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Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies' started by Inexperia, Jan 31, 2013.

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    Inexperia New Member


    Was playing through die rise and to be honest it's a sick map... love it too bits and there's loads of mystery around it etc... some stuff got me thinking about the possible easter egg... so shed some light please guys? But here's what i got so far...

    The T.V's you find across the map, and some random points they make that weird like bleeping sound so surely that has something to do with the easter egg?

    I found the little rock thing (115) and a radio and table top (like tranzit, building the obelisk) but haven't yet found where to build it, but i'm guessing it's somewhere on the very top where the big satelight dishes are up that ramp next to the dragon?

    Aso by watching syndicate i heard him mention something about the trampoline jumpy thing (forgot the name) taking you to area that you couldn't get too before? Anyone managed to find anywhere?

    Finally the weird gold markings on the ground... Some are on the top of lifts, some are on the ground, and i have no idea what they are there for... some have zombies like imprinted on them... and one near the big dragon has one of those statues that you find next to the door you first open (guarding it, there are 2)

    Would be great to hear what people think, scuse the spelling, i can't spell for s**t. If anybody wants to add me, my username is the same as my GT (Inexperia, xbox of course)

    xAvenged7Foldx New Member

    I posted a topic about the buildable items, including the navcard table you described, and yes the trampoline item you can build to jump to other buildings or have zombies get absolutely owned by them.
    The gold markings are todo with the easter egg.

    Inexperia New Member

    Awsome buddy, could you link us up or name it? and yeah i dunno if it was your post but i read something about all 4 players having to jump on them in a different order to hear a maxis or richtofen message, and shooting the black orbs out of the dragon mouths, with the SVU which atm seems impossible...

    sniper_buck New Member

    Hey bro the easiest way to get all the info your looking for without people trying to explain it by typing is just go to youtube and go to ngtzombies page. He has like 40+ videos about everything on die rise. there are 17 videos about the EE up to the point to where they are. I would def reccommend checking every single one out. I have seen them all......twice lol

    click-clack-jack Well-Known Member

    I do like ngtzombies, it's where i usually go for zombies info, but they could be a little more concise with their videos, like u say it's like 40 videos just for a general walkthrough or something. Who wants to search through that many short videos? when they could put it all into 1 or 2 longer ones.

    Also has anyone seen mr roflwaffles videos, again he's good at zombies info but his intro is the funniest, the highest pitched voice u ever heard, sounds like someone's just clamped his balls in a vice, "hiiiii guys, mr roflwaffles here!!.." haha

    sniper_buck New Member

    Yeah that is something im not a fan of but i can see how he uploads them. They play for a few figure something out, then upload just tat 1 min worth of video fast imstead of waiting for all of it at the same time. It makes it so that they are the" first ones with this info" out on youtube

    Inexperia New Member

    Cheers guys :)

    NGT is very good actually... how come i never saw this before! lol!

    Keep slayin'