Team Kaliber Wins First Major Call Of Duty: WWII Tournament

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    Who won the Call Of Duty Tournament that happened in Dallas? Was it a good win?

    This weekend, Call Of Duty World League Dallas took place. And despite some unfortunate incidents, it did end Sunday night. The Grand Finals featured two very dominant teams, Team Kaliber, and Team Splyce.

    Team Kaliber blazed through the Winners Bracket to earn their spot in the Grand Finals. Meanwhile, Team Splyce bounced back from early defeat to win the Losers Bracket and get a chance at true glory.

    The final match went all five rounds, with both teams have multiple opportunities to seize victory for their side. In the end though, Team Kaliber won, and took home the title, a big portion of the $200,000 prize money, and 25,000 League Points that'll be used in future tournaments.

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