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Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by jlva321, Jan 6, 2013.

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    jlva321 New Member

    I don't normally play HC but I'm working on the gold for the SVU-AS so I'm playing HC death match. We are on Aftermath and I set up in a window, then some random just walks in front of me and stand there. Not even thinking I start shooting him like I would in core and of course he dies.

    How wrong was I?

    Iwear40cal Well-Known Member

    accidents happen...
    truthfully, if for whatever reason im posted up, and a friendly stands in front of me, i shoot him for being a douche

    jlva321 New Member

    Yeah, it really seemed idiotic. What's the penalty for friendly fire? Kicked if you do it too often?

    CRIME SCEN3 New Member

    yeah 3 weapon kills and your kicked on hardcore

    Iwear40cal Well-Known Member

    kicked the 3rd time unless you are host, then you get extended spawn delays (time out) lol

    Iwear40cal Well-Known Member

    also be careful man, sometimes when sniping on hardcore modes, depending on the angle, friendlies wont show up with a green name. it's annoying getting kicked for killing things without green names -_-

    jewbbacha Well-Known Member

    Someone on my team killed me because I knifed the person they were chasing... Eventually that player turned around and saw me with my RPG aimed towards the ground and blew us both up... in which i was booted for doing so.

    Rokon2 Well-Known Member

    You were right to do so. I remember my first HC match, I was killed just before obtaining a VSAT, but the guy who shot me was killing everyone. I love the kicking system in that sense.

    MadCaptainCrunch Well-Known Member

    As previously stated, accidents happen. I'm sure he understood, I team kill a volatile amount of times, but no one's killed me back yet because it's always on accident.

    KILL PILL Well-Known Member

    oh so thats why i got kicked :facepalm: never really understand what that was but do now :D i was on drone and our guy on our team had the flag but he would not take it home kept camping,so i shot at him not knowing i would kill him of course, he died i took the flag and we won the game :D got kicked next game must have done it again :( and tonight a guy was snipeing just lying there, even when i got shot with the flag only a few steps from our home he did nothing :rolleyes: so when i respawned yep i shot the little twat :D

    MadCaptainCrunch Well-Known Member

    COD4 S&D team killing. Nuff said.

    RTrentu New Member

    Lol I think it is funny, not saying I do it. But the fact you can team kill? Hilariousness.

    BOOSTkv87 Well-Known Member

    They should bring back ricochet. The other night I killed a friendly by throwing my bouncing Betty and it hit the player in the back of the head. Haha.

    RTrentu New Member

    I agree, that was always fun in MW2

    Wartyger Well-Known Member

    You'll be kicked form a HC match for TK'ing 3 times in the same match. It doesn't matter how the TK happened either. If you call in a Lightning Strike and you kill 3 team mates, you'll be kicked instantly. I believe you can also be kicked instantly for TK'ing the flag carriers in CTF matches, even if it's your 1st tK for that match. The only exception to the rules, is if you're the host. A host cannot be kicked from the match, but they will incur an extended spawn delay, which increases with each additional TK (at least, I believe that's the case).

    I don't like the fact that the game kicks you from the match after 3 TK's, but I still find it better than ricochet rules, because you have to be more aware of your team mates positions and you have to aim carefully when friendlies are nearby, which makes it more intense.

    The changes I'd make to the TK system in CoD:BO2, would be to remove the penalty for TK's caused by scorestreaks and rather than kicking players from the match, give them the extended spawn delay after they have TK'd 3 times...

    BOOSTkv87 Well-Known Member

    ^^ I like that idea

    Deviant Khan Well-Known Member

    Yep. I saw someone trolling someone on our team by standing in front of the Sentry Gun waiting for it to fire on enemies. I also saw someone purposefully standing on flares to try to get the CPs to drop on them to get someone kicked.

    Aozame New Member

    One must invariably contend with trolls on Hardcore. But, in general, and I say this with much hesitation... Hardcore players tend to be a little more concerned with the game, and less focused on trolling than other modes. Developers have taken every avenue to minimize the impact of griefers, but at some point one must simply learn to block it out and game on.

    A single team-kill is neither here nor there in the grand scope of things. It's bound to happen many more times if you spend significant hours in Hardcore.