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    Alright! So if you are reading this, Chances are you are a willing forum member ready to give tips, guides and general information that you believe will aid fellow forum members in getting an edge on the Call of Duty battlefield. However, before you post, try to keep these guidelines in mind.

    1. Be Professional
    Make an attempt to type out your thread in a professional matter. Use correct spelling, grammar, use of conventions, etc. And for the most part, avoid internet slang, language, or abbreviations. Profanity isn't against the rules, but keep in in good taste (as well as avoid to overuse it). More often than not these things just make you look stupid when posting for an In-depth guide and telling someone that the MP7 is "the shit" will rob your post of any respect or legitimacy. In Addition, be polite/courteous to people who post on your topic, even if they are rude to you it won't look any better by responding in-kind.

    2. Research Your Topic
    Especially if you are giving in-depth reviews on weapons or game mechanics, you should research your topic, whether checking Youtube Commentators, Wikis, or other forums. If you can't find anything on your topic, go into a Private Match and test it yourself. Grab a partner or a dummy 2nd controller and gather Information on whatever topic you will be writing about.

    3. Be willing to admit you're wrong
    Seriously, get over it, you're not always right. Also if someone accuses you of being wrong, be willing to re-test whatever they accuse you of in a private match to find out for yourself. If you can show or type your findings to disprove their claims and if you are wrong, thank them and include their findings in your post.

    4. Use the Report button!
    If you find a post that feels inappropriate or off-topic for this section, don't cuss em out. Just report the post and have a moderator deal with it.

    Just keep these in mind and you should be having some high-quality additions to this section. I look forward to see what the Call of Duty Community has to offer.

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    Did a small update. Make sure to do Zombie write-ups in the Zombie section though.
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