Conflict Is Coming To The Division — The Good Kind

On May 24, Ubisoft will launch The Division’s first big update (as in, not something added to deal with a glitch). Entitled Conflict, it will add multiple new attractions to the game free of charge, including these four new gear sets: Final Measure: This powerful defensive set features improved Exotic Damage Resilience, protection from Elite […]

Here’s What’s Wrong With The Division NOW

We can’t go two minutes without Ubisoft’s The Division discombobulating in some way. The latest issue? The game is supposed to offer daily missions — a different one each day — and it’s skipped several of them already. Early last month, when the first big update was patched in, daily updates ceased to happen for […]

This Division Bug Might Have Been The Most Game-Breaking Yet

Today Ubisoft brought the servers for The Division down so they could do some tinkering and fix a lot of the bugs that have broken the balance of the game in some cases and inconvenienced players in others (without introducing new bugs, they hoped). We’ll know in the next few hours if the fix brought […]

Ubisoft Offers Division Players Apologies, Free Credits

Ubisoft runs a weekly stream devoted to their game The Division called State of the Game. Today they had quite a lot to deal with, since as we’ve repeatedly reported, the state of their game is…not good. Community developer Yannick Banchereau addressed the audience on Twitch, admitting that yeah, The Division has been full of […]

New Glitch In The Division Hurts Ubisoft This Time

It’s enough to make you believe in the karmic balance: Ubisoft’s latest update to repair the glitch that was meant to repair another glitch introduced another glitch, and this time, it’s the publisher that’s mad. This new bug works in the players’ favor, so much so that it has the potential to break the game […]

The Division Tops Game Sales Charts For March

All the first-month woes and disastrous bugs Ubisoft’s The Division has gone through doesn’t seem to have affected it much saleswise. The shooter topped North American sales charts for the month of March easily, so much so that Ubisoft is now claiming the game marks their “best release ever.” In fact, the mere presence of […]

Details Of The Division Patch 1.1

Ubisoft’s The Division got its long-awaited April 12 patch, and you should know that it’s 4.9 GB in size, so make yourself a sandwich while you wait. You should also know that it introduces a new bug, which has the potential to temporarily erase your character, but you can’t go back online without the patch… […]

The Division’s Bug Fix Introduces New Bug, Go Figure

Until recently, Ubisoft’s The Division was plagued with a nasty bug that locked some people out of their accounts when they created some high-end items, most commonly backpacks. The bug took a while to fix, but as of yesterday, the long-awaited 1.1 patch arrived that got rid of the problem. It also introduced a new […]

Massive Explains The Division’s Crafting Price Increase

The most controversial aspect of the impending April 12 update to Ubisoft’s The Division is the increased number of materials you’re going to need to make high-end weapons and gear — in some cases the number of materials needed has increased by three. What’s going on? Today Massive Entertainment, developer of The Division, explained in […]

Weekly Missions Coming To The Division

There are now three things we know the April 12 update will add to Ubisoft’s The Division: A fix for the cripping bug that locks people out of their accounts if they possess high-end backpacks An annoying increase in the number of materials needed to make high-end items Weekly missions It’s suspected by Division players […]