[OFFICIAL] Zombie Ranking Guide

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies' started by iStayStunned, Nov 21, 2012.

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    iStayStunned New Member

    Basically you start off with one BONE play a game and if you do well you get a MARK when you get 5 of those Marks then play another game and get to atleast round 13 you will get the skull after you get the skull and get 5 MARKS tour skull's eyes turn blue basically after every 5 Marks you get a new change to your rank but these are the ranks I Know:

    1 Bone
    2 Bones
    Skull w/ Blue Eyes
    Skull w/ Blue eyes and a Knife Behind it
    Skull w/ Blue eyes and 2 Knives Behind it.

    Detail Form : The skull changes shape as does the shield, although no one is certain exactly how you gain rank. Rounds and kills probably have a lot to do with it, but I would bet that it's overall playing (i.e downs, revives, doors opened etc).



    maqt New Member

    can you get these from solo play?

    xXIeGsistanceIXx Banned

    I played zombies for the first time yesterday on blops 2 and i like very much.

    WeareUNITED New Member

    im really liking BO2 and the zombies

    MadCaptainCrunch Well-Known Member

    A question, I have a skull with a knife behind it, but no blue eyes...what do you think that means? Also, why does almost no one have a knife behind theirs?

    LegionDestroyer Well-Known Member

    There is one where the shield goes green too

    A Lord of War New Member

    my friend has the max. it is a jagged shield, and has dual shotguns on it. this is not on the list above.

    A Lord of War New Member

    Here is her emblem:

    Gezza93 Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure the blue eyes just mean your highest rank for that level.

    Also I think that kills have nothing to do with leveling up. On the XBL leaderboards, one of the top 10 on kills has just the skull and knife/machete. I'm sure someone form Treyarch said in an interview, the best way to rank up quicker is to keep getting consistently high rounds.

    If you play Grief, it's probably a bad idea because usually only lasts to about round 14-18. Solo play ranks you up as well, so what I do is just play on Survival town and get to round 25-30 every other day and i've noticed I started ranking up quicker. I had one machete through my skull for ages but after I got to round 30 twice on my own, I got two machetes on my skull and level 4.

    pembo0630 New Member

    I just played solo on Town; made it to round 25 with 972 kills and two downs. I didn't rank up and am still a blue-eye-skull with five tallies.
    I will take your word for it that you can rank up on solo.

    LegionDestroyer Well-Known Member

    Nah bro incorrect, it takes heaps to get past the skull with blue eyes. My brother got blue eyes playing pretty much solo only

    LegionDestroyer Well-Known Member

    My bro deranked for not playing for one day..

    pembo0630 New Member

    I'll take your word for it. I've only played solo twice, both times on town.
    1st try - Round 25, 927 kills, 2 downs
    2nd try - Round 27, 1039 kills, 4 downs

    Did not rank up either time. I've been stuck on the blue eyes for a while, I'll just keep at it I guess. A buddy of mine has around 10k kills overall and is also still on blue eyes.

    pembo0630 New Member

    I was also told that the rank depends only on the last game you played, which I am starting to think is incorrect. With that logic, one fantastic game would give you an instant rank up.

    LegionDestroyer Well-Known Member

    My bro was playing solo on tranzit.. I got a few friends the are very high ranked on nuketown, all fantastic stats, very impressive BUT they remain skull + blue eyes. SO I believe that tranzit is key to further progressing.

    Not only that though, as Maxis' diary tells us, experimentation is the key to ranking system. So custom games with extra difficulty such as no magic (drops and box), hell hounds and headshots only, providing you do well in that, could significantly improve your rank..

    If anyone gives this a try, it'll be great to hear a report! :D

    Luny New Member

    The problem is that it takes your progession, in order to level up quicker you need to make it to about round 30's and up to actually make an effective dent, thats why you see atm players with ton of kills and bullet hits with the highest ranks, its because they have the highest rounds and get the most "ranking points?"

    They basically have a 'imaginary' point system for each game you play and they average it and it applys to the ranks for short, if youve played alot of zombies youll find it super hard to rank up unless you have an amazing game

    I say that they change the system to where it isnt an average of rank anymore and make it like multiplayer "adding up" because this may mislead people when they get deranked and people will begin to quit playing zombies because of the competiveness in ranking up.

    Like this if you agree i would really like a fun ranking system rather than an average system, makes this game fun, its also why multiplayer is so famous in many CoD games, "Lvl up systems and prestige mode"

    #nobody likes deranking

    Gezza93 Well-Known Member

    I love the ranking system and all but I feel that there aren't many levels really. There's only like 4 or 5 different emblems.

    It'd be awesome if they made something like being able to prestige and make more options available like in the multiplayer. Also it should only have the rank system based purely on high rounds and not kills. That way you know how good someone is based on rank rather than on multiplayer, which I'm terrible at but I still rank up at a decent rate. I feel like the only thing rank on multiplayer shows is how long someone has been playing.

    pembo0630 New Member

    Alright, I'll try it and report back to you. I just survived 31 rounds on Survival Town (1400+ kills, four downs) and did not rank up. I'm going to try to solo Tranzit and see what happens.

    Jholydiver New Member

    wish they weren't so vague with some of these things!

    T2Josh New Member

    Think its a great idea to add a ranking system to the zombies glad they did it makes zombies worth playing a lot more