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Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies' started by Fabroskii, Dec 2, 2012.

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    Fabroskii New Member

    I've been playing for the last week with a friend of mine. All of a sudden today, when either of us try to accept the others invitation, we receive "Error: Unable to join session". No other information whatsoever. No idea whats going on.

    Any help MUCH appreciated!

    FMaS Evolution New Member

    Few things i would try.
    1. turn off xbox/ps3
    2. delete friend.
    3. logout and in
    4. play a different game then come back

    Fabroskii New Member

    Ok this is just getting ridiculous now... we've both logged out/in... restarted machines... removed/readded friends...

    Still nothing. The game doesn't work - where's the help/support?

    FMaS Evolution New Member

    log into another account play a solo match?

    Fabroskii New Member

    I only have one account.. thanks for your help anyway.

    Where do you go for support in this game?

    FMaS Evolution New Member

    Sorry I don't know hang in there.

    LegionDestroyer Well-Known Member

    What's your NAT type? As sounds like you were both open but now one of you are now moderate or strict...

    JJ108X New Member

    ^ This is your problem.

    Fabroskii New Member

    Okay, both of us played fine yesterday from the same address/connection. Today both of us have "Moderate" next to NAT... any help much appreciated

    Fabroskii New Member

    We managed to join a game somebody else was hosting, but whoever it was had far, far too much lag (unplayable)....

    Fabroskii New Member

    Okay... my ISP (Vodafone) swears that the router they gave me when I signed up (Huawei HG556a) has uPnP turned on by default, because there is no uPnP settings available from the control panel... however, setting up port forwarding (via portforward.com) we are now able to connect! (And I am showing NAT: Open)

    Thanks for your help guys!!