Black Ops 2 - Best Assault Rifle/Weapon

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by Regal, Oct 23, 2012.

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    Regal Well-Known Member

    This seems quite legitimate (this guy went to EuroGamer and used all of the guns available to him). I like the sound of the M8A1 and I also like the sound of the Type-25. Marking for the Type-25 to be the new '95.


    xXIeGsistanceIXx Banned

    I wanna test the lot out before i decide tbh bro.

    Squidgyness New Member

    I've being waiting for the sig to come out in an fps for a long time, even though its 3 shots if I can unlock that rifle I might use that first, then move on if it sucks.

    Either that or the MTAR or SMR.

    Regal Well-Known Member

    Same here but the '25 sounds filthy.

    Porofinn Well-Known Member

    Who the fhuck uses assault rifles?

    Well I guess most people do but imo they're boring as fhuck to use. I'll probably just test the MTAR and SMR and leave them completely.

    //I think the best will be a semi automatic rifle with Select Fire.

    Brad K 825 Well-Known Member

    I like the look of the AN-94 in gameplay.

    Randommashmello New Member

    Personally i want to use the AN-94 and the chicon cqb.

    Regal Well-Known Member

    Answered your own question, sir.

    TargetFindersAreCheap Well-Known Member

    the best one will be the one that people whine about getting killed by the most.

    Regal Well-Known Member

    I whine about getting killed with a TMP, does that make it the best machine pistol in MW2?

    Cappabianco Well-Known Member

    Interesting but i will be my own judge when the game comes out but still good info but i think people are putting out a Bunch of blah on youtube now about BLOPS2. We have all the info and the game comes out in under a month so we are all just waiting to find out for our self.

    Regal Well-Known Member

    I'm just so eager to see what the Type 25 will be like man. Loving the new feature that allows you to make your gun fully-automatic/burst.

    Muse New Member

    I recently found out that the TMP looks so much like the MP9 in MW3...

    OT: IMO the best AR is still subjective. Thank god it is, otherwise we all would be using the same weapon.

    Squidgyness New Member

    Same gun I believe. Original makers sold the design, or it was renamed. Something like that.

    Regal Well-Known Member

    TMP was quite an under-rated weapon in Modern Warfare 2 in all fairness.

    MadCaptainCrunch Well-Known Member


    TargetFindersAreCheap Well-Known Member

    no,your probably one of those people who whine about everything which is probably 90% of CoD players.

    Birkin New Member

    So will Select Fire attachment allow me to make my SMR full auto? If it's stats are similar to the MK14 and FAL rifles, that could be devastating.

    Porofinn Well-Known Member

    Yes it will. They'll probably nerf it's damage a bit when you have the select fire on it like they did with the CZ75 on Black Ops or something.

    Muse New Member