Tranzit Items: Part Locations. Full spawn listings

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies' started by AndyInput, Nov 14, 2012.

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    AndyInput Member

    Hey guys, I've been having so much fun playing the Tranzit map, with friends and solo. I've found most items and what they do, including how to open the pack a punch machine.

    I'm starting to make videos on where to find the parts for all the items and the different locations they can be in.

    Check out the Item Spawn Locations so far on my channel.

    I'd be most grateful if you could check out the videos and subscribe to the channel for full list of Tranzit Tutorials and a side of Multiplayer.

    I will be posting how make the super gun / super weapon / jet gun

    Sample so far







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    How to open the Vault and Maximize Points on Tranzit.

    Electric Trap. Item/Part Locations.

    How to open Pack-a-Punch Tutorial. Solo and Multiplayer on Tranzit

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    SMG Randy Marsh New Member

    this is really good work man! I don't recognize the value of it just yet, because I can't even find the Tranzit mode lol.
    However when I stop being so lame I will come back here and be all like: "YEAHHHHH"

    Barns Member

    There is the electrical machine, built near the power room.

    There is the Wonderweapon, built in the Bar.

    The parts for the wonderweapon all over Tranzit. And do not spawn at the same location.

    If a member of your team goes down in Lava and drops an item, it respawns in a random location.

    AndyInput Member

    nice, thanks!

    I had a member of the team go down in the electrical trap room with a part. However he did not fall all the way down and the part stayed in an unreachable location.