Overview of TranZit.

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    Before choosing Tranzit, you will notice a map. This can help get your bearing as to where things are and where you are going.

    Main Locations
    Bus Station - START / STOP 1
    Diner - STOP 2
    Farm - STOP 3
    Power House - STOP 4
    Town - STOP 5

    Other Locations/Shortcuts

    Tunnel – Along Bus route from Bus Station to Diner
    When the bus slows in the tunnel, there is spot to the left where two items can spawn here.

    Corn Field – Along Bus route from Power House to Town

    Nacht Der Untoten – In the Corn Field on the right. The maze is shaped of a football goal post. Two entrances from the bus route that lead to a single path to Nacht. The path much narrowed and easy to miss if a face huger is attacking you at that moment.
    Two items can spawn on the inside. Sometimes difficult to find.

    Power Tower – In the Corn Field on the left
    The maze is three circles inside themselves with paths leading to the center where the tower is. In order to keep your bearings, look up at the tower in the middle.
    Navigational Table is built here for the Easter Egg.

    Cabin- Past the Corn Field on the right.
    Jump right before Power Tower laying above the Bus Route. You will see fire on the ground to right of the route. This leads directly to the Cabin.
    The Bowie Knife is inside as well as two items can spawn here.

    Diner to Town – Jump off the bus after crossing the lava from leaving Diner and go left. You will enter the south side of the Town.

    Teleporters- Once the power is on, you will see green lights in various locations along the bus route. If you take a (Face Hugger) to the green light, it will jump off and burrow into the ground. If you jump into the hole, you are teleported to another green light. The end destination of the teleporter is random. If you open a teleporter hole, but do not use it, it seems to stay open for later use.

    Usable Items Made

    The parts needed to create each of these items are at the location listed below with the exception of the Air Cannon parts which are located in random spots on the map. You can only carry one part at a time, and you drop the part you are carrying when you are knocked down at that spot. Each build table will only accept parts for the item that can be built at that location and stay there until you complete them item.
    Each item can be picked up repeatedly and by all party members from the build table after they are destroyed with the exception of the Air Cannon. The zombies will generally try to destroy them after you set them down if you are near the item. You can only carry one item at a time and will drop the current item when you pick up the other item from the build table.

    Turbine - Bus Station – 3 Parts – Manikin, Fan, Dolly
    These parts are found in the start location. You can build this item and save $750 by using to open the door that requires power. Also you will need this item to power the Electric Trap and Turret items as well as open the Pack a Punch Room. At the Diner, Farm, and Town there are doors which will require this item to open them. Any perk machine can be turned on by the turbine as well which allows you to buy it; however, until the power is turn on, the perk is inactive. Furthermore, if you turn off the power, you perks stop working. The turbine will break overtime and/or after a number of uses even if no zombie hits the item.

    Zombie Shield –Diner – 2 Parts – Dolly, Car Door
    The shield will bash zombies and give no points. The shield has a limited durability however which means the item will break after use. You can also set the shield down wherever you want to create a barrier. When not in use, the shield sets on your back and helps prevent from being hit by zombies from behind; this doesn’t seem to affect the durability.

    Turret - Farm-3 Parts – RPD, Lawn Mower, Ammo Pouch
    This item requires a turbine to run and seems to fire only when zombies are in front of it.

    Electric Trap - Power House– 3 Parts – Battery, Rod, Base
    This item requires a turbine to run and causes zombies to attack it. Your own electric trap can knock you down.

    Air Cannon - Town– 4 Parts – Jet Engine, Handle, Light, Wires
    This items blows wind at the zombies and has limited use. There is a gauge on top which shows how high the pressure is. It has about 15 seconds of continuous fire power. It seems to not affect the Lighting Guy. If you max the pressure, the item will explode in your hand and scatter the parts nearby. However, if you can allow the pressure to return back to zero. You must have the gun out which cause you to run significantly slower. You can gather the parts and rebuild them item on the build table. Only one player may have this item at a time. This is item required by for the Easter Egg.

    Other Item Made

    Power Switch – 3 Parts- Power Box, Power Switch, Arm
    These items are all found in the Power House. The white light from the ground makes finding the Arm difficult at times.

    Pack A Punch- 3 Parts - Table, Battery, Head Piece
    These items are all located below the Bank inside the Town. They are very easy to find.

    Navigational Table – 5 Parts – Table/Plank, Meteor, Radio, Power Box, Navigational Card
    This is part of the Easter Egg. After completion of the table in the corn field by the power tower, you have to enter the Navigational Card. An error will show saying wrong navigational card unless you do as Richthofen says. The only known spawn for a navigational card is at the Bus Station. As you exit the building, go left and stay against the building wall until you reach the side of the building. The meteor can be found in the wall as you exit the Bus Station building and go left. The hole is located right before a spawn location for the random box.


    Quick Revive – Bus Station
    Speed Cola - Diner
    Double Tap - Farm - Barn - Secondary Story
    Tombstone -Power House
    A tombstone power up will be at the location of your death (assuming you are not revived). Once you pick it up, you will get your weapons and perks back. This is only available in multiplayer.
    Jugger Nog- Town- Southwest building
    Stamina Up - Town - Northeast building

    Bus Upgrades

    The bus can receive three upgrades from parts found scattered throughout the map.

    Plow – This item attaches to the front and instantly kills zombies in front of the bus as it moves. This prevents them from coming in the front.

    Roof Hatch – This item allows you to access the roof of the bus from the inside; however there is only one roof hatch. The roof hatch can also be used to access the rooftop of the Diner where electrified knuckles can be bought for $6,000. The knuckles replace your knife and are a one shot until about level 15.

    Ladder – This item allows you to climb to the roof of the bus from the left side of the bus. This is very useful in certain locations as you cannot reach the doors on the right side on the bus because of broken cars.

    Pack a Punch

    The Pack a Punch machine is located in the Bank of the Town. You must blow two vault doors with grenades and have the Turbine located at the Power House. (Once you drop down into the Power House, immediately behind you is a green door with a lightning bolt. This is where the Turbine should be placed. ) Once inside the lower levels on the bank, you will need to assemble the part for the Pack a Punch Machine. You can Pack A Punch the new weapons repeatedly. This will add then remove a reticule in the case of the HAMR and MTAR. There seems to be no power upgrade, and your ammo DOES NOT replenish. .

    Safety Deposit Boxes

    There is the one inside the vault area and one in the bank lobby behind the tell desk by the floor.

    The one inside the vault hast the ability to store money increments of $1000. You are allowed to withdraw this money at $1000 at time, but it costs you $100 per withdrawal. Only you are allowed to access the money you deposited and not the any party members.

    The one in the bank lobby can only be used after being activated by being punched with the knuckles. This allows you anyone to deposit $1000, but it take $1100 from you. On the other side of the teller desk a blue money perk appears that anyone can grab to get the deposited amount. The knuckles must activate the bank keys after the money has been collected.

    I assume if you had zero points, you would be allowed to withdraw $1000 and then lose $100.

    I suspect this will play a role in the Easter Egg. The graphic, a safety deposit key, can also be seen in the Bank behind the teller desk on the floor. This is not interactive, but could potentially become interactive after certain amount of money is deposited.

    Store a Weapon

    Inside the House at the Farm, there is a refrigerator where you can store a weapon. You cannot store the Ballistic Knife. The advantage of storing the gun is in case you die and are unable to get your Tombstone perk. Also if your currently upgraded weapon is without ammo, you could store it while you buy another gun. The disadvantage is location. At higher levels, it would be difficult to retrieve the weapon and hold up at the Farm.

    It would interesting to see if a stored empty weapon receives ammunition from a max ammo.

    Galvanized Knuckles

    These are located on the roof of the Diner and can only be accessed by using the bus hatch. They cost 6,000, replace the knife, and one shot zombies until round 14 with two hits until round 24.

    This item is required to use the safety deposit box in the bank lobby.

    Theory: This may be one of the few weapons that affect the Lighting Guy.

    Music Easter Egg

    Teddy Bear Locations

    Bus Stop - One of the last benches on the left as the bus leaves down.
    Farm - Second story of the house at the farm on the floor.
    Town - Building on the left as you enter the town. First floor in a booth.

    Random Knowledge

    Once you turn the power on, an Electric Guy is released. He can appear later and shock you. He can attach to the bus and cause it to stop moving temporarily. EMP grenades seem to stun him. You can kill him. His shock attacks slow and can knock you down. Regular bullets do not affect him. Current strategy is run.

    You can turn the power back off by flipping the same switch you used originally to the power on. This seems to be related to the Easter Egg. Maxis tells you that the power is blocking his communication. Perks stop working until the power is restored.

    Throwing an EMP in the Power House will cause the power to shut down as well. You have to flip the switch again to make it work.

    If the Navigational Card doesn’t spawn at the Bus Station, I have yet to find another spawn for it

    The Face Huggers will attack you and slow you. As long as you knife, they cannot down you. If you knife slowly, they will down you quickly however. They can be shot or knife before they latch to your head if you are quick enough.

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    Nice job!

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    Wait, Nacht is on Tranzit? Like, the original from WaW?

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    This guy has a point...

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    Only the spawn room cuz the Help door is covered by debris and the stairs are destroyed. All windows are unboarded so you cant board them, and in the pile of debris to between the two windows right of the stairs has a Tower or Babel piece.

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    I'm a little worried that this may be a little too much. Plus what is the object of this mode? I get it is like a story mode for zombies, I see all the creative things you can and all the stops, but what is the end objective here? It isn't to see how long/ how many rounds you can survive since that is its own mode. Kind of scared where this is going after reading this.

    Edit: And if the object is to discover and do the new easter egg I am not down with that. I don't have patience to try and figure out the secret objectives. I really hope that isn't the point of this.