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Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by KILL PILL, Jan 16, 2013.

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    KILL PILL Well-Known Member

    ok guys and girls lol,after 64 days ive made it prestige master :D but before i open it up what happens now, heard that everything gets unlocked is that true.and before any one moans, yes i did a search but nothing to what i needed.

    XSlor Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiosity - how many hours did you put into the game?

    KILL PILL Well-Known Member

    im not sure but will find out for you fella ;)

    Stinky Bart Well-Known Member

    You know you have to go through all the levels again as prestige master right. After you hit prestige master lvl55 your xp bar dissapears and once lvl55 is done then everything stays unlocked.... Unless I'm wrong but that's how I understood it to work . I'm prestige 9 so I still have a little bit longer to go

    KILL PILL Well-Known Member

    yeah i was wondering that bro :facepalm:

    Mechman Well-Known Member

    Hi Kill Pill:

    When you reach Prestige Master all of the weapons and scorestreaks become unlocked. The camo's, calling cards and other stuff you still have to earn (i.e. you do not automatically get diamond camo's for instance).

    You do not have to go through all the levels again. Once you get Prestige Master there are no levels. Now I just work on getting camo's for my guns and earning other things.

    Hours... I think I had somewhere around 450 hours when I got Prestige Master. Most others probably can do it quicker than I did, but I'm old, slow, and have poor reflexes (compared to all the younger folks).

    XSlor Well-Known Member

    OMG... yeah I really don't play enough...

    I have like 60 hours maybe of game play??? I'm like in my 20's prestige 2... lol

    I need to step up my game!

    KILL PILL Well-Known Member

    great thanks man im happy with that,yeah think double weekend xp helped me alot,played nuketown like crazy.XSlor dont worry fella get there in your own time, atleast you know you done it fair and right ;)

    Stinky Bart Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding prestige master with prestige level 10 ?

    Mechman Well-Known Member

    No, prestige master is technically level 11 because you have to go through all 55 sub- levels of level 10. (i.e. You get prestige master after going all the way through level 10).

    There are no levels of prestige master (there is no 'prestige master level 10'). You just get an icon beside your name with no levels. Once you get prestige master, there are no more levels. You can still though spend a lot of time trying to get diamond, gold camos and other stuff.
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    Stinky Bart Well-Known Member

    +1 thanks!

    sduk New Member

    Good thread, I had wondered this too. Oh well, only 5 more prestiges to go lol

    Darg_Diggity New Member

    Treyarchh needs to do an 8x XP weekend or something lol

    tytlyf Well-Known Member

    I'm at Prestige 10 and halfway to finishing it. I've currently got 253 hours played (10.5 days)
    I'll probably hit master with a total of 265 hours.

    i0wNxTROYx Well-Known Member

    XD not bad but a guy i know got prestige master in 1.5 weeks! (no hacks/boosting/cheating/glitches or whatever) and never went back on it since....

    Bullet Magnet Well-Known Member

    congrats Sir....personally i dont know if ill take the Master once i reach it. with all the controversy and people reporting everyone just cuz they have it legit or not. might stay at 10/55 til this drama blows over and treyarch takes some sort of action.

    But definitely congratulations on your achievement.

    Vengeance New Member

    I'm gonna be a prestige master by the end of this week. I will only have 9 create a class available tho will that last slop automatically open up or will it stay locked???

    Sleep Affect Well-Known Member

    gratz bro , im only presitge 6 but i play for fun :)

    Lance246813579 New Member

    When you get to prestige ten, your days are numbered, because you don't get a choice between prestige 10 level 55 and master, it happens anyways.

    Haba Well-Known Member

    Nice job.

    1 level to go and I'm prestige master aswell.