Is Ghost worth it?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by Jerokyn, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Jerokyn Well-Known Member

    I'm having a hard time deciding. On every other call of duty I've used it. But on this one they took out the camper element. Doesn't work while you're "camping".

    Now I'm not a hardcore corner camping noob. I just like to play stealthy rather than all gung-ho!

    So for my point. Is ghost worth it? I don't think so cause it only benefits if you're running and gunning basically. What do you think and why?

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    Marleytjuh New Member

    Ofcourse, it's the best perk out there. Use it unless you want to be constantly seen by the enemy...

    Fumbles Well-Known Member

    IMO it's worth it. I mostly play hardpoint, so camping is sometimes necessary when trying to hold down the HP. But the enemy knows where you are anyway if you have the hardpoint, and they will be coming for you. Ghost allows me to move between HPs without showing up on the mini map, which is nice, and also helps me take defenders by surprise.

    Anyway, you just have to pay attention to when the enemy has a UAV up and adjust your play accordingly. For me, it's quite useful. I use it on most of my classes.

    EgeBerk New Member

    İn many of my classes I don't use it.When they have UAV up and I have VSAT,they'll come to me and BAM!Of course I have some ghost classes too.

    MelloFellowSU New Member

    Yes. I run up and flank red dot chasers all the time.

    UpAndAdam New Member

    I'd say it is worth it, I used my first permanent unlock on it. If you sit around a lot, it won't do you much good but if you like to move around then it is very valuable.

    NinjaSquirrel Well-Known Member

    I Rarely use ghost as I find flak jacket and lightweight much more important.

    BOOSTkv87 Well-Known Member

    Usually I find a gun that I absolutely love and make 2 classes. One with ghost and one without. It really all depends on the lobby. If you get in a room where people are running and spamming UAVs than you'll need ghost. But then there are other times where the enemy team never runs UAV. So i usually replace ghost with flak jacket or hard line.

    Jusman123 New Member

    Only if your planning on being one of the stealth players

    Embustero New Member

    All my classes have ghost, cant imagine playing without it...(stealth type @ domination)

    Fuzzy New Member

    I always use ghost on every class no matter what. Doing long strafes in an area will keep you hidden.

    NYslice New Member

    I can survive longer and flank more with ghost but I always feel like I'm missing something else more useful.

    But I'm glad it's not OP like in the past 2 CoDs. Ghost had multiple advantages, and too many people used it. In those games, you put up a UAV and may only get one enemy player on radar.

    Conscriptconspire New Member

    I would rather use a launcher. It's points for staying off the radar. Plus there's the people that run UAV and CUAV, which really needs to be taken down.

    articzap Well-Known Member

    Ghost is only useful if you run a suppressor on you're weapon. Honestly, with the UAV score being set higher, I've seen a lot less UAV's. More people are going for hunter killers and RC-XD's now.

    Moofda Well-Known Member

    I rarely use it, I almost always use hardline w/ flack jacket. I usually have a PDA just incase someone gets a UAV. I have a back up ghost class though in case another team manages to keep getting them over and over.

    Sometimes I use their UAV to my advantage as I know they will be coming for me. To each their own though!

    Wordup Well-Known Member

    Ghost is a MUST. Every stat of mine jumped about 50% once I got ghost. People spam UAVs and rely a lot on their minimap

    nucl3arboNg Well-Known Member

    IMO scavenger/flak jacket are more useful for objective games. I only play domination so a lot of my time is spent either defending/capturing. I think ghost only benifits the kill whores that are always moving. You know the guys that play Dom just to better their k/d and not give a shiz about the objective.

    y2zipper New Member

    Perks are best judged when used in combination with other perks and attachments. If you're moving with a suppressed SMG, of course you want ghost. If you're sitting still, it's pointless.

    qCODGENIUSp New Member

    I have it and I use it about 50/50 with Flack jacket or lightweight.

    The reason they only made it useful while moving is to allow for flanks or tactics like Fumbles mentioned. It wasn't meant for stand still play, which most people used it for.

    However sometimes I prefer not having ghost because even when I'm flanking and the enemy has a UAV up I just kill my way to where I'm going. Being conspicuous and loud doesn't bother me. After all, you can hear a bulldozer coming but it doesn't mean you can stop it.;)

    Fumbles Well-Known Member

    It wasn't that most people used it for camping, it was just the fact that most people used it. That's made it so annoying, in MW3 at least. Assassin was super OP in that game. In this game, IMO, ghost is very well balanced.