Hip Firing Mad OP

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by magsta69, Nov 28, 2012.

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    magsta69 New Member

    Anybody else think that hipfiring is way to OP? It seems to me that even if you get the drop on someone whilst ADSing them they still have the advantage as they can sprint and spray you. Whilst this would always end in tears for the sprayer, now it almost always means a kill for them.

    What do people think?

    Spreed New Member

    I don't call things OP, and haven't since the M16 of COD4. But I will say that hip firing on this game seems to occur more than in other games. I still think it comes down to map design. The maps have so many tight corners and areas that it just makes hip firing more predominate. If the maps were larger, with more open space then people wouldn't be able to hip fire so much. I don't think it's that hip firing is more powerful, just that more people are doing it than what we were used to.

    Revenge New Member

    Not going to say it is OP, but it is all alot of people use. Played a few rounds of Dom last night, Only person who killed me with a weapon ADS'd was the one guy using a DSR.

    ancientvvisdom New Member

    Simply remove the laser sight attachment and this game would be gold. All the hipfirers are obnoxious.

    DustyUK Well-Known Member

    It is stupidly overpowered, I think that they need to make it so if you don't have a lazer sight then hip firing is way to hard to kill.

    Also I thought that the lazer sight was supposed to be visable by the enemy? As far as I can tell you can't see It at all.

    I do hope they patch these things because it would make the game soooooo much better.
    It's bloody annoying when you doing really well and some idiot running around like a headless chicken hip fires and kills you from miles away!

    It's just stupid, I can't see how these people like playing like this anyway, the game would get so bloody boring for me if I was just hip firing getting loads of kills that easy, anyone can wack a lazer sight on an SMG and spray at people, it's as bad as camping IMO

    ancientvvisdom New Member

    It is honestly worse than camping. At least with campers you can just avoid or go around them. You can't avoid the sprayers.

    Legion Well-Known Member

    Well this is a Mad OP

    But is hip firing overpowered? No, it's mainly the maps are very cqc

    TheUser Well-Known Member

    OP or not, the SMG crosshairs are smaller than they ever was, but on the other hand, their damage and range values renders them weak at longer ranges, especially if you go with a suppressor.

    Laser sight is popular because of the early unlock and how much sense it makes to have a tighter hip fire radius on an SMG. It is not popular because its overpowered, in fact, it's a weaker version of Steady Aim.
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    Sulq Well-Known Member

    ^Exactly +1

    MadCaptainCrunch Well-Known Member


    Just because something is overused, does not make it overpowered...
    What makes the hipfire overused, hunter killer overused, MW3 ACR overused, and many other overused things in COD's history, it how easy it is to use.
    Hipfire (especially with laser)-No need to ADS. Just move the right stick and hold the trigger.
    Hunter Killer-Look up at the sky and throw it.
    ACR (G36 had only a slightly lower fire rate, but had 1 shot kill faster at long range)- No recoil, hardly any skill to use.

    I knew it wouldn't be long before these 'OP' complaints started coming in. Not as ridiculous as the shock charge one, but still...

    SpankyJohnson New Member

    Yes, it is OP. I use the laser attachment just to stay competitive, but I'd rather the attachment not be in the game at all. Sometimes I am insta-killed from even long-range by hipfire. Other times I get the drop on someone while I am aiming down the sights, shoot first while clearly not missing my shots, and they turn around and instantly kill me with hipfire. Granted that is partially due to lag, but also greatly due to the lethality of hipfire.

    Legion Well-Known Member


    Michael Atari Well-Known Member

    If it's not better than steady aim than it's not OP. Probably just the CQC maps.

    Kobee__Bryant New Member

    I agree with most of the above statements. Not OP but def over used by people like me. Maps to small to be ADSing everytime, going to have to adapt to the technique lol. Love to hip fire on most maps but bring out my MTAR when needed.

    Moofda Well-Known Member

    I do see more SMG's with lasers on the battle field more than any other gun. But, I think that has to do with the map design. Theres so many paths for angry SMGers to run all over and hipfire you down.

    Bullet Magnet Well-Known Member

    maybe its just me but i get more kills hipfiring my pdw then aiming down sight. i seem to lose whatever advantage i had whenever i get my sights up. hipfire forever !