Revolution Peacekeeper Preview!

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by ThEoN1yBaTmAn, Jan 22, 2013.

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    ThEoN1yBaTmAn Well-Known Member

    It only comes up for a short few seconds but they show the first person view from the peacekeeper with a target finder attachment on.

    The gun looks sick and it looks like it'll be fun to use.

    What do you guys think of it?

    It only shows up for about 1 second. Pause the video at exactly 2:23.




    And about how it will be implemented.

    Detailed interview about the gun:

    Peacekeeper GAMEPLAY on GRIND:

    IT has an RPM of 750. 1000 RPM with Rapid Fire. All Credit goes to oL0RDo for doing the tests on these.

    Sucseshun New Member

    Could have put a time thing, it's near the end. Looks like a scar-h to me tbh, I'm not exactly sure how its going to play out, I hope it's good.

    Michael Atari Well-Known Member

    Why is the camo for it white? Looks smaller than I expected for cross between a AR and SMG. Looks a bit like the MP5K from BO1 tbh which is a good thing.

    ThEoN1yBaTmAn Well-Known Member

    i'll do that Soon.

    ThEoN1yBaTmAn Well-Known Member

    thats just how the gun looks and what they are saying is that is is a hybrid of the two. Small like an smg but with the power of an assault rifle.

    DonDon365 New Member

    I would be willing to bet $100 this gun will be the most overpowered over used to tool of destruction from hell. If you want to be competitive online, you must give us more money!

    goldenblack New Member

    lol yea, assault rifle smg hybrids like the ak74u and mp7 are ususally the best in the class.

    2_Wycked New Member

    What assault rifle is the MP7 based off of? This is news to me.

    ThEoN1yBaTmAn Well-Known Member

    True. and to think that they are probably going to put in a gun dlc for Each map pack.

    codfish New Member

    Camo looks awesome, should have had something like that instead of diamond. I was hoping to see something about the iron sights though, disappointed the only picture out there is a side view or with the sight. On a side note, Ali-A broke down a clip of it being used in the trailer the other day and thinks the gun will shoot at around 515 RPM. Making it the slowest firing SMG which would make sense.

    articzap Well-Known Member

    515 seems a bit low, honestly. I have a feeling it might be closer to 575-600. We'll have to wait and see.

    This gun with rapid fire.....yes please!

    codfish New Member

    Yea it's nothing to set in stone because it was a very quick clip and trying to get something as exact as RPM is hard to do with something like that. Also who knows if that was the final product. I think he is right though with the assumption that it's going to be the slowest firing SMG. 515 does seem low, I agree though. Especially with close quarters, it would mean an AR could have a good chance of winning.

    ThEoN1yBaTmAn Well-Known Member

    A low rpm would make sense because they are combining a smg with an ar. The power of the ar with the mobility of a smg. A low rpm would make it not as overpowered but still usuable.

    ulvemann43 New Member

    it seems semi automatic to me based of that preview

    lxRATJARxl New Member

    Are you guys all retarded? The slowest firing automatic AR's in the game are the SCAR and the AN-94, both of which shoot at 600 rpm... As for SMG's, the slowest firing are the PDW and MSMC at 720 rpm... An SMG that shoots SLOWER than ALL AR's is completely useless in CQC, even with a smaller hipfiring cone. You're all idiots. It has to be AT LEAST 720 rpm to even be considered being used.

    articzap Well-Known Member

    I agree with this to an extent. It should at least match an94 and scar as far as fire rate goes, in my mind.

    codfish New Member

    Way to add to the conversation you insignificant ****. I said it was an estimation from a clip that Ali-A calculated and was coming to the conclusion that it will most likely be the slowest firing SMG. I agreed it would make it useless in close quarters at 515. Everyone here has brought solid insight besides you. And another thing, you know shit. For all we know if might be 515 but have other properties that balance it.

    XSlor Well-Known Member

    I was watching the video on this thing and judging by the casings being ejected, it looks like a "high" caliber gun... so probably something like a pistol AR.... should be interesting...

    High power, slower rate of fire, higher recoil, more spread, but still the "quick draw" feeling of an SMG?

    That would be my guess...

    lxRATJARxl New Member

    Good luck getting kills with an SMG with a fire rate of 515 rpm that takes a minimum of 3 bullets to kill at close range. Its TTK at range would be around 0.8 or something for 6 shots hahah

    SpoonsV New Member

    Definitely appears to be semi-auto.