Call of duty extinction rumors

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 General Discussion' started by BlackOps, Sep 1, 2013.

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    BlackOps Well-Known Member

    I really have no idea where to post this so a moderator can move it to the correct section.(if there is one)

    Basically rumors for treyarch's supposedly next cod game is going to be titled extinction. I personally think its complete bullshit as its too early for the game to be leaked. However I do think it could be a possible for a dlc pack to be called that (what with the bo2 dlc 5 rumors (though I'm certain there was a fake map pack called extinction)) anyways, what do you guys think. Are the rumors true? Would treyarch really call a game something as shitty as cod:extinction? What do you guys think?

    Spaceinvader Well-Known Member

    Well seeing as Gheyarch have totally ruined every COD apart from World at war the force is strong that they would call it extinction.
    FWIW after seeing the "exciting" ghosts videos they should have called it COD:Dead in the water.

    Strange Koolaid Well-Known Member

    I think it's a joke spread by bitter, pale former CoD players.

    Futurelly Well-Known Member

    I think it sounds like someone referencing Call Of Duty as "dying." Not an actual game.
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    xLegit ScopeZxx420 Well-Known Member

    This is real. I can't list my sources but I've got legit information below.

    The campaign is going to send us back to over 65 million years ago, where we will play as an ancient reptilian race working to move underground before the meteor that wipes out the dinosaurs renders their race extinct. A wicked cult that believes it is their destiny to perish will be the main antagonists of the game.

    The game also features the return of the critically acclaimed Zombies game mode.
    We (the reptilians) managed to get underground to safety before the meteor struck. Most of us anyways. The dinosaurs and those that remained on the surface perished in the event, but something is bringing them back to life. These cold-blooded killers are now turning their gaze us!

    The majority of multiplayer maps take place before the mass extinction event so that the lush climates of the Cretaceous are open to explore.
    Others take place in underground caverns and the artificial cities the reptilians have constructed.
    A map-changing killstreak is also back in the form of an earthquake machine that kills every enemy player and destroys much of the map.
    The game mode Infected also returns. It takes place on some of the normal maps, but they are re-skinned to look like they take place after the extinction event.
    Players who die will be infected by 115, turning them into zombies.
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    BlackOps Well-Known Member

    That storyline still sounds better than the shitty ghosts one lol.

    Wartyger Well-Known Member

    We finally get to use dinosaurs in CoD. It's about time too...
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    MERCURYSB3 Well-Known Member

    if thats you singing then check out this tune. this song would be a hit sung by a female vox.

    Gambit11B Well-Known Member

    Wait a minute! How in the hell do you carry a gun with T-Rex arms?????

    xLegit ScopeZxx420 Well-Known Member

    The reptilians are humanoid in appearance.
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    Spaceinvader Well-Known Member


    Spaceinvader Well-Known Member


    NukeInbound Well-Known Member

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    Spaceinvader Well-Known Member

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    NukeInbound Well-Known Member

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    Spaceinvader Well-Known Member

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    NukeInbound Well-Known Member


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    Sulq Well-Known Member

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    Spaceinvader Well-Known Member

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