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    Christian New Member

    People Glitching to Master Prestige

    It seems like every other lobby now that I run into a party of master prestiges who obviously just copied each others accounts to get all unlocks, and some are even so bold as to admit it. Just the other day while playing pubs alone, I ran into a party of 5 master prestige with nearly identical stats and who had their clan tags set to "iHak" while showing off a new diamond class every time they respawned, and still Treyarch has yet to address the issue for weeks. I mean, for Christ's sake, the game is only a month and a half old and already people are already exploiting it to obtain everything, and it's so easy that it only takes 2 minutes following a YouTube tutorial to do it. Perhaps I myself wouldn't be so bothered by this if I wasn't already 9th prestige with secondary mastery and 2 primary classes diamond that I spent loads of time earning legitimately only to be called a booster and a hacker.

    I kind of went on a rant there but I just feel like it's completely unfair for those of us that are ranking up honestly. Treyarch needs to get off their asses and actually give enough fucks to spend 1 day fixing this issue.

    What do you guys think? Do you think this is really getting out of hand or could you not care less?

    samithedood Member

    is this a PS3 related issue?

    Nico_Buster New Member

    I feel kinda sorry for legit Prestige Masters since most people assume they are just hackers.

    frenzyplant55 Member

    legit prestige masters are pretty weird to find.. most of the prestige masters u see are little kids that used the glitch and think that they are soo pro....

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    Wartyger Moderator

    Personally, I don't care if someone used a glitch/hack to unlock everything in the game, because it doesn't affect me when I'm playing the game. It's purely cosmetic, so I couldn't care less about someone using a special camo, calling card, etc, regardless of how they got it.

    If someone is glitching/hacking to break the rules and get an unfair advantage, well...that's a different story altogether.

    I do feel sorry for any legit Prestige Masters out there, that have had their achievement scrutinised and have unjustly been called a glitcher/hacker, due to all the losers that feel they need to break the rules, just to be able to use a different colour on a weapon...

    CallMeTinCup New Member

    It dont bother me personally, however the leaderboards are what bother me, Which in turn is due to hackers, so I guess yeah it does bother me. I dont report people, unless it affects my gameplay or they have cheated the leaderboards.

    cheezman3 New Member

    I agree
    everyone is calling these people hackers that do the glitch. They are not hackers, they are glitchers. It always happens and people will always not hesitate to constantly whine about it. Someone gets master prestige through the glitch and i read a lot of people saying it puts them at an unfair advantage. No, if they are losing to the kids, they need to improve their game because that person is obviously better than them. And for the leaderboards. Thats one of the things about this glitch, it may change your combat record and stats, but your leaderboard remains unchanged.

    Wordup Member

    Until they attach something useful to prestiging i don't see any reason to do so. I dont need extra classes or "special" emblems/calling cards that any noob with enough time can get. There is nothing prestigous about prestiging. I couldnt care less about the glitchers.

    Mischaonline Member

    A person with a 0,1 k/d and 100 spm can obtian prestigemaster if he/she just put in the time. However I doubt you´ll find one with less than 20.000 kills. I have about 19.000 and are still at 8:th Prestige

    Mr_Wiseman330 New Member


    Haters gon hate.