Quickscoping in CoD:Ghosts?

Discussion in 'COD Ghosts Multiplayer Discussion' started by Thoster, Feb 17, 2013.


Do you want Quickscoping to "return?"

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Without faster ADS

  4. Indifferent


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    Thoster Well-Known Member

    This has to be one of the most talked about things in the Call of Duty Community so do you want to see quickscoping in MW4?? The COD series has had several different versions of quickscoping from COD4 to MW2 and MW3 and finally to BO2 (Black Ops doesn't really count since it was impossible to successfully quickscope).

    I personally love to quickscope and think it is a challenge and fun to do with friends or just going solo. I dont really care what type of quickscoping but my favourite is probably MW3 but i also liked MW2 and was pleased with the BO2 quickscoping.

    So do you want to see quickscoping in MW4???
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    ll ZEUS ll New Member

    i think if u enjoy quikscoping u should be shot in the face mw4 will be a sick joke of a game especially if theres quickscoping u noob
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    Bonequi Well-Known Member

    I don't mind QS because I'm a flexible player and I'm good at it too, buuut I won't tolerate deathstreaks or some ghei n00b bullcrap.
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    ll ZEUS ll New Member

    ehh ok correct me if im wrong but why are we even still talking about quickscopin there has been like 4 cod games put out since quicksoping became the f**king crutch to design a game around thats it no way should it be a part of a game it should be luck or skill to do it not everytime u pull the trigger

    Sulq Well-Known Member

    So hostile...

    OT: I would like the return of quickscoping. Preferably something similar to BO2 or COD4. MW3 made it almost too easy.

    I disagree Thoster about quickscoping in BO. It was difficult but no where near impossible. I did very well sniping in BO's and quite enjoyed the challenge of it. I also liked it because not many players sniped or quickscoped in that game. So you pissed people off since they thought they were safe from it in this game lol.

    Quickscoping will return because it has been prevalent in every Infinity Ward game, so I don't see them getting rid of it.

    Sorry for the double post but..... Correct grammar is a skill as well, just like quickscoping, both of which you have problems with.

    i0wNxTROYx Well-Known Member

    I've got to say quickscoping is one of my favourite things of call of duty it should be allowed :D

    ll ZEUS ll New Member

    Thank god u point out my bad grammar and not the fact that u need to be shot in the face also but this is an age old descossion and it will never be rite quickscoping is now a feature in crap cod games gotta please the add children and the immature adults that make sniper montages

    Sulq Well-Known Member

    Why is quickscoping so wrong to you? Most players are horrible at it, so unless you are awful, they should be easy kills.

    I'm sorry I should be the one shot in the face, you know since I'm the creator and developer of the method called "quickscoping".... It has been around for awhile and is not going to go anywhere, so insulting someone by merely saying they should be shot in the face is a little irrational and childish don't ya think?

    For kicks and gigs.
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    Jar Well-Known Member

    Getting killed by quickscopes can be annoying but they aren't an issue or OP as some people think. For instance, I would never lose a FFA match against a Sniper.

    PSIII Dominance Asserted. (Super Moderator)

    You haven't played me.

    ll ZEUS ll New Member

    i think quickscoping ruins the game thats why i cant stand it cause u get in a lobby to play with your friends and the whole other team could give a shit about doin anything productive for the team but f an a there in there spawn trying to snipe or running around like idiots no scoping its annoying and it ruins the game its absolutley f**king stupid and oh jee if everyone in the game can quickscope were is the skill in it ???? there is none all its in the game for is retarded children like urself to think ur good at a game and to get ppl on youtube to rate and subscribe to ur crap channel kid save ur breath cause i cant spell

    Ging2487 Well-Known Member

    Quickscopping is only really acceptable if you're in a friendly lobby but once you're in a lobby with randoms, they have the right to call you a dick. You're either great or shit at it either way, if they put it in the next game (which I don't think has been confirmed as MW4), they're just encouraging more players to be twats.

    Michael Atari Well-Known Member

    It was possible to QS on BO1 however I reckon BO2 QS is spot on.

    ll ZEUS ll New Member

    THANK YOU !! finally someone that agrees its great to see other ppl that hate quickscoping

    Sulq Well-Known Member

    I dunno, know I win quite a few FFA using a sniper. Lol

    People that hate quickscoping feel that it is cheap, which can be sometimes true, but hey if it's so easy and is an in-game cheat then why don't you do it?

    It's only ever annoying when you come across a skilled quickscoper which is far few to none. Other than myself (conceited asshole here) I haven't really ran into many that wield a sniper in such way better than myself. But then I haven't ran into any FaZe or Darth members yet. ;)

    ll ZEUS ll New Member

    u need help at being a decent cod player nough said im shure u could find a pistol to put in your mouth that would teach u how to quickscope

    Sulq Well-Known Member

    Insinuating suicide must be your thing. Also a pistol would not teach me how to quickscope seeing as you quickscope with sniper rifles. Your above statement is invalid. And I am an extremely mediocre player, you got that right!

    ll ZEUS ll New Member

    Yes i do insinuate suicide to someone that praises quickscoping and ur rite il just pull the trigger for u if u need help putting a rifle in your mouth unless u can reach the trigger then il just enjoy your brain matter leaking out of your skull

    Sulq Well-Known Member

    Sounds gruesome and cynical. I'll pass I don't like blood.

    xLegit ScopeZxx420 Well-Known Member

    In my honest opinion, sniper rifles should need to be scoped in for at least two seconds before being able to shoot.
    This is to keep them a skill based weapon class, because any shot that takes less than two seconds to line up is more often than not based on luck.
    They should also receive no aim assist at all. As we have all seen in past games, the amount of aim assist that the sniper rifle class gets compared to other weapon classes is absolutely insane.
    If I'm carrying an ACR, I get little to no benefit while struggling to put my Red Dot Sight on a target, yet a sniper can aim 30 feet from their enemy and still get a kill! Ridiculous!
    My sources are experience (I have 56 days played in MW3 and almost as many in BO2), and watching numerous killcams and theatre mode replays.

    Another thing I have noticed is that despite the fact that a sniper rifle is meant to be used in a stationary position, many players run around like a chicken with it's head cut off.
    Therefore, the sniper's mobility should be reduced to around 50-60% of base speed to discourage too much movement while at the same time encouraging a more realistic playstyle.
    While I'm on the topic of realism, I'd like to see an all around damage decrease to keep sniper rifles more in line with their real life counterparts. The only place a sniper should be able to kill me in one shot is in the head.
    In a real battle, I would probably survive a hit to any other part of the body, making the one hit kill zones of sniper rifles in CoD games grossly unrealistic.
    Also, in order to preserve as much realism as possible, sniper rifle bullets should have physics applied to them. They should suffer from bullet drop and wind and the various other issues that plague real snipers.
    Real life snipers are skilled masters, and the Call of Duty sniper should strive to be as much like them as possible.
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