Spawn Glitch Hijack

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by -Chopstix, Jan 10, 2013.

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    -Chopstix New Member

    For anyone that doesnt know about this, if your playing Dom on Hijack at the beginning if you jump off the back of the ship at C dom, youll spawn A and be able to take out the whole team capping A. Just letting the ones who didnt know whats up.

    jewbbacha Well-Known Member

    I will try this... but if this is a troll it's a pretty good one.

    -Chopstix New Member

    Swear it works only on Dom and you have to do it right at the beginning. If they Cap A it doesnt work. Try it in combat training and report back. Also im not an advocate of boosting at all just giving everyone a heads up. You can have someone wait back at A and kill the guy spawning in

    brummygit New Member

    i can confirm it works too. i found that you can counter it if you hang back instead of capping C, or just drop a betty where you spawn and then cap C.

    Otherwise, just keep an eye on the kill feed as soon as the game starts. If you see any "mistakes were made" whilst you're capping C, turn round and get ready...

    This also works (though to a lesser extent) on Raid when you begin in the car garage by C. Turn to your right, blast out the windows and jump off the ledge. You'll be almost by A flag, but infront of them where they're running to, rather than behind. Again, to counter, just keep an eye on the kill feed and prepare...

    Personally I wouldn't do either in a proper game (Combat Training or otherwise) as it'll probably get you a ban...

    brummygit New Member

    Following on from this, can anyone confirm that it'll get you a ban or is even worth reporting? Pretty much EVERY game now on Hijacked I see at least one, often two teammates jumping off the back, and it sort of irks me that people are cheating to win, plus the fact that sometimes it screws up the spawns for my own team too...

    DustyUK Well-Known Member

    LOL I hate hijacked so I am going to do this, if I am forced to play in this crap map then ill grab my "mess around" class, all about spawning as they are capping A and throwing a C4 on em lol

    Cooper459 New Member

    Glitch on Carrier map also

    About a week ago, my clan was playing a game of domination on "Carrier" and we noticed the same mass suicides by the opposing team. They kept running over to the catwalk area (below decks / under the superstructure) and jumping over the side. They did this the entire was really weird so say the least. They didn't seem to gain anything, that we were aware of? Maybe they were trying to find just the right spot.