How To: Open your NAT type for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for less laggy games

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    DJ piNoy Well-Known Member

    Are you constantly in shitty 1-3 bars games? Is your NAT type Moderate or Strict? Do you want to be host for once? Well, here is a guide to help improve you connection and get more 4 bar games. There are two ways to turn your NAT type Open: Port forwarding or hosting a DMZ host.

    Port Forwarding

    What is port forwarding. Port Forwarding is the redirecting of computer signals to follow specific electronic paths into specific destination. That destination we are doing today is either your Xbox, PS3, or PC.

    Step 1) Log into your router. In order to do so, type in either or in the URL depending in your router. If you have not logged into your modem/router, the default for most router is "Username: admin Password: admin". I recommend changing the log in after you successfully log in. If your ISP is Verizon FiOS like me, the default log may be username is admin and the password is the multi number and letter code you find under the bar code on the router itself.

    Step 2) Go into the setting that allows you to port forward. This varies amongst different routers.

    Step 3) Enter the IP address of your Xbox, PS3, or PC and port forward the appropriate ports.

    To find IP address for Xbox and appropriate ports.

    -Go to the "System Settings" option on the Xbox 360's main menu

    -Go to the "Network Setting" option then choose "Configure Network"

    -It will show what the IP address of the Xbox

    *If your Xbox IP is a dynamic IP address, it is recommended you change it into a static IP address. Here is a link to a site that explains how to do that.


    Ports for Xbox:

    -External port: 3074 Internal port: 3074 Protocol: TCP/UDP
    -External port: 80 Internal port: 80 Protocol: TCP
    -External port: 53 Internal port: 53 Protocol: TCP/UDP
    -External port: 88 Internal port: 88 Protocol: UDP

    To find IP address for PS3 and appropriate ports

    This video tutorial will help you find your IP address and make it static.


    Ports for PS3:

    -External port: 80 Internal port: 80 Protocol: TCP
    -External port: 81 Internal port: 81 Protocol: TCP/UDP
    -External port: 443 Internal port: 443 Protocol: TCP
    -External port: 3074 Internal port: 3074 Protocol: TCP/UDP
    -External port: 3075 Internal port: 3075 Protocol: UDP
    -External port: 3478 Internal port: 3478 Protocol: UDP
    -External port: 5223 Internal port: 5223 Protocol: TCP

    To find *IP address for PC and appropriate ports

    Link to site the explanation:*

    Ports for PC:

    -External port: 3074 Internal port: 3074 Protocol: TCP/UDP

    Steam ports:

    Steam client

    -Port range: 27014 - 27050 Protocol: TCP (Steam downloads)
    -Port range: 27000 - 27030 Protocol: UDP (Game client traffic, Matchmaking and HLTV)
    -External port: 4380 Internal port: 4380 Protocol: UDP

    Steamworks P2P Networking and Steam Voice Chat

    -External port: 3478 Internal port: 3478 Protocol: UDP
    -External port: 4379 Internal port: 4379 Protocol: UDP
    -External port: 4380 Internal port: 4380 Protocol: UDP

    DMZ Host

    DMZ or "demilitarized zone" will fully expose an IP address to the internet. What it does is basically open all possible ports. While easier, it is not recommended due to security reasons.

    How to host a DMZ host:

    Log into your router(described in the port forwarding section above) and go to your router setting that enables DMZ host. As always, it varies from router to router. Enter the IP address and allow dmz host.

    Congratulations! You have made your NAT type Open and can now freely play without worries. Still having problems? Repeat the steps . If your still having problems and are VERY CERTAIN you followed the steps correctly, the problems you may be experiences are:

    -Poor internet
    -Poor Ping

    Have fun gaming!
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    Legion Well-Known Member

    Nice post! Can we sticky and also repped ya.

    DJ piNoy Well-Known Member

    Thank you. Felt the need to post this due to constant complaints of laggy games.

    DJ piNoy Well-Known Member

    I like how guests are reading this but not actual forum members.

    MadCaptainCrunch Well-Known Member

    I shall sticky and +Rep, good sir piNoy.
    EDIT: I must spread some reputation around first... :dance:

    DJ piNoy Well-Known Member

    Thank you noble Crunch.

    tjor24 Well-Known Member

    I've set up port forwarding but never sure i did it correctly. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    deebo Well-Known Member

    Great thread dj! As a side note for people, if you set up your port forwarding and yet still end up with a strict or moderate NAT.. it is very likely that you have a modem with a built in router. This is common for many dsl companies such as embarq/centurylink. The cure for this is to put your modem into bridge mode so it acts as just a modem and not a router. If your unsure if this is the case, google your modem to see.

    Wartyger Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the guide DJ. I have one question though.

    If you open all the necessary ports, or put your console IP address in the DMZ correctly, will you always have a 4 bar connection?

    TheUser Well-Known Member


    deebo Well-Known Member

    wartyger: no it doesn't. But having a open nat increases the likelihood of finding the best possible connection to you as you can connect to any player... the strict, open, moderate works this way.

    Strict: can only connect to players with a OPEN nat

    Moderate: can connect to players with a MODERATE or OPEN nat

    Open: can connect to ANY player

    DJ piNoy Well-Known Member

    Couldn't have put it better myself. Opening your NAT gives you more possibilities to get a 4 bar connection. A majority of your games will let you have a 4 bar connections. This is to help mitigate the problem, not outright solve it. There will always be those few games where, "host has internet connection from Zimbobwae" as I say sometimes. The great thing is when it starts migrating host, you will most likely become host now.

    Sephirus New Member

    I opened my ports yesterday according to your post.
    i allready had some ports open for Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 but noticed there are some extra ports used for black ops 2.
    My NAT Type was allready open and i had no problems with connections.

    after opening more ports the connection was still 4 bars but felt worse.
    People saw me faster all the time and i could not play a decent game.
    Now im wondering if it is wise to close those ports again.

    DJ piNoy Well-Known Member

    There is no "extra ports" for Black Ops 2. The ports needed to be forwarded are always the same for each CoD.

    nucl3arboNg Well-Known Member

    So really it's not that bad to have a moderate Nat type. You would prolly only wanna be connecting to those with an open/moderate type anyways correct?

    TheUser Well-Known Member

    Strict NAT doesn't slow down connections, so there is no difference in playing with a bunch of strict NAT players than with a bunch of Open NAT players.

    lildeez84 New Member

    quick question.... i followed the guide for opening ports on my router and it isn't working....

    i've never had problems in the past playing online.. all the other COD games i was open or moderate NAT, i play other games fine

    i'm getting STRICT nat in black ops 2. i have my ps3 wired directly in to my router.. i gave it a static IP, i tried port forwarding, NOTHING. i tried DMZ host and nothing.. no matter what i do it shows STRICT nat type no matter what.... any other ideas on possible fixes?

    sirlaughalot76 New Member

    Lildeez - I had issues with this as well for my Belkin Router (different router IP). I used the "reset router" within admin, and that was my problem. I decided to try a power stop/start on the router, and that is when the changes took.

    lildeez84 New Member

    okay i'll try that when i get home from work today.. i have a linksys router that is usually really solid. i get great speeds with it, and i've never had any problems until just this past week with black ops 2.... so hopefully this fixes it..

    PiousSlayer New Member

    The only problem I have is that I am unable to mess with any port forwarding with my modem, if I do it voids my contract/ToS with my internet provider. It seems as though all of my friends have a Moderate NAT type and thus we are unable to play with eachother at all. I was able to join one friend in a custom game, but was eventually kicked before the match ended. Since then, I have been getting errors saying that I couldn't connect. I even attempted to join a match he was playing online and I received an error saying the game was full, even though it really wasn't.

    My NAT is Moderate and I am able to play multiplayer by my self, with minor lag issues. (If I shoot first, person with Open NAT will win nearly every time, haha.) Which is to be expected and I am not complaining about the lag, I am complaining about not being able to play with my friends.