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Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 General Discussion' started by human junk, Nov 14, 2012.

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    human junk New Member

    i know everyones bitching about lag(which is bad atm), but does anyone know what the hell you get for each prestige? and is it worth it for me to do it?


    samithedood Well-Known Member

    in order to unlock every item you need to prestige.

    laoxshooter17 New Member

    Well if you want to have access to everything you have to prestige but for me the only reason i wanna prestige is for the prestige emblems. Im already at lvl 37 and have 12 tokens i havent used yet and theres only 5 more things i need to unlock that i want to use. So im not sure if im going to prestige or not yet

    AKA Well-Known Member

    At first I thought you kind of had to prestige but now I'm seeing the only point is for the emblems because I don't want everything that you can possibly unlock. I'll still probably do it though.

    Dolan Well-Known Member

    I wonder if you can do the same thing as in MW3 where you can keep an item if you prestige

    I-PWNZ-A-LOT Well-Known Member

    Then ask the fools in the game that are already 3 and 4th prestige

    Wartyger Well-Known Member

    According to the IGN review, they say when you prestige, you get to carry over one item and it will be unlocked permanently, plus you get a prestige token to either refund all 55 of you tokens to use in the next prestige, or get an extra custom class slot, or reset all your stats so you can start from scratch again.

    It sounds to me like you won't have to prestige more than twice if you want to have everything unlocked. At the end of 2 prestiges, you could have 165 tokens to use for unlocking items and there isn't 165 items you can unlock with tokens (I don't think there are even 110 items to unlock).

    I'll be prestiging a few times to get some extra custom, then refund my unlock tokens, stop prestiging and play on...

    AndyInput Well-Known Member

    Prestiging is great for gaining experience. Once you have grinded threw the game at three or four times you know far more about it than someone who stays on on the top level, never mind doing it 10 times.. or whatever the max is. However, do expect your stats to take a beating as it hurts the comfort of gameplay when you loose everything.

    To the point, I don't think you get ANYTHING but shiny new emblems and such for better LOOKS. All items can be unlocked by reaching maximum level as far as I know.

    juggalogoth New Member

    What is level cap? 50 like bo or 80 like mw3?

    Fauxost Well-Known Member

    55 levels.

    juggalogoth New Member

    Dang then im halfway lol!

    I-PWNZ-A-LOT Well-Known Member

    I prestiged for the first time tonight, you get three choices each time you prestige..... 1. You can reset your stats.. 2.... You can trade in all your earned tokens for a permanent token to unlock anything you want like perks....
    3... custom slot

    Once you prestige everything goes back to being locked.... But all guns stay the same level as they were before prestiging.... And all the attachments stay unlocked as well....

    CallMeTinCup New Member

    So to be clear, after 10th prestige, you get to keep everything. What about the custom slots? Will you have all those as well? I guess it really dont matter, I will only need 5 anyway and can just edit them as needed if they wont all unlock after 10th prestige. This game has so many challenges!! I love it

    A.C Well-Known Member

    PWNZ.. you get to reset your stats after the first Prestige? Did I read that correctly?

    Damn... I do not know if I want to unlock Ghost/M8A1 or reset my mullered stats!

    I haven't searched as such, but is there a dedicated resoure clarifying exactly what the deal is with regards to prestiging? This opening week has really been an eye opener.. I fully intend to Prestige so being armed with as much info as possible would be great so that I don't make the wrong choice and suffer through 55 more rank ups!

    klllerford Well-Known Member

    I'm not having that many problems due to lag, you must expect it because it's never been good on call of duty due to none dedicated servers.. But I'm only having the problems passed 11 or so o'clock at night because the America's are online and I'm sure they get host over the EU guys giving you a slight delay which means you are at a disadvantage.

    I-PWNZ-A-LOT Well-Known Member

    Roger that! I unlocked ghost, but I swear it still seams like they know where I am every time

    Wartyger Well-Known Member

    You have to be at full walking speed, or sprinting to stay off the radar when using Ghost. Crouch walking, prone crawling and walking while you ADS won't keep you off the radar. The only exception to this rule is when you're using the adjustable stock on your weapon and ADS, while moving at full speed (in the standing position). You might be able to do the same using a SMG without the adjustable stock, but this hasn't been confirmed yet as far as I know.

    Staying on topic, Tmartn has a great explanation of the prestige system in CoD:BO2. You can find it very easily on Youtube if anyone is still confused about prestiging...

    Michael Atari Well-Known Member

    Same here like how the f do they know where I am EVEN with ghost? I'm moving constantly at full speeds too.

    Wartyger Well-Known Member

    Are you using a suppressed weapon too? If you aren't using a suppressed weapon, you'll still appear on the radar when you fire your weapon...

    Michael Atari Well-Known Member

    Ahhh ofcourse! I feel like a right noob now lol thanks for the reminder. I don't really like to use silencer as the damage seems to drop a tincy wincy bit and I'd rather spend a point on laser sight or fast mags but I want to flank the enemy so will be whacking that bad boy on now too. :dance: