Weapon type for DLC 3?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by xDEADx, Apr 5, 2013.

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    xDEADx Well-Known Member

    If we do get another weapon for DLC 3, which kind would you like to see?

    My vote goes to sniper.

    HHernandez81 Well-Known Member

    I would like to see a new LMG!

    JBach Well-Known Member

    It looks like the stoner (guy in the middle) and the guy to the right, looks like the stock of the acr. And a sniper, but not sure which sniper. Intervention maybe? I don't know?
    Don't know if Uprising will have any new weapons? But if they decide to put new ones in, (if not now), later on, my guess will be those.

    Iwear40cal Well-Known Member

    LMG would be cool, or a pistol ... or a special.

    UoG Well-Known Member

    We won't see another gun.

    My guess is the used the DLC weapon as to entice people to buy the season's pass.

    eleven1181 New Member

    I would like a new lmg

    Bullet Magnet Well-Known Member

    Really? the second DLC hasnt been released. it was yesterday the second DLC was confirmed. and we are already speculating about the third? i have to go with UoG on this. the gun thing was never meant to be a regularly featured item.

    HiAsEva24 Member

    If they bring out a sniper rifle im going to say it now everyone will bitch. We already got enough people cry over snipers... I honestly wouldn't mind 1 but if they did that then I need better sniper maps. I wouldn't mind the stoner I've always loved that gun but I would say an lmg or maybe two pistols. Hell at this poit I don't care

    Mr.TonyStark Well-Known Member

    Snipers and SMG's already get too much love in this game, it's ridiculous. My vote would be for a new Assault Rifle.

    Michael Atari Well-Known Member

    Too many assault rifles as it is. I say a shotgun or LMG.

    BoabMcScruff Well-Known Member

    What I really want is more prestiges if im honest but I think they will leave that to last if at all. I honestly dont think there is gonna be anymore weapons either. I would love another ar, I really dont want a sniped, lmg or shotgun.

    xDEADx Well-Known Member

    This is just an "if" question, I don't necessarily believe we will get another ... in fact we probably won't.

    But supposing you could make the decision, what type would you like? I agree with those who said that there are enough ARs, also IF IT HAPPENED, it would probably not.be AB SMG again either. I would be happy with sniper, shotgun or lmg.

    Fumbles Well-Known Member

    I'm probably not going to buy any of the DLC, but if I did, I would NOT want a sniper, shotgun, or LMG as a DLC weapon. Because everybody and their grandmother would be using the new gun when the DLC came out.

    I mean, I didn't get the revolution DLC, but a whole lobby full of people using peackeepers doesn't sound too horrible. But a whole lobby full of snipers? Shotgunners? LMGs? Would not be fun IMO (a lobby full of LMGs wouldn't be too bad though, honestly). I enjoy using all of these weapon classes, but I think the game would be super annoying for a few days if they were to implement a new sniper/LMG/shotgun in the DLC.

    07FX4Chick Well-Known Member

    RPD or M60

    musky Well-Known Member

    BRING back the AUG

    Wartyger Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see the AA-12 make a return. I think it's the type of weapon that would still be in use in 2025, so it wouldn't be out of place. So yeah, the AA-12, or another LMG. The shotgun and LMG categories could use another weapon to add a little more variety...

    nukeshooter Well-Known Member

    That assault shield always looks so lonely... just sayin, ballistic shield anyone? I would like a new shotgun, something quirky like the aa 12 or the 1667 (although im sure theyre beyond the lever action by the age of blops 2 lol)

    I think there are already too many ARs for another and the sniper and lmg classes have already been well developed.

    Strange Koolaid Well-Known Member

    This and poll please.

    red72 Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see the 1887 back as well. Most fun i had in MW3 was getting it gold

    Michael Atari Well-Known Member

    The lever action of the 1887 was beast I loved getting that gold too. Dunno how they are going to make it relevant in 2025 though.