Hells redeemer easy mode?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies' started by reedomann, Apr 28, 2013.

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    reedomann Well-Known Member

    Some people say you can't do hells redeemer on easy or in custom games. Is this true? i've tried it a couple times on easy solo, staying on the bridge for a whole round getting well over 35 kills. Then I went over to the lava pit tried throwing it in the pit but it came back every time. also can u do the free blundergat and spork on easy?
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    BlackOps Well-Known Member

    I think the blundergat is part of the ee so no you can't. If the spork is ee then you can't do that either.

    reedomann Well-Known Member

    yeah those are both part of the easter egg so that makes sense. But im not sure if hells redeemer is?

    Bullet Magnet Well-Known Member

    the sliquifier is part of the ee and you can build that on easy.

    esmittystud101 Well-Known Member

    Never played on Easy yet. I was always affraid it would mess with the game in some shape or form. I think on Tranzit if you played on Easy, you couldn't build Nav Card Table and maybe some other things. Its been so long since i've played it, I can't remember.

    Reaper-iMURDER Well-Known Member

    i never tried to get it on easy but i heard that you cant

    i only play on easy when messing around so i never went for it

    gmaat3 Well-Known Member

    I play easy with a friend every now and then. He's not the best zombie player so easy allows us to just kinda have fun. Plus it's great for new players who want to learn the map and get a feel for what they are doing. But to answer the question, no. At least, I don't think so. The free blundergat and spork I know for sure can only be done on original. I'd assume the hell's redeemer is the same way. I feel like all three of these things are there to help make original a little easier. It rewards you for going through the process of getting them big time so I can see why you can't get them on easy.

    Mr.TonyStark Well-Known Member

    Whoa what's the spork?

    BlackOps Well-Known Member

    I don't play easy because I find it harder because you can't train because there to slow but you can't camp cos they're to fast. What are you supposed to do?

    gmaat3 Well-Known Member

    Well eventually they start running at normal speed around like round 10-12 so after that you can run as usual. Overall its just a lot more forgiving so you can be less coordinated (if you're messing around with some friends) or just kinda have fun. Basically its a much more casual experience, which makes split screen actually enjoyable if you're playing at a friend's house or something.

    Ourobos Well-Known Member

    Easy mode - No 2nd blundergat, no spork, no redeemer..

    Mjroady Well-Known Member

    On Easy Mode you cannot receive- Hell's Redeemer, Golden Spork, or a free Blundergat. However, you can receive a Blundergat out of the Mystery Box.
    Also, you can get everything on Custom Games, but only if you play on Original.

    BlackOps Well-Known Member

    You can do redeemer in easy. As for others I'm not sure.