Ways to improve K/D?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by Grimmjow, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Grimmjow New Member

    I'm currently struggling with my K/D at the moment. I usually play Mercenary Moshpit since I don't really like to play against teams that will most likely spawn trap and such.

    My K/D is currently 1.01, with 2874 kills. I'm 1st prestige level 38, and my score per minute is 312.

    My scorestreak atm is UAV, Counter-UAV, and Hellstorm Missile.

    My current classes are as followed:

    M27 (Reflex, Quickdraw)
    Flak Jacket
    Tac Mask
    EMP Grenade x2

    PDW-7 (Silencer, Laser, Quickdraw)
    Toughness and Fast Hands
    Perk 2 Greed and Primary GF

    MSMC (Silencer, Fast mag)
    Lightweight, Flak Jacket
    Dexterity, Tac Mask
    Perk 1 and 3 Greed

    Vector KID (Extended Clip, Silencer)
    Blind Eye, Flak Jacket
    Cold Blooded, Toughness
    Tac Mask

    ^ This is basically the class I use to be as ninja as possible before I unlock Ghost

    MP7 (Foregrip, Reflex)
    EMP Grenade x2

    Any gamemodes I should play or switches I should do to my classes? Keep in mind I play on a PS3, which things are pretty bad here lol.

    Captain Price Well-Known Member

    Play Hardpoint.

    I set run with two bouncing betties and put them near the entrances. Usually good for at least one kill.

    As douchey as it sounds, I do camp a fair amount inside the hardpoint.

    Dylan767 New Member

    A tip to countering campers who do what the person above me has said, if you throw a grenade into the hardpoint area it destroys the bouncing betties.

    Revenge New Member

    Lose the M27, it's TTK at close range is by far the worst of all ARs, and it's long range while better is still higher than most other ARs.

    CVHOOZ 23 New Member

    use ghost and blindeye.

    use your prestige unlock on ghost if you are the type who cares about K/D. coupling that with no name above you when you are tageted. you will constantly have the drop on enemies. the community is no completely reliant on the minimap. USE GHOST, your k/d will go up.

    Cannonsurge99 New Member

    Do not camp

    Camping is good for getting killstreaks, but it really takes up time. You could die 4 times getting to a camping spot and only get one kill in the round and would lower you K/D. Also, as the other person said, LOSE THE M27!!!
    That gun is HORRIBLE at close range, and if you are not camping, either use a
    close range Assault rifle or use an SMG like the vector. When you think about it, if you go on a three killstreak and die, then you have a 3.0 K/D. Dieing is OK as long as you balance it with kills. I DO suggests using shock charges though. They are nice to Stun the enemy, and you can get several kills at once with them. Sniping is a fun thing, but not good for your K/D. I do not suggest sniping to raise your K/D. Leave feedback about this tip please!
    P.S My K/D with this strategy is 3.4 :D:rofl:

    Legion Well-Known Member

    Another thing and while i wish this wasn't the case, if your good at party games, those count towards your KD as well
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    laoxshooter17 New Member

    I recently started using the m27 w/ reflex, supressor and side laser and after a few rounds to get used to it i been getting at least a 1.75 k/d and up on tdm. The side laser helps alot with close range battles. But this is by far my least favorite ar. Im just trying to get it in gold

    Grimmjow New Member

    Thanks for the input guys, i'll keep you updated ;3

    Tao Banned

    Don't run a second tier perk and run a second first. Trust me.

    Junaid Well-Known Member

    Use Claymores, Scavenger, Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask.

    1. Find a nice little corner in a small room or building.
    2. Place down a claymore at the room's entrance.
    3. ADS straight at the entrance to form a double barrier.
    4. Camp your socks off.
    5. Get a kill, scavenge from them and place down another claymore.
    6. Rinse and repeat.

    werkz evry tiem trsut mi

    darkestblood99 New Member

    hard point its defently the wat to improve

    MadCaptainCrunch Well-Known Member

    K/D really shouldn't matter that much tbh. Just learn to accept and embrace what you have, especially since it's just a game.

    But anyway, the easiest way by far to boost your KD is camping in an objective game such as Domination, Hardpoint, and in some cases Demolition.

    Betties/Claymores are essential, and Flak Jacket arguably as well. I actually suggest using either the SWAT w/Select Fire or Type 25, as they're both quite good guns, and I believe statistically superior to the SMGs. Every time you get a gun kill near the entrance of your tent area, use another betty/claymore, as Junaid stated.

    That's about all I can confidently advise, hope it helps.
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    Junaid Well-Known Member

    And since that's stupid and for faggots, the best you can do is just accept and embrace what you have, like you initially suggested. (My post was just a joke of course)

    Hoggsynator Well-Known Member

    Who cares, just have fun!
    Slam your assault sheild down in the middle of the map, and just keep popping up killing people. then wait for the hate mail to roll in........so much fun!

    Smith13 New Member

    Hardpoint c4 into the area 3-4 kills a time !!!!

    Inkt Well-Known Member

    Let me think... how about... get better?

    Crazy idea, right?

    sutorii New Member

    i don't know.. toughness is pretty beast.

    what first perks do you find so good... to me.. they are accessory.. especially first perks.

    sutorii New Member

    How's your monitor? Are you using a gigantic screen? What's your input lag? mms?
    Why are you using your primary weapon?
    Why are you running those perks, equipment etc?
    Do you have a COD player that you think is above average and do you emulate them?

    Have you tried the Black PDA? It is soo much fun.. especially when people build a fortress of Claymore/Betties/Shock Charges inside an objective.

    Your awesome engineer perk shows you where they set up camp. You get near them and start hacking their toys. It blows up in their face if they don't pay attention.

    That's the tricky part right.. cause everyone's paying attention.
    Do you like to spray through walls to get their attention?
    Most people will spray back.
    If they do that would be your que to run in.
    Did their toys blow up yet?

    Why is this game so fun?



    A.C Well-Known Member

    Equip an SMG and, without sounding patronising, get better at the game.

    There is no hiding place in BLOPS 2.. so improving gun skill in encounters is the key to turning out good KD games.

    Lag will annoy you.. but if you're playing at a good level - skill will get you through; occassionally the lag will work in yoir favour.

    Learn the maps inside out..

    Use low killstreaks and aim to get them repeatedly..

    It's difficult to control the tempo of a match.. games are too fast paced IMO.. so it's about improving/increasing your own tempo.

    I use to be a chronic assault rifle user (never touched SMG's before. Ever) in this game it'd be suicidal for me to use one.. as I just can't control the tempo of a match or the engagments that I will encounter.