Ghosts Vs BF4

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Ghosts News and General Discussion' started by BlackOps, May 8, 2013.

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    BlackOps Well-Known Member

    What will you guys get. I loved bf3 so I will probably look at reviews, get bf4 then get ghosts a few months after release unless the reviews says its even worse then mw3 in which case I won't get it.

    Junaid Well-Known Member


    Gustopher Well-Known Member

    great positive feedback... :)

    I'll probably try both and purchase CoD. I like BF, but for some reason it never holds my attention like CoD. Maybe the new one will.

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    xAvenged7Foldx New Member

    I like the BF campaign more than CoD but the multiplayer is balls bad.
    I doubt i'll get BF but CoD for sure.
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    jeszkar Well-Known Member

    We almost know nothing about Ghosts so it's little early to decide.

    Hoggsynator Well-Known Member

    Congratulations you are the first of many to compare Ghosts and BF4 on here.

    I will prob get both, BF4 for the PC and Ghosts for the xbox...
    Most will probably not get one or the other but both, as they will be tactically very different games.
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    deebo Well-Known Member

    I'm sure i'll end up getting both as well. battlefield never felt as competitive to me, so its always been fun to just hop on and have a good time. Before I get jumped for that, let me say that I know there are objectives to it and obviously a winning team, it just doesn't come off to me that way. There are far too many toys on the map for the majority of randoms to pay much attention to who wins or loses. most of time i've played there is a handful of people that dive into the tanks to go play the obj.....then there is the other half the team standing in line awaiting the next jet or heli to take it and be completely useless. With the lower frame rate the individual gunfights feel much less decisive and getting smoked by a tank really does the same thing.

    I really enjoy both games, just for different reasons. cod's player movement and gunfights are top notch with the framerate, but battlefields graphics are second to none, and interactive maps are great.

    Bullet Magnet Well-Known Member

    I wont waste my money on battlefield. it is a good game and i have no complaints. it just never keeps my interest very long and therefore not worth spending my money on. as for CoD i am hopeful the new engine will revitalize the game, and i can only hope the dev's can be more creative then they have been. but i hope to be more cautious before buying ghosts.
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    Michael Atari Well-Known Member

    I'll get BF4 on PS4 as I believe you get maps earlier on there and then maybe Ghosts on Xbox Infinity since you get DLC a month earlier than on PS4. It's only logical.

    AKA Well-Known Member

    I'm going to wait (if I can) for the first time in years and see if everyone says it sucks like they did BO2. If everyone hates it I won't buy it and I'll already have BF4.

    Sulq Well-Known Member

    BO2 is far from "sucking". I haven't heard near as many bad things bout this game as I did about MW3, or even BO1.

    deebo Well-Known Member

    I think bo2 was pretty decent overall as they ensured there was nothing crazy wrong with the game such as death streaks and such. I would have liked a more hands off approach to the game on the pub side honestly, as I was just fine with it as it came from the box. I think the constant weapon patching went a bit too far...if you stopped playing for a month or so you had to read 3 different patch notes to see what was still viable. I'm a believer that guns should be brought up to par with the other in the class rather than beating them down. I can't help but giggle when I see someone rolling the fal with select fire on anymore as that thing got hit so hard its a gummi bear cannon now.

    Freeman85 Well-Known Member

    I don't see why you would wait for other people's opinions, you only know if you like the game by playing it yourself.

    Junaid Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but other people's opinions should have some sort of influence on which game you think you're gonna prefer.

    Take this:

    One game has a 95 metacritic score. Another game has a 20 metacritic score.

    Which game do you think is going to be better?

    Yeah, I thought so.
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    otherkrab Well-Known Member

    Neither i'll be playin GTAV. the problem at this time is that there will be cross generation versions of both games so it is obvious the versions that will be coming out for ps3 and xbox 360 will be conversions of the next gen games. i always felt that although BF3 was a good game it's main flaw was that it was a game designed for 64 players but converted to 24 players for console and you can see that the maps of bf3 are just designed for a bigger number of players. I feel that this sacrifice will be made for BF4 as well. Ghosts on the other hand is a different matter, i have never bought an infinity ward game and i don't intend to start now. Also a new engine is a big step considering how successful they have been with the current engine so if it dosen't feel or play like a CoD game i can see it being the Death of the series, also the fact that it dosen't have a number just makes me think that it is more of a "spin-off" game ala ODST/GOW judgement. Just my opinion.

    Freeman85 Well-Known Member

    Good point but you still never know if you like the game untill you try it for yourself.

    Regardless of what score a game gets there will still be people out there that enjoy it.

    Chillx Well-Known Member

    I will by ghosts no matter what, i will even preorder it in a week :p im pretty curious on bf4 aswell, i have em all bf:s but dont play em cause of vehicles and hugh maps doesnt fancy me.
    So, i prolly buy both but ghost is a hell yes :)

    Kill1945 Well-Known Member

    I'll buy both, and then probably get rid of the Call of Duty after a few months like a did with MW3 and BO2.

    Brad K 825 Well-Known Member

    I hate EA with a burning uncontrollable hate, so I'll be picking up Ghosts even if BF4 is unreasonably good. I refuse to ever put another dime in EA's pocket.

    Anyway, my prediction is Ghosts will outsell BF4 embarrassingly so, Ghosts and BO2 will both be atop BF4 on most played games on Xbox Live, and yet EA will still continue to make fun of COD and claim to be the best at what they do. Then they will say something about how COD makes the same game every year, and they'll launch NHL 14 that week too while announcing the development of NHL 15.

    History repeats itself again and again.