MW3 is better the Black ops 2

Discussion in 'Modern Warfare 3' started by Zelos, Nov 25, 2012.


    Dec 3, 2012
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    i agree with you. I still like black ops 2 but yea the lag and spawns really suck :/

    Dec 30, 2012
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    bo2 better cause zombies plan and simple

    Aldo215 Respected Member

    Oct 14, 2012
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    CoD4 and MW2 maps were miles better than Black Ops ones. What was so bad about the guns in MW3?

    Dec 18, 2012
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    I STILL PLAY SURVIVAL, made it to round 51 on Seatown and with my teammate, we made it to round 69.

    And still holding a high rank on Gulch and Decommission, I can say I have more problems with 3 Jugs, 3 Helos, and about 40 bad guys than wave after wave of Zombies that all you have to do is run em around in a circle. And the fact that the bad guys SHOOT at you instead of just overwhelming you. You actually have the equipment box to give you a means of holding off the wave wherein you don't have that in Zombies, and they took away the Death Machine when you get double tap as a perk. But then get effed at the box and have an MGL-32 that shoots HAND GRENADES until you put it in the pimp machine? Dumb!

    So what you're saying is, you too 60 bucks, and flushed it down the toilet by saying you "snapped your disk in two" which I'm sure you didn't. You're just chest thumping.

    The campaign was the best installment yet of it. Although I think COD4 was absolutely awesome.

    Just another rager not making a point, but a statement.
    When you have something intelligent to say, come on back and we might care.

    You do understand that if you use SITREP it cancels out the other players SITREP right? You do realize that some people actually use tactics vs. you trying to actually rush and run and gun right? Do you think when I hear you coming I'm going to just jump out and get in a gunfight with you?

    No, I'm going to wait until that moment to pounce and put one in your D column. If you're talking about the OBG type, you've got to realize that an objective needs to be attacked and defended if need be. So if you call camping an objective e.g. Demo/SnD, then that's bad play on your part.

    I've never fired the Laser ACR in-game. Are you sure we had the same copy of the game? Just asking? IRL, the gun is super accurate. In game, just the same, but if you don't control your ROF, the gun carries up and to the right. So you've got to be careful with your fire right.

    Dude, you're raging. The statement about the game fluidity of MW3 vs. Black Ops and Black Ops 2, no, IW's game engine is 10X what Treyarch's is.

    Here's a little known fact if you haven't gotten the latest Game Informer by the way. BLOPs2 did not even get a nod for best shooter of the year. You know what game won that? HALO won it. I'm not a HALO fan, haven't played it since HALO 2 during my XBOX days. What does that tell you about a new game that was heralded as the NUMBER ONE SHOOTER OF THE YEAR and fell short on that?

    Black Ops 2, my Elite says this, "You have not played any matches in the past 7 days." The MP environment man, it's utterly UNPLAYABLE. And by far, the absolute WORST game investment I'd ever made.

    Give me MW3 any day of the week over this hunk o' garbage. I've even gone back and played MW2 and COD4 over ANY TREYARCH game.

    But...I do have to get a couple of rounds of Zombies in on Ascension, Nuketown, and Greentown Survival Town daily. Because wasting them and then going to MW3 to beat on the hand me down and Christmas noobs, feels damn good.

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