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    Welcome! In this thread, you will learn ALL information about the NEW Zombies Map: Mob Of The Dead. And best of all, it will be updated!
    Map Name: Mob of The Dead (Alcatraz Island)
    Location: Alcatraz; in The Prohibition Era (Presumably 1930's)
    Map Pack: Uprising (Second in Black Ops 2)
    Release Date: April 16th for Xbox, May 16th for PS3 and PC
    What Game It's For:
    Call Of Duty:Black Ops II
    Team: Mobsters
    Zombies Mode: Mob of The Dead + Grief for Cell Block
    Locations Inside Map: Broadway (Main Cell Block), Library, Warden's Office, Power Room, Dock, Roof, Courtyard, Citadel Tunnels, Michigan, Cafateria, Infirmary, Portal Areas, Golden Gate Bridge
    Weapons Available: LSAT, Executioner, M1927, Mini Uzi, FAL, Ray Gun, M1911, Fragmentation Grenades, B23R, BlunderGat(The WW. Can Be Upgraded by Acid Gat Kit as well as PAP), MI4, Ak-47, Mp5, Hell's Retriever (Upgraded: Hell's Redeemer), Golden Spork, Zombie Shield, Death Machine, Electric Bolt (Purgatory), Olympia, Remington 870 MCS, Claymores, DSR-50, Galil, MTAR, PDW-57, RPG, S12, Barrett M82A1, Five-Seven, Dual Wield Five-Sevens
    Perks Available: Juggernog(Available in Regular Motd, but not Grief), Speed Cola, Electric Cherry(When you reload, a shock comes around you), Double Tap, Deadshot Daiquiri, PhD Flopper (A troll in regular MOTD, But available in Grief), Mule Kick (Again a troll, but available in Grief)
    Parts/ Buildables: Warden's Key, Zombie Shield, Acid Gat Kit, Plane
    Known Features: Upgradeable Traps, Purgatory, Acid Gat Kit, The Warden/Brutus, Friendly Hellhounds that give Bommerang Tomahawks, A gondola, New HUD, Re-designed box, Announcer that sounds a bit like Samantha, New Melee Weapon, New area (Bridge)
    Known Powerups: Max Ammo, Nuke, Insta-Kill, Double Points, Fire Sale, Hell's Retriever (It's close enough lol), Headphones (Easter Egg only)
    Known Characters:
    Billy Handsome (Liotta)
    "Sal rarely got his hands dirty...that was my job. Slice 'em, burn ' long as it made the headlines."
    — Billy Handsome on himself

    Billy looked up to Salvatore DeLuca, and wanted to work for him. He took care of the "dirty work" that Sal didn't participate in, and specialized in dealing with Sal's enemies in gruesome ways that would make the headlines. He was eventually convicted of 116 counts of murder, leading to his imprisonment on Alcatraz Island.[1]

    While in Alcatraz, Billy and his fellow mobsters were talked into escaping the prison by Albert Arlington, who had devised a plan to fly off the roof of the prison in a makeshift plane designed by himself. The plan did not work out and the mobsters blamed Arlington for the plan's failure. Feeling cheated, Billy, Sal and Finn crafted weapons and lured Arlington onto the roof, where they brutally murdered him.

    For the murder of Arlington, Billy and the other two mobsters were sentenced to death by electric chair. Their execution came on the morning of January 19th, 1934.

    With no memory of the escape plan's failure and the murder of Arlington, Billy, Sal and Finn awoke in Alcatraz again, and once again attempted to escape. Before they could even make it out of the cell block, however, Zombies attacked them, killing Arlington and Finn. Billy and Sal worked together to try and survive, but Billy does not keep up with Sal and Sal cuts off Billy's escape by locking him in the cell block to keep the zombies occupied. Billy was killed by the zombies and taken to the Afterlife, where he would revive himself and team up with the other four once again to attempt Arlington's escape plan, this time trapped inside a hellish iteration of Alcatraz Prison, inhabited entirely by zombies.

    Billy and the rest of the mobsters learn of their failure to escape the prison and the brutal murder of Arlington in the real world. Upon learning this, they set out to kill him again. Whether they succeed is entirely player-determined.

    Al “The Weasel” Arlington (Pantoliano)
    "If you can get past the greasy smile and the feeling that you were being conned out of your very soul, Arlington was your man."
    — Billy Handsome

    Arlington was the money handler in Sal's mob, and was a con man. He was found to be a part of a Los Angeles heist, leading to his imprisonment on Alcatraz Island. He is known to have had an extensive criminal history.

    On Alcatraz, Arlington, Sal, Billy and Finn devised an escape plan. After "lights out", Arlington pretended to be ill, so that the prison warden with the keys would open his cell and check on him. He stabbed the guard multiple times with a Prison Knife and stole the keys, releasing Sal, Billy and Finn. Billy supplied the other three with Python revolvers, which are unfortunately not in the map, that he had smuggled out of the Warden's "private collection". However, the prison guard that Albert thought he had killed came back to life as a Zombie. After killing him again, hordes of zombies appeared from the cells and attacked the four. While the others stood and fought the zombies, Arlington ran, but was surrounded and killed, and then sent to the Afterlife.

    It is revealed in the audio logs, however, that in reality, Arlington's escape plan never came to be and Sal, Billy and Finn turned against him, brutally murdering him on the roof of the prison, a crime for which they would all be sentenced to death for. Upon hearing this, the characters are reminded of what really happened in Alcatraz, and they turn against Arlington again. The fight's outcome is entirely player-determined, and can either end with the death of Arlington, to which the "cycle continues", or the death of the other 3 characters, to which the "cycle is broken".

    Salvatore “Sal” DeLuca (Palmentiri)
    "I wanted bosses like Sal DeLuca to know my name. He built an entire empire on gambling, prostitution and booze, right under the noses of the cops."
    — Billy Handsome

    Before being imprisoned at Alcatraz Island, Sal was heavily involved in gambling, prostitution and the distribution of alcohol, and used the money he gained from this to set up his own mob. He rarely got involved in any kinds of violence, and hired Billy Handsome to deal with his enemies.

    Nevertheless, he ended up in Alcatraz along with the rest of them and tried to escape via Icarus, but the prison became overrun by the undead. While he and the others tried their best to fight them off, Arlington and O'Leary were both surrounded and slaughtered. Sal and Billy ran, but Sal locked a gate behind him before Handsome could get through, leaving him to his fate. However, his own karmic death came from a surprise attack by another group of zombies and thus joined the time-looped Afterlife like his teamates.

    He speaks like a stereotypical prohibition mob boss, talking with a muffled, thick accent with quite a lot of slang in his language. He likes Billy Handsome and dislikes Albert Arlington.

    Michael “Finn” O’Leary (Madsen)
    "Finn O'Leary, the only guy I knew who could cheat a cheater and get away with it."
    — Billy Handsome

    Before his imprisonment on Alcatraz Island, O'Leary was married to a silent film actress, Angelina Bow. Bow testified against him when he was convicted of 16 counts of gambling fraud, and he ended up in Alcatraz.

    As with the others, O'Leary attempted to escape Alcatraz, but was overrun by the invading zombie invasion. He is the second to be surrounded and killed and thus sent to the Afterlife.

    However, in reality, Arlington's escape plan never came to be and Finn, along with Billy and Sal, participated in the murder of Arlington. The three were sentenced to death on January 19th, 1934. Upon learning the truth, Finn, Billy and Sal once again turn on Arlington. At this point, the players determine whether the three mobsters are killed by Arlington, or Arlington is killed by the mobsters.

    Mini-Easter Eggs:
    1. The song "Rusty Cage" by Johnny Cash can be played by activating 3 bottles scattered around the map. One is located on a bookshelf in the library (spawn area), another is located in the infirmary, near one of the baths filled with blood, and the last is located on the docks, tucked away behind some crates. As with most of the other music easter eggs, a strange sound can be heard when the player is near one of the bottles.

    2. The song "Where Are We Going" by Kevin Sherwood can also be played. This can be done by finding the warden's key, then unlocking the power switch with the numbers puzzle next to the elevator. Instead of activating the lift with the number sequence seen on the stairs, the player needs to input the numbers "935". The song will then play.

    3. The song "Samantha's Lullaby" by Kevin Sherwood can also be played. This can only be done at the start of the game by not reviving while in Afterlife mode, then bleeding out. Upon death, the start of "Samantha's Lullaby" can be heard remixed with the normal Game Over song. It also has the camera pan up towards the Moon.

    4. When on the roof where the plane is assembled, the player can activate a "jump scare" easter egg. The player is required to have a sniper rifle, such as the Barrett M82A1 or the DSR-50, and they must proceed to the far end of the roof, to the left of the runway. If the player scopes in on the firework display in the distance, a distorted picture of what appears to be Russman's face will flash up on the screen for a split second, accompanied by a high-pitched scream.

    5. If you throw grenades in the Hell Pit (fire pit in Cellblock), you get 20 points for each one. Useful in early rounds.

    6. If you enter "115" in the keypad, the numbers change to 666, and a voice says,"Not this time."

    7. The time on the clocks is 1:15, and when the second meter starts going up, it justs resets.

    8. Sometimes, when crawling "through" the body of a dead zombie, you can see a smiley face on it's crotch lol.

    9. PhD Flopper and Mule Kick are both hidden on the boat at the docks as a troll. However, they are available in Grief.

    10. The song played during the second half of the opening titles is a cover version of "Rusty Cage" by Soundgarden, as performed by Johnny Cash.

    11. This map has different skins for Pack-a-Punched weapons from the past two maps. The guns appear to be cracked and have orange light pulsating from the cracks, appearing similar to lava.

    12. In the opening cutscene when Albert Arlington pretends to be in pain, the time is 9:35, a reference to Group 935.

    13. When on the Golden Gate Bridge, the Nuketown Zombies bell can be heard within a few seconds of landing.

    14. A tomahawk called "Hell's Retriever" can be acquired. Simply feed all 3 hellhounds and then head down to the Citadel Tunnels. The tomahawk features a boomerang ability.

    15. An upgraded Hell's Retriever can also be acquired, and it is called Hell's Redeemer. Simply grab your Hell's Retriever, go ride the plane (the earlier, the better) and try to get at least 35 tomahawk kills without shooting at all. I'd say stay 2 rounds. Also, ALL players can get this in 1 plane ride. Now, go back to the island, throw your tomahawk in the fire pit in the cell block until it won't go back for a WHILE. Wait one round, then go into Afterlife and grab it from the original tomahawk spawn in Citadel Tunnels. Sometimes, it can be acquired without grabbing it in purgatory, though it is rare.

    16. A free blundergat can be acquired. To do this, one has to shoot 6 Crystal Skulls with a tomahawk. 1 is near the Main Cell block, right by spawn. The 2nd is on the Roof, in the back right corner (Shoot from there to the light on the other building). (P.S. these don't have to be done in order). The third is on the docks, near the boat, on a light. The 4th is on a lightpost on the hills above where Juggernog is. It's best to ride the Gondola up to hit it. The 5th and final one is on a streetlight out the barrier by Speed Cola in the Warden's Office. The Blundergat will appear on a table in that same room.

    17. One can acquire a Golden Spork, the strongest weapon is Zombies history, which is a 1 hit kill till round 34. It is a melee weapon. To do so, first ride the plane at least once. When you come back, if you have a tomahawk, find the prison cell with a movie poster near the Warden's Office. Throw your tomahawk at the poster. Now, go into Afterlife, climb through a portal near the Office (in front of it) and shock the spork on the ground. What I do, is just shock the whole floor of the hallway in the portal. Now, go to the Cafeteria, and throw your tomahawk at the table on the back barrier, until you hear Brutus speak. (Note: This step MUST be completed for each player who wants the spork). Next, go up to the infirmary, and locate the lone bathtub filled with blood opposite a Mystery Box spawn. Hold the action button when next to the bathtub. A silver spoon will appear and stir the blood. (Note: This step MUST be completed for each player who wishes to obtain the Golden Spork.) Now, enter the underground showers and kill zombies using the Acid Gat or Vitrolic Withering. When the correct amount of zombies have been killed, the Demonic Announcer's laugh will be heard once. And last but not least, re-enter the infirmary and return to the lone bathtub filled with blood. Hold the Use button and a zombified hand will raise out of the blood grasping the Golden Spork. Press the Use button to take the Spork, and it will be removed from the hand. (Note: This step MUST be completed for each player who wishes to obtain the Golden Spork.)

    18. Step 4 of achieving the Spork is a reference to the movie "The Shawshank Redemption".

    19. The way you receive the spork is a reference to how King Arthur recieved his sword Excalibur from the Lady of the lake.

    Zombies: Look more terrifying than normal, and feature red eyes.
    The Warden: The new "boss". He is very strong and fast, and can shut down perks, the mystery box, the plane, and crafting tables, so you'll have to pay 2000 points to open them up again. He also drops power-ups upon death. Here he is powering off Speed Cola.

    The game starts with everyone in Purgatory. This feature is used to access certain areas of the map and complete certain actions-Undo-able by a regular person. The interactive areas glow. Sorta reminds me of Wolfenstein. You power the perks and enter portals in this mode. Anyways, you can also shock Zombies in this mode. A decent chunk of the Easter Egg is done in this norm. The only way to enter is either shocking yourself with the red boxes around the map, getting down, or the electric chairs.
    Killing In Purgatory

    No One Escapes Alive - 75 G
    In Mob of the Dead, execute the escape plan.
    To get this, simply ride the plane to the bridge. (Note, this is not the EE)

    Feed The Beast - 10 G
    In Mob of the Dead, obtain Hell's retriever.
    To get this, feed all 3 Hellhounds enough Zombies (Until the red symbol is glowing on the wall where they were), and then go in the tunnels under the Meat Room and grab it.

    Making The Rounds - 30 G
    In Mob of the Dead, complete the cycle 3 times.
    To get this, ride the plane to the bridge 3 times in one game, and use the electric chairs to go back to the island. When you revive yourself, it should pop.

    Acid Drip - 20 G
    In Mob of the Dead, convert a weapon using a kit.
    To get this, get a Blundergat, build the acid gat kit, and put the Blundergat in it.

    Full Lockdown - 25 G
    In Mob of the Dead, Brutus completes his patrol
    To get this, have The Warden shut down EVERYTHING in one of his spawns.

    A Burst Of Flavor - 15 G
    In Mob of the Dead, kill 10 zombies at once with a new beverage.
    To get this, kill 10 Zombies with Electric Cherry in one use. The easiest way to do it is go down while reloading in a HUGE crowd on early rounds.

    Paranormal Progress - 5 G
    In Mob of the Dead, open a door without spending points.
    To get this, open a door in Purgatory.

    GG Bridge - 30 G
    In Mob of the Dead, survive an entire round on the bridge on round 15 or higher.
    To get this, go to the bridge and survive one WHOLE round on Round 15 or higher. Make sure you have Perks, plenty of ammo, and it's recommended that you PAP.

    Trapped In Time - 15 G
    In Mob of the Dead, use and upgrade all traps before round 10.
    To get this, purchase the acid trap and the fan trap, and then purchase the sniper trap, get down, and shock the volts thing in Purgatory.

    Pop Goes The Weasel - 25 G
    In Mob of the Dead, break the cycle.
    To get this, do the Easter Egg.

    Weapon Images:
    When Upgraded:

    Tommy Gun:

    Acid Trap:

    When Upgraded(Blurry because it was a split-second image):


    Fan Trap:

    Uzi On Wall:

    Easter Egg Steps:
    1. Find Warden's Key.
    It should be in front of either the Warden's Office or the Cafeteria. You will have to use Purgatory to shock the circuits to be able to lower it and grab it.
    2. Find Plane Parts.
    They are ALWAYS in the same place. There are 5 of them, so a lot of Purgatory use will be needed. One part will have to be added before the other 4 are added, so everyone can hold a part.
    The first is in the Meat Room. Open the gate to the washing machine, use Purgatory to power it, turn it on, and when it's washed, grab it. Beware of The Warden though.
    The second part is on the spiral staircase going down to the docks. Have someone open the gate to the control pad, then use Purgatory and read the numbers on the wall on the way down. Enter them in the control pad. They are unique each match. The rusty elevator mechanism should go downstairs now. Revive yourself, open the gate, and grab the part.
    To open the gate to the third one, have someone staying in the Warden's Office. Now, go into the power room, enter Purgatory, and shock all of the circuit machines. Go into the portal in the wall of the power room and shock those too. All circuits in the Power Room need to be shocked. Now, the electric barrier in the door in the Warden's office should be disabled, and someone can grab that part.
    The fourth part is on the docks. 2 players are needed (unless on Solo) to have 1 player obtain it. Open the gate, have one player enter Purgatory and shock the volts meter, and the other person grab the part. Keep shocking the meter until the other player is out of the section of the gate where the part is.
    Now, head to the Infirmary, and have someone enter Purgatory. Shock Deadshot (Optional lol), and then head to the hallway that is close to the staircase from Cafeteria. You Should see a portal. Go through it, and jump through another one that is above you. Shock the volts meter on the door on the roof, and revive yourself or have someone revive you. Now, have everyone add their part, and go back into the Infirmary. The 5th and final part is right before the staircase up the roof. Grab it, and add it. Now, have everyone get on the plane and ride it to the Bridge. Be sure to PAP (Not required though).
    3. Obtain Hell's Retriever while doing Step 2.
    While you are having free time finding the parts for the plane, it is wise to try this step as well, so you won't have to worry about it in high rounds. There are 3 Hellhound spawns on the Map. 1 is on the docks near the Power Room, one is in the Main Cell Block, and one is in the Infirmary near Deadshot and the final plane part. Try to kill Zombies in these areas. Once you kill about 2 in these areas, the red symbol will turn until a Hellhound. 10-20 kills in these areas will turn the Hellhounds into glowing red symbols. Once all 3 are fed, the Hell's Retriever will appear in a room in the tunnels under the Meat room.
    4. Shoot Crystal Skulls with Hell's Retriever.
    The 1st is right around the respawn. When you come back from your trip to the GG Bridge, head to where the Olympia is then turn left and it will be on one of the prison cell's toilets. You should be able to check it out before reviving yourself in Purgatory mode. Now, you wanna throw you Hell's Retriever on it so the skull attaches to it and brings it back to you. Easy.
    2nd Skull is the Warden's Office, close to Speed Cola. Go up to the window next to Speed Cola and look at the second from the right Post. It's also the only one sparking, so that should give you a clue. The skull is right on top of that post, just hold down your Tactical button and charge up the Hell's Retriever to get it.
    3rd Skull is on the roof. All the way to the back, right behind the shed is another part of the roof visible. The skull is right on the corner of it.
    4th Skull is by the docks. If you know the boat where the unreachable Mule Kick and PHD is on, it's sitting on one of the posts. If you can't make out which one just go to Purgatory mode and look for it.
    5th Skull is close to Juggernog. There is a lamp post and it's sitting on top of it, but so far, I've only got to reach it by using the Gondola.
    5. Obtain the Free Blundergat:
    Yep. You read that right. Now, go to the Warden's Office, in the room by Speed Cola, and look on the table. Have 1 player accept the weapon. The Warden will hint out some numbers.
    6. Shock the Spork.
    Near the Warden's Office, there will be a cell with a poster on it. (Close to the stairs. The poster looks like... Buzz Lightyear) You will need to throw your tomahawk at it and it will reveal a secret path. Go to the nearest electric switch close to the Fan Trap and enter afterlife mode. Now, you will see a hole in the wall right next to where your body is. Go in it and stop halfway. There is a spork on the floor right next to the Purgatory symbol. Zap it, and it will teleport to the Cafeteria. In there, it will be in a window/barricade all the way at the back right next to a workbench. Throw your tomahawk at it and The Warden will hint out more numbers.
    7. Repeat the Cycle 2 more times.
    Now, pick up the gas cans (near where the old parts were) and add them to the plane. You can build it in one round now. The only problem is, is that after each plane trip, you have to wait 1 round for the cans to spawn. And by 1 round, I mean ALL players have to be on the island for 1 round.
    8. Complete the Number Sequence.
    You remember how you got the rope part for the plane? If the machine that shows 3 digits is making random noises and changes it's numbers, it means you're ready for the "truth". You will need to enter all 4 prisoner's inmates numbers. To set them free, so you can say. To do this; go into afterlife mode and run all the way to the bottom and enter these digits:
    After doing that, your screen will go black & white and you will hear some dialogue about the characters' past.
    9. Pick up the Headphones.
    Now, there will be Headphones "Power-Ups". You will get them in order to the roof. You Must grab them all, and in order. Turn your TV up, lol, because they contain interesting information.
    10. Refuel the Plane.
    Refuel it one final time.
    11. Go to the Infirmary.
    Go there, have everyone enter afterlife, go to the plane, and press "X" to ride it. Make sure everyone gets on. Revive yourself from the Electric Chair.
    12. Kill or get killed by Weasel.
    Whoever is playing as Weasel is now working with the Zombies. If you kill him, the cycle continues. If he kills you, then the cycle is broken. Either one gives the achievement, but him killing everyone is the "correct" ending.

    Fun Facts and Speculation:
    1. Many are hearing the Original Characters, + Weasel keeps saying he "hears" the name Nikolai. Perhaps it is VERY like Call of the Dead?
    2. The characters were planning to break out right when the outbreak occurred.
    3. The spork may be a reference to how some prisoners have escaped prison with spoons.
    4. The light for the mystery box is red, as well as the Zombies eyes. To me, this means either a new entity or Maxis. I say this because the tower on TranZit lit up a reddish-orange color, and the same goes for Die Rise. Also, the voice om Grief sounds a little like Maxis or Satan.
    5. The LSAT and Executioner are seen in the map. Perhaps Maxis took control and time went wack. Or maybe it's been that way since the rockets, considering the time jump between Nuketown, Green Run, and Die Rise?
    6. The Zombie Shield now has barbwire.
    7. Many New York signs are seen, even though Alcatraz is in California!
    8. Quick Revive sadly did not return.
    9. If you enter 115 in the key pad, a voice will say "Not this time", and the numbers will change to 666. Many have theorized that this means 115 is not powering the zombies, but instead the Devil is.

    The picture provided on the "Uprising" DLC poster.
    A picture showing the prisoners in wake of their prison's wreckage.
    An Image of the outside of the Prison.
    A hellhound discovered in the Trailer.
    A Broadway sign.
    Zombie horde on Michigan Ave
    A hellhound eating a zombie
    The Gondola.
    Electric Cherry: Costs 2000, and shocks Zombies around you when you reload.
    The docks.
    The power room.
    A nice image of the main lower level of the prison. Here, we see a newly-made HUD, as well as the eye symbol being some kind of stacked objective (meaning we can collect the symbols or partake in events). There is a trap to the left side. There are the characters' names on the side of our points.
    While this image may not show it, the Nuke power drop is actually gravitating towards us as if we hold some kind of magnetic property (see trailer). It is because of the Tomahawks
    The Gondola again
    The electric chairs from the bridge
    Here, we see the Electric Cherry in action.
    The upgraded Blundergat against the Warden. Ps. The blundergat is a mix between a Blunderbuss and a Gatlin Gun.
    A portal in Purgatory Mode.
    The Zombie Shield!
    The leaderboards image.
    A far view of Alcatraz Island, or "Evil Island", as it was referred to in the new Trailer.
    A map shown for about a second in the Trailer. I don't know if it's of Africa (it looks that way to me lol) or maybe of the Island?
    Another pic of the docks, featuring the rather sexy red mystery box light
    A zombie. Notice how it is covered in glass shards and other sharp objects. Maybe it was killed while trying to escape?
    The Warden dying. Notice his "Guard" badge. Perhaps he was only a Guard?
    How you look in Afterlife mode.
    Another Afterlife image.
    A player crawling under a fan trap
    The 2 images above are showing off the Hell's Retriever
    Here we are in our plane on the roof.

    The Trailer for Uprising. Enjoy.

    The 6 minute XBOX exclusive. Starts at 0:55

    The Replacer Video for Uprising. Has a few unique scenes in it, as well as hilarious acting

    The Mob of the dead Trailer. Enjoy!
    The opening intro. Yup, we die

    Character Bios

    Other Useful Information:
    Maybe the zombies that were sent through the teleporter were sent here?

    Myself- Speculation, Compiling, Etc.
    Treyarch- Providing Information
    Charlieintel- Getting some of the news out
    The Guys at CoDz- Spotting some rather hard to see weapons and such
    Dispoiler- General Info
    Imtehboss- General Info
    Pm me if I forgot to add you!
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    The Baws Well-Known Member

    Nice Job

    I knew I could count on you to make something awesome like this... Thanks! :D

    Can't wait to play this map... Looks pretty damn sweet.

    Mjroady Well-Known Member

    Any time man! Those red eyes look awesome!
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    The Baws Well-Known Member

    I know they'll match my red/orange tower in Die Rise :p
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    Dispoiler Well-Known Member

    speculation = improvised weapons and zombie shield returning.
    edit. you already said sorry.
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    The Baws Well-Known Member

    He did mention the Improvised weapons, but if they do bring back the Zombie Shield I hope it's a little more interesting.

    Gezza93 Well-Known Member


    Looks so good and the new melee system sounds good. Also liking the idea of going to the "afterlife" and having an objective or something to keep busy.

    The flaming creature looks like the return of the hellhound to me. That'll be great, I'm tired of these things jumping on the ceiling and walls. Good old fashioned dogs.

    Mjroady Well-Known Member

    I had improvised weapons, which has been confirmed by the way, but I edited the Zombie Shield in, which I've seen a lot of stuff about. And no needs to say sorry, bro, the Zombies Shield thing is nice. Any info we can get, man!

    Mjroady Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the +rep, man! Purgatory is actually defined as a temporary torture, and sometimes (Catholics) as where you wait before heaven/hell. Hopefully it doesn't alter gameplay too much.
    And I hope that was a dog, I miss 'em.
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    The Baws Well-Known Member

    On that note I've heard mention of Deadshot Perk returning?
    I've also heard that Quick Revive won't be, because of this new afterlife thing.

    EDIT: This is also speculation, I don't think there is any proof.

    Oh and another thing, maybe the Tommy Gun? I read that on another thread. (Sorry not trying to steal anything, just bringing the info to this "central database" :p

    Dispoiler Well-Known Member

    locations : Broadway (main cell block)

    Gezza93 Well-Known Member

    That picture is of the Thompson, f*ck yeah! I can't wait to Pack-a-Punch that beauty. Been missing that since WaW.

    Edit: My bad ImTehBaws, didn't see you'd already written that. It's definitely the Thompson though, that can't be anything else.

    Mjroady Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I found the image quick and the description was that it was a new gun. I feel bad for not taking the time to look and identify it. I remember the days of Der Riese, holding off in the Thompson room lol. The Gun's great for running trains. Also, I've updated the thread, apparently the guys on CoDz have spotted the PPSH as well.

    Mjroady Well-Known Member

    Just thought of something. In Prohibition, alcoholic drinks were illegal. Does this mean no perks? Perhaps we'll use snack machines or something else? Or maybe since back then the mobsters drunk anyways, maybe certain ones have certain perks, or maybe they made some kind of Moonshine perk lol

    The Baws Well-Known Member

    Whoa that's an idea. This map is either gunna be extremely epic, or our imaginations are just going wild and it'll be a huge disappointment.

    The Baws Well-Known Member

    Hah it's fine... My editing is all over the place, I probably added that after you loaded the page.

    Gezza93 Well-Known Member

    Haha, I can imagine eating a sandwich or something to get Jugg. Definitely the most anticipated zombies map for me. It just looks so sexy.

    Also on your update you've put the PPSH could just be the Tommy. I'm so certain it is the Tommy. It's the sexy version too.

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    LegionDestroyer Well-Known Member

    Nice work mjroady.. I was awaiting this thread as I knew you would get a nice thread up like this for mob of the dead..

    I will plus + rep you once I get some more to give away..

    Btw, you got any spare fbux u could donate?
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    Mjroady Well-Known Member

    Glad you liked it man! And thanks for the +rep. Yes, you can have some fbux lol, it's in my sig!

    Gezza93 Well-Known Member

    I'll donate you a grand because I love you Kiwi's :)
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