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    CallMeTinCup New Member

    Ok, I'm not really all that great at the game when it comes to gettin multiple kills without dying. I'm not the bottom guy on the lobby leaderboards, but I have a tuff time gettin the blood thirsty's, especially when I am "trying" to get them. It just seems I lose lots of 1x1's more often than I win them. Any specific maps, playstyles or game modes would be helpfull. I have a ton of guns that all I need is blood thirsty and I get irritated.

    Diogenerate New Member

    this might help: if you go on hijacked go into the hallway opposite the hot tub. once your in there simply go back and forth to either end from there you can simply pick off players rushing to the center. do you understand what i mean?

    ZanyCat New Member

    I normally just 'accidentally' hit the Bloodthirsty requirements while going for the no perks and no attachments challenges (same for Revenge and Double Kills).

    It is normally my last challenge to complete though, seeing as I whenever I usually get 5 kills in a row it's not just with that specific gun (though I think the challenge still works if you get kills with equipment as well). So I'll play normally until I have 3 kills in one life, and from there I'll start being a lot more cautious and hanging back in an active effort to get 2 more kills.

    Fnords Well-Known Member

    Helps to play gamemodes with fixed spawns such as Demolition.
    This becuase you don't get people spawning behind you

    Dylan767 New Member

    Use the PDW(I think that's the name). If you have decent aim you can easily hit people from medium-range. And it's easy to win against 3 people at once in close range with it.

    wby shooter Well-Known Member

    I do the 3 kill think as mentioned above. When I get the 3rd kill I become a camping fool.

    xDEADx Well-Known Member

    camp a room that only had one entrance. it may be frowned upon, but so what. put a Claymore/ c4 at the door and pair it with a shock charge. now just be patient and pick some noobs off.

    Mechman Well-Known Member

    So far I've found the best are the objective games. I've had really good luck with Demolition. Wear flak vest and the mask perk. I sit behind the bomb shooting over the top. People will just keep rushing in the front and you can pick them off. Or try headquarters and lay in the kitchen shooting them when they come through the front. You'll definitely need either extended mags or quick mags. I usually throw a betty behind me in-case they come through the back to get me. Of course some guns are just easier to blood thirstys than others. The easiest for me are the LMGs with extended mags and a target scope...

    SINNERIZE New Member

    Is Demo the only gametype with fixed spawns?

    dpd653 New Member

    Yeah I love when I can get them 'accidentally' too. Usually the revenge and double kills take care of themselves while going for the 150 kills. It seems like I always end up with bloodthristy's as my last challenges though.

    I hate it cause I find myself counting kills now and that causes me more stress and pressure. Just need to finish the scorpion last couple challenges for diamond SMGs.

    As for game mode I have been playing hardpoint but as stated above those objective modes seem to work good for me cause you know where your enemy is. Ive had decent luck tossing in a flash and rushing the hard point killing two or three and then waiting for couple more to come running in.

    jlva321 New Member

    I had another question on this. If you get 4 kills with your weapon, then 1 with a grenade, and finally get your 5th kill with your weapon will you still get the medal?

    Same question for score streaks...will they 'interrupt' the weapon kill streak?

    Stinky Bart Well-Known Member

    I'm almost positive you need 5 kills in a row gun only for the bloodthirsty to count. I have screwed myself over countless times tossing a hunter killer in the middle of my streak. I get the blood thirsty but it doesn't count towards my camo. Now when I go for them I only run shock charges and no lethals and don't use my score streaks other than uav......

    And even if your first kill of the streak is say a nade and you get five gun kills after that your still screwed because you actually got your bloodthristy from the nade and 4 gun kills...

    Merciless doesn't count as 2 bloodthristy either. Been down that road of dissipointment lol

    Moofda Well-Known Member

    Play FFA and camp a spawn where others can't spawn behind you. Might work out?

    jlva321 New Member

    Sigh. This medal is terrible on my k/d. I get rid of my lethals, stop hacking, and only run radars from my score streaks. Just painful.

    Violent-Buddhism New Member

    Raid: in the center, at the corner by the fern. Pop people coming up the stairs or out of the atrium/money area.

    Overflow: 1. camp by the fern in the room up the stairs in the brick building and pop people that show up in the window above "b" flag area

    2. Camp behind the drum on the back pathway near the "a" flag side and pop people coming from "c" area

    Yemen: work between the archway and the edge above "c". Look at the minimap to see where the empty areas are to know which side enemies are coming from.

    Turbine: in domination, camp in the tube between "a" and "b" just above "b" on the slant. Cover "b". Plenty of bloodthirstys there from people rushing "b"

    Plaza, in the d'bo building, kneel at either corner facing towards the far sliding glass windows and pop people coming in

    Aftermath in domination: by the "b" flag heading towards "a", set up behind the wall and shoot people heading straight at you for "b"

    Those are a few off the top of my head.

    Fumbles Well-Known Member

    I think (not 100% sure here) that if you get 5 kills with the gun in question in the same life, you will get credit for the challenge. And I don't think that scorestreak kills count toward bloodthirsty medals.

    When I was trying to get the last bloodthirsty for my DSR, I went on a 4 kill streak at the beginning of the match, then got the fifth kill with my pistol (Bloodthirsty medal popped up). Then, when I got another kill (in the same life) with the DSR, the badge popped up that said I had unlocked gold camo. I THINK that's what happened anyway, this was quite a while ago. And the medals and challenge notifications sometimes don't pop up right away, so I might be mistaken.

    So I think if you get 5 kills with your gun in one life, you get credit for the challenge, even if you had kills with other weapons in between. I always get a bit nervous when I go on a 3-4 streak with a gun that I need that "skulls" challenge for, and make a point to get the next couple of kills with that gun. Which might not be the best idea lol. A 5 kill streak doesn't come easily for me.

    And, to the OP: camp! lol. It sucks but if that's what you have to do... I mean do it smart, don't just sit in the same corner the whole game, but try to avoid dying at all costs. That's basically what I did to get bloodthirsty medals on all the guns that I have gold. I played like a total b!tch, ignoring the objective...but still trying to help my team as much as possible without dying.

    Violent-Buddhism New Member

    You need 5 kills with the weapon without dying. If something else gives you a kill and you get the medal, you need 1 more kill with the weapon before it will count toward the challenge.

    laoxshooter17 New Member

    Play hard core tdm. Thats what i do for my blood thirstys. I get like 2-3 a match

    I-PWNZ-A-LOT Well-Known Member

    If you can handle hardcore, go get them there... you can usually get them in 4 to 5 rounds.... I've also found this game mode to work for getting the long shots on the assault rifles as well...

    EgeBerk New Member

    Hands down R870 Remington is the best gun for going for Chain Killer.