The Division’s Patch Notes Indicate Unwelcome Change

Everyone’s been waiting for the April 12 patch to Ubisoft’s The Division, because it’s expected to cure a diabolical glitch in all versions of the game where creating a custom backpack somehow locks you out of your own account. However, that same patch is a double-edged sword that comes with a nasty surprise. Ubisoft is […]

A Fix For The Division’s Big Glitch Is Coming

Players have been complaining about Ubisoft’s The Division acting strangely lately. The game’s been randomly freezing for some folks; others have had loading screens continue indefinitely. The unluckiest recipients of the glitch have found themselves locked out of their accounts entirely. The culprit? A bug that’s activated through the crafting system. Seems that, currently, if […]

How To Pick Up Easy Money In The Division

An exploit has been discovered in Ubisoft’s The Division that allows the player to generate immense amounts of credits and loot. It involves fighting a specific boss, defeating him, killing one specific character, then killing yourself. Upon revival, the boss will respawn along with the credits, and you can beat him again and again as […]

Sales-Wise, The Division Had A Great Opening Week

Ubisoft’s new shooter and potential franchise starter The Division had a great opening day in sales, but that was to be expected. The real question was if it would be able to hold those sales numbers across the week — and it has. Estimated worldwide revenue from The Division, according to the French gamemaker, is […]

The Division Had A Bumpy First Day

Ubisoft’s The Division became playable Monday evening/Tuesday morning, and it wasn’t without its share of hiccups. For starters, the servers had a lot of trouble in the first few hours and many gamers found they couldn’t play the game at all. Twitter became flooded with complaints and snark, but as the servers were adjusted, it […]

XBox Will Have First Dibs On The Division’s Expansion Packs

And the console war continues. Months after Sony yanked the Call of Duty exclusivity rights away from Microsoft and began debuting expansion packs on Playstation hardware 30 days early, Microsoft has now done the same with The Division. At the time MS lost Call of Duty, they downplayed the necessity of these kinds of deals, […]

The Division Hasn’t Been Released, And It’s Already Being Patched

Looks like there were a few bugs Ubisoft was unable to catch before The Division was sent to press. Consequently, no one will be able to enjoy it the moment they buy it; we’ll all have to wait through a mandatory patch install. The good news is that much of what is in this patch […]

The Division Will Have Post-Release Content For At Least A Year

Massive Entertainment, developers of Ubisoft’s big spring shooter The Division, has committed themselves to the game in a big way. With this trailer, they’re promising new content updates and DLC additions for at least a year. While we certainly see other games like Call of Duty and Destiny do this, that type of heavy commitment […]

Watch Ubisoft’s The Division Launch Trailer Today

The beta is complete, the code has gone gold and the discs are being pressed and shipped. Tom Clancy’s The Division launches in just one week now, and publisher Ubisoft has now released the final trailer for the game. It runs at 60 frames a second if you have the speed to stream it! Tom […]

Here’s Something The Division Won’t Have (Which Is A Good Thing)

It’s nice to see at least one AAA developer put their foot down against some of the more crooked practices of our modern industry. Gamers who played the beta for Ubisoft’s The Division noticed something called “Phoenix Credits,” and assumed those were representations of in-game currency that could only be obtained by swapping them with […]