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Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by Mjroady, Mar 1, 2013.

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    Mjroady Well-Known Member

    I'm really close to prestiging for the first time (I'm mainly a Zombies player) and I was wondering what mode gives the most XP if you're doing good. Because I noticed my fav mode, Free-For-All, doesn't give much XP as Domination.

    Legion Well-Known Member

    Dom, hardpoint and KC
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    Mjroady Well-Known Member

    Thank you, sir! +rep to you!

    MC917 New Member


    nucl3arboNg Well-Known Member

    I'd have to say Dom and make sure to use either EMP nades, or trophy mines for XP.

    ThEoN1yBaTmAn Well-Known Member

    Sharpshooter. Hands down.
    but if your not into that one, Try Hardpoint. MY SPM is about 583 in that.
    Both give alot of score.
    But your XP gain isn't based on your score, it's based on your medals. So choose a mode where you are most likely to get alot of Double Kills, Avenger, Bloodthirsty, et. medals. because thats how the Xp system works. I suggest Ground War, because there is alot of people in one lobby, and its gamemodes are usually Domination and Kill Confirmed.

    Bullet Magnet Well-Known Member

    Hard point, headquarters, and if you're a clutch player S&D hands out about 1000 exp per kill.

    Fumbles Well-Known Member

    Sharpshooter gives you the most XP/time played, but in my experience the lobbies are very laggy. It can be a lot of fun, but when I look at the sharpshooter playlist on PS3, I usually see <1000 people in there. Which makes for laggy games sometimes.

    Hardpoint is a good one for XP as well. Honestly, any objective mode will probably get you a decent amount of XP per match.

    oL0RDo Well-Known Member

    I agree with Fumbles. Sharpshooter gives a ton of XP. Hardpoint is good too. Multiteam is where a lot of the highest ranked players are, so I would guess that would be good with multiteam Hardpoint.

    Themosballin New Member

    Master Prestige

    Hey, I'm a master prestige and I found that sharpshooter was definitely the best way to level up quickly. I'm new to this whole forum thing so I can't upload links but if you want and are free you should take a look at the video I posted on this. Its on youtube, you could copy and paste this
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: Tips on Leveling from a Master by themosballin

    Hope that helps.

    Wenisssss New Member

    I say it depends on how good you are honestly. I could see sharpshooter or those other game types giving lots of xp, but I mostly played hq to hit master prestige. However since then I've been only playing hard point. You can get some massive point streaks on that game type. And the most kills, the more xp typically.

    My biggest suggestion is learn the hard point spawns (they stay the same though the entire game) and learn to "tap" the points. Grab it, get the 200xp, get some kills, once the other team gets it you kill them out and recapture it. You can get a vsat pretty quick playing that way.

    Another good point is to learn which hard points you can safely get points on and which ones are too open and are better for the tap and grab mentality. Hijacked comes to mind, the first hard point is a mess trying to get more than 10-15 points on.

    TomOnDuty Well-Known Member

    Plus one for emp nades use scavenger and spam the crap out of them . you get the assists and destroys .

    To answere your question I'd say HP if you know the rotation but you probably dont playing FFA .Dom if you sit on flags and Kill people you will gèt a lot of points. Plus you get extra cp for the medals after the round you get a lot for caps and killing while capping .

    United Well-Known Member

    Domination, Hardpoint, Sharpshooter and Kill Confirmed properly gives the most. Which one u should play depends on what u playstyle is. If u are one of those irritating freaking bastards playing Dom or HP and just running around, but never even tries to catch an objective, I would like to hurt you. And you will not get much exp anyway. So if u that kinda type just play Kill Confirmed or SS. Sharpshooter isn't the one who gives the most exp between the ones though, but because it's such a different gametupe I thought it should be there anyway.

    The wonderful thing about Sharpshooter is that's it only you that you have to care about! If you play bad, you will loose. But if your team plays bad? Dosen't matter! Cause you don't have one!!

    Search & Destroy is 500 exp per kill.

    qCODGENIUSp New Member

    I also have a really high SPM playing Hardpoint, so I'd say that was the best way to go. However I've had some MASSIVE experience games playing demolition, especially on Nuketown. However, I say stick to Hardpoint because it's a lot more consistent than demolition which can back fire on you if you don't have a good team.

    StateOfFear New Member

    Hard point can be pretty insane for score and is my best spm. Not crazy high but low 400s. It's the only game mode where I have scored over 10000 in game score. Actually got like 16000 in a hijacked hard point with like 15 caps and over 50 defends.

    whoisceejay New Member

    HC KC for you run and gunners. I average about 12000-18000xp per game (not final score, when it shows how much you earned in the after report), and on a good game get as much as 40,000xp (most I've hit was over 70,000 on double XP weekend). Comes down to luck of having noob lobbies, and higher scorestreaks. I usually run something like sentry-vsat-vtol and dump the sentries around the spawns, so that and people picking up tags from them feed vsats, which feed my vtols.. Its not uncommon for scorestreaks to double and triple over without dying in games like that, so you clean up on points. I've nearly done 4 prestiges in the past week from that setup.

    Although the variables are - if they have better players than normal, or theyre running emp grenades, or theyre hosting (I find it hard to hit high scorestreaks when we're not hosting).

    Ogichida Well-Known Member

    I've been sticking to standard KC. It is only really worth it if you stay close to the action and pick up tags. Most people skip picking up red tags, so remember to grab those too. 90% of my playtime comes from KC and with that my spm for KC is 592 and lifetime is 560.

    If you are trying to maximize your xp don't bother sniping in KC, since most of your xp comes from tags.

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