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Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by Iwear40cal, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Iwear40cal Well-Known Member

    lol, so i prestiged again last night and was going to go with another custom class... but decided to refund all tokens. i must have read it wrong because all it gave me back was one unlock token. i thought it would refund all used within you previous prestige. :laugh:

    i guess you are supposed to wait to do this until half way through a prestige... otherwise it refunds what you spent in that prestige... for me, that was one lol.

    dont make the same mistake! atleast i have flak jacket from now on though, thats whats important anyways...

    zneiSienz New Member

    HAHAHA. I never really use Refund all Tokens. I just get a extra CAC class.

    UoG Well-Known Member

    Wait so it is possible to have 110 unlock tokens in a prestige?

    Use 55 tokens and then use the refund all tokens?

    Is this how it works?

    Haba Well-Known Member

    Yes, I believe so. Never tried, since I forgot to use the prestige reward thing on my first 3 prestiges :facepalm:. Got all extra CaC now though, I think that is the only useful thing in there.

    Mr.TonyStark Well-Known Member

    Yeah what exactly does it do?

    Haba Well-Known Member

    Went to check it. It refunds all the earned/spent tokens so far in the prestige you are on and relocks anything where you spend token on. In other words, on level 55, you get all your 55 tokens back, but then you have nothing unlocked and you have to unlock them again. So the 55 tokens is max per prestige. It appears that it is meant so that you can try 110 things on prestige, but in 2 ''sets'' of 55 unlocked items.

    Mechman Well-Known Member

    Haba is correct. Only the tokens are refunded for the current prestige level you are on. So if you have played for an hour after prestiging and have earned say 10 tokens, the 10 are refunded and everything (except what you permanently unlocked) are locked again. The tokens from the previous prestige are not refunded and added to the current prestige (so there is no way to get more than 55 tokens).

    nucl3arboNg Well-Known Member

    So this is really useless if you wanna use the same equipment over and over correct?

    AmerCapitolist New Member

    yeah i made the same mistake on my first 2 prestiges on the coin now i just get the CaC

    Wartyger Well-Known Member

    I thought the same thing before the game the was released. Thankfully someone here at BO2F explained the refund option properly before I wasted a token on the refund token option. However, by "refunding" all 55 unlock tokens from the previous prestige, players who wanted to unlock everything without reaching Prestige Master, would only have to prestige once. I thought that would've been a good idea and I was really surprised to see that this wasn't the case.

    The prestige system in CoD:BO2 is the best system yet (because you don't lose your weapon progress, unless you prestige the weapon of course), but it's still fairly limited. After you unlocked the 5 extra custom classes, your prestige unlock can only refund your unlock tokens, or reset you account. If you've already prestiged 5 times to get the extra custom class slots, chances are you've already used all the items in the game and have decided which ones you'll unlock and which ones you won't, so refunding your tokens becomes pointless. And resetting your stats is something only the die hard stat trackers and players who are obsessed with constantly levelling up will do, so it's not a viable option for most players.

    So after you've unlocked the 5 extra custom class slots, what do you do with your prestige token? Probably nothing. It's for these reasons that I'll be stopping at prestige level 5.

    I wish there was an option to spend your prestige token on a 2nd permanent unlock token. Once you had unlocked the 5 extra custom class slots, you could permanently unlock 2 items per prestige, which would make the additional prestige tokens useful to everyone...