydelphia New Member

    2.07...its going up...looking to hit 3 before the next cod

    Darkmykal Well-Known Member

    K/D: 2.41
    Win percentage: 70
    Total kills: 33,771
    Total wins: 1,157
    SPM: 352

    jleprince New Member

    Always hovering around a 1.3, but W/L is where it's at for me (2.3 in Dom, 4.1 in Demo). All about the WIN baby!

    Fnords Well-Known Member

    1.03 But my wife plays on the same account as me so that lowers it quite a bit

    This week when it's been mostly me it's 1.43

    Jerokyn Well-Known Member

    1.12 at the moment. Was up at 1.3 originally when I started but I had a horrible streak after my first prestige and it brought me down. Now I'm trying to regain but I'm inconsistent. I have awesome games then avg games. The. I have those horrible games where I keep trying to run and gun when I shouldn't and I die repeatably because I'm pissed and won't give up and hang back lol

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    Enni Well-Known Member

    mine is 0.81 atm. Actually, I am really proud of that :) It's going up, from being under 0.5 during my whole mw3 career and starting at 0.43 in bo2, I am improving, having fun and playing the objective.

    I do care about my k/d, when it goes up, I feel like I achieved something, or improved part of my game (say, when I get the killcam and have aimed at the chest instead of people's feet :p) My current goal is to get it to 1.0, but that'll probably take a hell of a lot more practice! I'm happy though, insult all you like haha, lets se how many f*cks I give ^^

    luckybaer New Member

    .91 K/D with a 247 SPM
    Primarily a Domination player, but not very dominating. Haha

    I wish that the PC had deeper stats - like the ability to see what my K/D is over my last 20 games, 50 games, 75 games, etc. Or some kind of moving average. I'm a stats geek, and I can't get enough detail!

    JJ108X New Member

    I began at a 1.29 KDR during the beginning of December. I'm now currently at 1.63 KDR with a 430 SPM and climbing. I, like many, was frustrated with the skill based match making system, however, it has obviously been extremely beneficial. Playing people at your skill level (and higher) consistently, will improve your own skill drastically within time.

    I'd like to tap 2.00 by mid February.

    Fish Well-Known Member

    Overall 456 SPM, 2.10 KD

    TDM 313 SPM, 2.53 KD
    Dom 444 SPM, 1.97 KD
    Hardpoint 483 SPM, 2.05 KD
    Kill Confirmed 469 SPM, 2.05 KD

    Included the main gametypes I play because just listing overall SPM and KD is pretty meaningless.

    TargetFindersAreCheap Well-Known Member

    In BO2 im at 1.20. down from 1.53 from MW3,down from 1.60 in BO.

    o ViiZiON New Member

    2.02 should be higher but my friends thought itd be cool to get one while i wasnt home and bomb my kdr :(

    B-KUB New Member

    Down to 1.13

    Highest I've had so far has been 1.19

    I started paying lots of hardcore so I can probably bring it back up.

    qjamel New Member

    1.66 right now. I was stuck at 1.56 for a while, but I finally got over the hump

    Cranester New Member

    was as low as 0.79 at the end of level 55. A mixture of not knowing the maps/connection issues/wrong game types and not having the right classes set up/unlocked.

    I'm now prestige 1 level 43 and my k/d is now 1.12.

    Aiming for a KD of 1.5 by Prestige 4

    thepunisher0419 Well-Known Member

    mine is .85 and rising

    Classified New Member

    my K/D is 1.22

    iGH0ST RID3R x New Member

    Mine is 1.76 with a 381 SPM :D

    ShinDeon Z New Member

    1.92 I will be above 2.00 by the end of the weekend. I got the hang of this game. BIG TIME!!

    zmayle93 New Member

    my k/d is a 1.36 with a 1.32 w/l and a 232 spm total of 4393 kills would have been double the amount of kill but all my stats were reset about 2 weeks ago so i had to start all over. dumb hackeers

    GreatWalmartMic New Member

    A 1.60, but only because I don't run full parties. Honestly, if I ran full parties and just pub-stomped, I would have at least a 2 K/D, if not higher. Also, I like to play the objective.