Potential punishment for ragequitting/dashboarding?

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Should Ragequitters/Dashboarders be punishedd after leaving to many games?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Don't give a flying phuck

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    Legion Well-Known Member

    In a Tmartn video, on of the devs apparently commented on twitter that there could be a potential "probation penalty" for leaving or dashboarding to many matches. Halo:Reach has something similar to this where if you leave to many matches you can not join matchmaking for a certain period of time (about half an hour i think).

    Do you think that if this was implemented that it would decrease ragequitting? And could it really stop or track dashboarding?

    Heres the link to the video

    EDIT: Also added a poll

    Junaid Well-Known Member

    Sounds stupid.

    ApolloAdams New Member

    If people quit the game early t save their precious K/D as it is some indicator of how great you are is childish. You don't have to necessarily punish them as their W/L takes a hit anyway.

    The Lizard King Well-Known Member

    Sounds good to me.

    Hoggsynator Well-Known Member

    i think they should be punished.
    Punishment should range from spanking and nipple clamps to if you do it more than 3 times a big black dildo shoots out your Xbox like a homing missile and rams you up the ars.
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    BlopOps New Member

    Quitting early shouldn't be punishable because your getting a loss anyways, but dashboarding should be.

    -OZ- New Member

    Only reasonable punishment involves a liquid holding cell located in the console filled with hot tar which explodes covering the entire insides and then hardening when in contact with air thus rendering the console inoperable and you have to buy a new one.

    Brad K 825 Well-Known Member

    Situation 1: You are doing well, most of the enemy team rage quits, new people spawn in who are better, you lose the game.

    Situation 2: You are playing SnD. You win the first round, but the 3 team mates who died all decided to rage quit. You play the rest of the rounds 3vs6. You lose, obviously.

    Situation 3: You are doing so well there is no chance that if the team rage quit and was replaced by the team in Sit1 they would ever be able to bounce back. The host rage quits. During host migration it does not go well. You get a message that no suitable host can be found. You didn't lose, but you got screwed out of a big win.

    Currently the only person who benefits from rage quitting is the quitter, and the rest of the lobby feels the pain. The one thing I liked about Halo Reach was that it punished rage quitters. I think a half hour ban for doing it a couple times or a drop to the next tier down, or in more severe cases an inability to play in league play until the end of the current season would help the game as far as league play goes. As much as it gets under my skin to lose a game because my team mates rage quit, it'll be worse in league play.

    The Lizard King Well-Known Member

    Too many people; especially within the CoD community would enjoy this. This is an incentive if anything.
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    K3nada New Member

    Thats fine but what happens if your internet fails or something.... How do you tell the difference?

    jeszkar Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I loved be to punished if I quit from a match because there is a hacker in the looby.

    But there are other reason why I think it's stupid. For example I hate entering into a match where there is no chance to winning (DOM 20-180) or the enemy already call 2 moab (Ok this is rare).

    DJ piNoy Well-Known Member

    Sometimes I just leave cause I'm busy doing something and I don't want to be the asshole who's afk and the other team just takes advantage of that. I also leave games that are obvious losses like joining a Domination game where the opponent team is going to win. I leave also just to get out a game I don't find fun. I can be doing great and going positive but if I don't find it fun, I just leave. Dashboarding is stupid for I don't give a fhuck about stats.

    Fauxost Well-Known Member

    There is no way to punish dashboarders without punishing other.

    Junaid Well-Known Member

    Stupid question: What exactly is dashboarding? Like, does it mean anything different to just leaving a match?

    Hoggsynator Well-Known Member

    Its when you press the xbox button then press Y to go straight to the dashboard mid game, instead of hitting start exit game.

    Legion Well-Known Member

    Dashboaring is the act of In a game going to the Xbox home or PSN dashboard. Because you don't leave the game naturally it causes an error so the stats of the game you just left don't get saved. So if your going 1-10 and you dashboard, the game doesn't save the 1-10 in your stats. Dashboarding mainly helps with stat padding

    K3nada New Member

    Its only really children and try hards that are worried about there stats. Just let them get on with it as you will never completely get rid of them...

    -OZ- New Member

    or making you feel better by abusing an inanimate object with 0 feelings. I feel it's better than breaking controllers...(not that, err, I have any experience with that...)

    Hoggsynator Well-Known Member

    You are right, it happend to me only last night actually. A guy in my TDM lobby with a 4.80 k/d and thought it was abit suspect.

    I was on the other team, doing really well. i looked at the scores half way through and he had 11kills 9 deaths so he dashed the whole game. Just spoils it for other people, his team was winning aswell.

    Mechman Well-Known Member

    I don't think rage quitters should be punished unless some other issues are resolved first which have already been mentioned:
    1. Hackers (I was in a game - mw3- yesterday where the hacker was sitting in the middle of the map turning in circles and killing dozens of folks all over the map, inside buildings, etc.
    2. Not matchmaking into severely imbalanced games (I play as a random and hate being forced to join games where it seems I automatically end up on the team that is losing really, really bad.

    Some games like BF3 are good in the sense that I can click on the server in battlelog and see instantly if the game is pretty balanced in its score (as well as what map, etc. is being played).

    In BLOPs 1 (I'm a latecomer - only started playing it last month) I really see a lot LESS hacking and issues than in MW3. (I really like Kill Confirmed and the maps better in MW3, but the constant 'host disconnects' and hacking are a pain).

    Blops 2 even though it will using matchmaking, will be using dedicated servers so that should help alleviate some of the hacking and host disconnects.

    On some games it makes more sense to punish rage quitters.