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Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by DrainBamage, Feb 13, 2013.

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    DrainBamage Well-Known Member

    My calling card is the VOTL Warship because im an avid VOTl user. When I kill someone I want them to see my calling card and wonder if they are going to be killed by my warship later. I see too many calling cards with dogs, warthogs and loadstars thinking to myself "I hope I didnt contribute to this guys dog streak" to only find out at the end of the match that they have only got 52 dog kills. And haven't unlocked the other top scorestreak calling cards.

    I find it silly to use a calling card that dosnt represent you or your game style. Do you guys use calling cards that represent you or just because you unlocked dogs and you think its cool?

    Bullet Magnet Well-Known Member

    If theyve unlocked it they can use it. who cares if they got 50 or 500 kills with the dogs?

    spes_one Well-Known Member

    I switch mine up. But yeah they do represent the style I play.

    theedeadmau5 Well-Known Member

    i rock master of humiliation, but im pretty sure there are better humiliators out there

    roofwoof Well-Known Member

    yep I use all the dog when my dogs feed.:)

    gmaat3 Well-Known Member

    I use Executioner mastery so people know I'm a crazy person
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    TheEvilPorkChop New Member

    I have the grim reaper on now but I really like the carbon fiber II from the season pass purchase. Simple and clean

    TH1RTY3E Well-Known Member

    Which Grim Reaper one, theres like 6 of them lol.

    I switch mine up, but right now I'm using the 10k kills one, at least until I get the Ghost calling card, Hardpoint Master Card, or Domination Master Card. I'm so close on all three, but that damn triple cap is impossible to get with randoms!

    TheEvilPorkChop New Member

    It's the one for getting like 20 kills with your gun and not dying 10x or something like that. Looks cool relentless card grim reaper.

    Bonequi Well-Known Member

    I have the Swarm one and the EMP (both) caus they are rare. After I got bored a bit with the game I started using all the scorestreaks to get the titles.

    Foolinaround New Member

    I use the toughness/scavenger one since these are on all of my classes

    Nashtalia New Member

    i currently have the double kill (calling card) since my kill style is Head-shot, this and i aim and shoot for the head. yesss, it does represent me (as i have explained)


    EDIT: when ever i aquire the Triple Kill calling card, i will use that as my CC *Call Card* :)

    Barns Well-Known Member

    I use the FMJ one as it compliments my emblem. Although I haven't really used FMJ on any gun since I got the CC.

    I want the enemy to guess how I will kill them next. :lol:

    HoWiiT Member

    Humiliation master, because I'm a bit of a joker ;)

    DizzyEdition Well-Known Member

    I use the precision master calling card for a few reasons:
    1) I like the look of it and it complimnts my dogtags emble.
    2) In all the games ive played i havnt seen anyone else using it, which leads me to believe its rare.
    3) Im super proud to own because some of those challenges were extremely difficult to complete. For example, get a merciless medal (10 kills in a row) with absolutely no items equipped. The one i struggled with the most was destroying an rcxd with a combat axe.
    So why shouldnt i show it off?

    Chillx Well-Known Member

    Amen, guess the size of ur e-peen enlarged 4 inches ;) j/k. Good call and defently a card to be proud of to carry :) gj.

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    TomOnDuty Well-Known Member

    I get the title and move on to the next one so you would probably see most of mine right around 50 kill for the higher ones .

    blandersong Well-Known Member

    I like calling cards that look cool. The master of humiliation and grim reaper calling cards are my favorites. I'm currently using the bloodthirsty grim reaper calling card while I work on getting my LMGs diamond. After that, I'm going to start working on a gold assault shield and start getting the combat axe and sticky grenade challenges complete to get the master of humiliation. I think hardest one will be that "hail mary" challenge.

    TH1RTY3E Well-Known Member

    I got my Hail Mary just a few days ago. It was totally random. I was just running along in Express (FFA) and thought, "what the heck, might as well chuck one." 2 seconds later I got my kill.

    Basicaly, you just have to be really lucky. I've had some long shot kills and not gotten the Hail Mary though. Its a really far throw.

    Z1gma12 New Member

    I have the Warthog Callingcard.
    I don't have a beast # of kills with it, though.

    Maybe around 200 kills.

    I SHOULD have the "situational awareness" callingcard, though, but it looks like crap.