best attachments for skorpion

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by bluebell2, Jan 9, 2013.

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    bluebell2 New Member

    What would be the best attachments to add with rapid fire on skorpion evd? I use 3 attachments, I use rapid fire. what other 2 would be the best to add on them to ensure maximum pwnege? Thanks.

    eXtreme Well-Known Member

    Whatever you like best, there isn't a single must have attachment and whatever people tell is you just opinion.

    Lance246813579 New Member

    If it were me, I'd scratch the rapid fire, but my personal favorite 2-3 is the silencer, laser sight, and fast mags.

    sduk New Member

    Yeah as said just use what you prefer. If you are using rapid fire then use something to try and counter the speed your clip empties. Ie extended mags or fast hands.

    When I used the skorpion to get it gold I used silencer laser sight and extended mags.

    Plus I found scavenger to really help when on a good kill streak :)

    Iwear40cal Well-Known Member

    if you like rapid fire then id run it with grip and extended mags

    EgeBerk New Member

    I go with Laser Sights and Fast Mag.

    R83D New Member

    I like quik draw, fast mags and suppressor.

    KnightSeven-- Well-Known Member

    Most people like to use suppressor for SMG. :p

    A.C Well-Known Member

    Silencer / Exmags / Laser Sight

    Barns Well-Known Member

    Grip and Fast Mags on all my SMG's.

    Marleytjuh New Member

    Silencer, quickdraw & fast mags ~ The Magic Combo

    gmaat3 Well-Known Member

    Laser sight and fast mag work well with rapid fire. I'd prefer fast mag over extended because at the rate you're spitting out lead, it's more helpful to reload faster than for it to take a fraction of a second longer to have to reload at the normal rate. I say laser sight too because at such an insane rate of fire, plus added recoil with rapid fire, aiming pretty much becomes optional.

    Assassinyoutube New Member

    silencer and extende mags

    nucl3arboNg Well-Known Member

    I use the Evo most and really only use fast mags. I tend to actually aim better without the laser sight, but have yet to try it with the suppressor.

    frenzyplant55 Well-Known Member

    I use foregrip, extended clip and fast mag

    -Chopstix New Member

    Sup/Fast Mag/ Laser sight This set up is nasty because all you really need to do is hipfire lol. Scorp is the easiest gun to get headshots for in my opinion....for middle distance kills just tap the button and youll still kill fast