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Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies' started by iD Be Fancy Huh, Nov 14, 2012.

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    iD Be Fancy Huh New Member

    Hello all new here.. been a zombie addict since WAW.. anyway i was wondering how you can get 2 player stats on the leaderboards.. you can only do 2 players on custom game yet custom games are not recording??? they even have an area to check for 2 player leaderboards.

    Any who.. does anyone know something i dont.. or is this just a glitch right now


    iD Be Fancy Huh New Member

    i did read that when you hover over custom match it does not mention anything about recording stats... but when you are searching for a pub match it does say records etc etc.. but in the mean time if anyone is looking for players in zombies send me a friend request..

    iD Be Fancy Huh.. very experienced zombie player im playing in the same house as a buddy of mine right now so we are looking for 2 more people so we can at least be on the leader boards for now..

    xX GOOGERS Xx New Member

    Did you ever figure this out? I am trying to play two player public games as well.

    Kooler186 Well-Known Member

    A fellow W@W player, thank god. I felt like I was part of an endangered species.

    wagon of meat New Member

    i actually created a account just to respond to you and find out for myself. ive been playing nothing but custom game mode in zombies survival. it records all of my global records (kills,deaths,perks drank ,ect) but not my round record (38 on farm) i am pretty upset because it was 2 players we would be ranked 7 in the world!!!!!! its not in my recent films, and it says "no data" when i check the leaderboards for survival farm 2 players. if anybody has any answers or responses please let me know how to fix this so i can take over #1!!! i did realize in the leaderboards that the people who did record high had a player with them that recorded high rounds with 0 kills 0 deaths 0 revives so im guessing they either backed out or joined mid game? thank you guys

    A Lord of War New Member

    only public games go on leaderboards because you can report hackers and glitchers etc. I hate the fact that you can't do private, but i hate hackers and glitchers on top of the leaderboards much more! find a few friends to join you. you can still be on top. there are leaderboards for 1 player, 2 player, 3 player and four player. just get a few more good friends

    Axxon New Member

    2 players leaderboard

    I just did play whit my friend on survival in town and we survived to round 25. Now i have round 25 in two players leaderboard. For this you just need to find puplic match whit your friend and press "ready up" and wish that anyone don't join to your lobby.

    Dispoiler Well-Known Member

    if you and your friend have a second controler each, add them as guest, ready up in pre game lobby then sign them out before the game starts.

    A Lord of War New Member

    this is my hypothesis:

    if it was working properly you could go to public and have it closed and set max to 2 players you'd get in a lobby, no one could join game should start. it isn't working this way no (yet). I hope they fix it. We have to do a run aorund to get it to be 2 players for now (using multiple PS3s).

    gotti2k New Member

    Ps3 gotti2000. Add if your very experienced and not a douche.. i have a few very good players on my list but with this four player crap for the leader boards im looking for teammates. If your not ranked high after i add I'll just delete. Not trying to be a jerk but i have plenty of noob zombie buddies not looking for more of those..

    Dazza New Member

    Treyarch needs to add private lobbies or Limited Public lobbies.

    This is exactly what you need to do for a 2 player public match. Quit the 2 guests a second before it starts because sometimes a person can sneak in if you do this too early.

    not a racist New Member

    Sorry but this doesn't work, when you go to back out your guest you will be taken along. I've also tried with 2 gt's signed in but when you back either out both shall go.

    *Your best bet is to just keep backing out or waiting for people to leave before readying up with 2 people successfully. Some people with mics will happily back out if you ask them nicely.

    Dazza New Member

    It does on PSN, you must be on Xbox 360.

    LegionDestroyer Well-Known Member

    Once again the ps3 is superior :p

    REDRUM55 New Member

    I have 2 x-boxes add 1 friend splitscreen my other xb and back it out right before the match starts

    A Lord of War New Member

    it does work, i have my stats from playing with one friend...always.
    4 player was just he two of us with my other PS3 on.

    Barns Well-Known Member

    ^^^ This - make the Controller 2 leave the lobby on 1 second before the game starts.

    Don't back player 1 out. only the controller 2 (and sign in as a guest)

    Bouncing in and out of public lobbies also 'deranks' your profile! I lost one of my 5 (tallies/stripes) by joining a lobby, finding out it was full of screaming kids; leaving, then rejoining them again (by poor matchmaking) - four times this happened, I lost one stripe!!!

    not a racist New Member

    Not sure if this is sarcasm or not, but in case you're not aware, 360 users actually get to play online without their network kicking them off every other game.

    Since it is in fact pretty simple to get into a 2 player lobby, I don't think I'd trade servers that work for ones that don't just to use your guestx2 'glitch'

    not a racist New Member

    ^ On 360 you do not get penalized for leaving a lobby/game unless you leave after 5 minutes of playing.

    The tallies only denote your playing habit.

    You'll have all 5 once you play for 5 days straight, you lose one a day you don't play.

    Yet, the only 'Rank' you can lose is your blue eyes, which are given at 5 days, and lost at 4.

    Again this is the same thing we are talking about, it does not appear to work on 360, and the only thing I can think of that hasn't been tried is to make the 2nd gamertag leave the party(if there is one) before the lobby. I doubt it will work.

    LegionDestroyer Well-Known Member

    The kicking off problem is peoples isp, I'm guaranteed to get a lobby within 10 seconds.

    Simple for me to get 2 player lobby too but people always join as they are promoting 4 player games.

    Removing controllers is not a glitch.

    If it's that simple to get 2 player lobbies why are bothering pointing out it doesn't with on xbox? I think everyone else on xbox can manage it. Maybe it's a glitch that you can't do it?